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Not the one by Ep4life on 12/17/2018

Not much power in these. I had to take two in one night just to feel something. I definitely will not buy again

Works well by Big Chach on 12/17/2018

Took it and sex lasted awhile and she really loved it

Worked great by Joe-ker on 12/15/2018

Cant be sure, but may have given strong heartburn. Gave me a strong erection though.

works great by Zo on 12/14/2018

The product works great it’s very natural and never a headache I have been using this product for years very good quality

Quick action by Grif on 12/13/2018

very happy with the performance so far... would recommend to anyone....

worth the money by Lua on 12/13/2018

I bought this a few weeks ago and i think it works great

Love this by Darre on 12/13/2018

I have bought a few male enhancement products and this is one of the best at half the price, works well. Fast shipping and easy ordering. Would recommend to anybody looking to improve their relationship.

good quality by Adam on 12/13/2018

This product was offered at an excellent price, so I purchased it again.

Happy by jose on 12/13/2018

I am happy I bought this and I will always have this..

it works by ravio on 12/13/2018

Great boost pill, just you need to take one three hours before going to bed and after like 2 to three hour boommmmm you are ready for anything.

love it by hab on 12/13/2018

Good product ,give me serious kick

Great by Jack on 12/13/2018

Great pill ever

Thumbs up by James on 12/13/2018

Five stare i recommend it.

I really love this! by MAYA on 12/09/2018

Took longer to arrive due to shipping issues BUT I love this stuff... I have a very sensitive area and certain things have made me itch afterward BUT this stuff is great it stays slick for a long time and feels good with no after itching... it's a pretty big bottle so it is worth the price...

Great by JR on 12/08/2018

Tried this pill from a store at $18. Worked great, had the most powerful erection in my life. Got a big order for much cheaper from here and works great. I feel the effects for about 3 days from one pill. My wife loves it too. Very happy.

Worked great by Cicippio on 12/08/2018

Will buy again

great by mill3541 on 12/05/2018

Helps you stay strong.

Works nicely and in a reasonable amount of time by Emilie on 12/04/2018

Good product for the money.

Very by Jack on 12/04/2018

Works 5 days buying more

just what I needed by rose on 12/04/2018

this adds more fun specially that it has mint flavor. works great

the bomb by coco007 on 12/03/2018

the best in the market

Stiff by Willie on 12/03/2018

Stiff say the least

Awesome by Will on 12/03/2018

Gets me jacked and ready to explode gallons

Works great by Willie on 12/03/2018

Works as it should . Like the rhino use to be

It works by Black on 12/02/2018

Let's just say this pill put me back in the game. My girl had the weak legs syndrome. Lol

sounds like an average product by Ian on 12/01/2018

i will need to take some extra time to review similar products to see which one is more effective, prior to making a purchase

Worked great for me and pals by Jack on 12/01/2018

Wouldn't change them . Will buy more

Value by HIN on 11/30/2018

I have ordered this product twice It works well for me. The only negative is the relative high price.....

Works good by Jack on 11/30/2018

Works great for extra play time. Can get back up no problem. Drink lots of water just in case.I haven’t had a headache but that because I’m drinking more water when taking pill.

Work good by Jon on 11/30/2018

I've tried numerous enhancement products, both prescription and OTC. This product works just as well as certain prescription products but without the headaches. It's a little pricey but each pills effects lasts longer than prescription products. You'll like it.

Magnum Gold 24K by Magnum Gold 24K on 11/29/2018

I use these pills to last longer than 30 minutes depending what kind of Physical Shape your in,and also of your Heart is healthy enough. I'm all the above,and My Fiancee LOVES when I hang Meat in her Seat! She Taps out Every time,and I still need wanting some,and being well endowed is a major PLUS!

AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED by Enr on 11/29/2018

I love these pills they make me feel young and am able to last longer and really lay pipe! It makes it look like a little baby arm lol. Stay hydrated with water a lot of alcohol will make you feel rough or it does me.

GOod pill by Jose on 11/29/2018

Long lasting and keeps rock hard...

Great stuff by Norman on 11/29/2018

This product very good increases everything and still in the system as 5 days, only you touch your partner and then wake-up like spring,do not hesitate and I already prove it and I am using it...

Quality product by Barry on 11/29/2018

A lot cheaper than Viagra works better will buy again

Dose what it says by Dan.. on 11/29/2018

give you rock solid erection. It is a great confidence boost. I have not experienced any side effects.

Good product by Ssss1 on 11/29/2018

worked well going to order again.

I was like wow this is my magic by My Nam on 11/29/2018

I never write review, but this product deserve a good review. I used one pill and I feel effects for 3 days. High recommend

Product of My Choice by Kevin on 11/29/2018

I love this product and will never change it unless it is not available. Five star

Five Star ***** by No name on 11/29/2018

Very good product meets the required expectations.We haven't had the opportunity to try all of these yet but so far the ones we tired worked good.

Had fun great pill by Fun time on 11/28/2018

On of the best that I have tried.Gets you up and keeps you up when you need it. I can feel the effects for three days. If you need a weekend pill this is it. Be sure to drink plenty of warm water.

Had fun great pill by Fun time on 11/28/2018

On of the best that I have tried.Gets you up and keeps you up when you need it. I can feel the effects for three days. If you need a weekend pill this is it. Be sure to drink plenty of warm water.

Great by Pattr on 11/28/2018

The product will cause some flushing and warming in facial area. For me it took about 4 hours be for I was ready. After that it was good for about 24 hour.

Love it by Mattttt on 11/28/2018

Works great for extra play time.Can get back up no problem. Drink lots of water just in case.I haven’t had a headache but that because I’m drinking more water when taking pill.

Great Product by Luc on 11/28/2018

This works well for me.But this is key, fellas, use with plenty of water,and avoid fatty foods and alcohol while using. And keep hydrating throughout the day to avoid symptoms like headaches or hot flashes! And don’t take it after a big meal. I take it on an empty stomach but with lots of water.I’ll eat an hour or two after taking, but again, avoiding fatty meals and alcohol as they seem to diminish the effectiveness of the product. I also have ibuprofen on hand (taken with a big glass of water!) for any headaches, and I’m fine......

Awesome Product.. by Russ on 11/28/2018

This product really works well.

I often fail to post reviews for products i buy, but this is one that I must honor. Buy the product.You will not be disappointed.. by Fred on 11/28/2018

The product works as described,No headaches,Had a magnificent night with a bit of headache in the morning,I honestly cannot complaint...

Great value, works just as well as the more expensive ones by Mike on 11/28/2018

Dose the job.

Happy with it by Por on 11/28/2018

For me it was pretty quick acting took about half hour and it worked very well and long lasting .Just what I wanted.Very good product my opinion.

Five day five stars by NA on 11/28/2018

They work well, but only last 4 days! And has all natural ingredients, no headaches!

Bought this while shopping for my girlfriend at Bad Kitty. I bought 3 pills and just took my last one. by Grumpy on 11/27/2018

I am now impressed with Poseidon Platinum 3500. Mad it bigger, in gurth and hard as a rock. For myself it kicked in about 12 hours after I took it. When it woke me up from a deep sleep it was on like pop corn. I'm very pleased with this product.

VERY GOOD by LD on 11/26/2018


Aqua snatch..stoopid dumb wet by Girth brooks on 11/26/2018

I ordered some of this magic pussy starter...I didnt expect dat shit to turn up da coochie like bitch was wet like a mutha fuckin bottle of oceanspray.....I put it in her dr. Pepper at dinner and after dinner she was reaching for my dick...talm bout she tryna suck da skin off dat meat #BESTBUYEVER WHO THE PLUG I NEED 10 MORE ASAP

I like the way the pill works by Lando on 11/24/2018

This is a great pill it really works for me

I like it by Jeff on 11/21/2018

It is just something new I wanted to try plus it was on sale and I do enjoy some of the positions that I never tried before or I totally forgot about them lol

Best price for an adult game by Nick on 11/21/2018

I just order this as it is on sale, I have always been satisfied with products from Gear Isle will definitely share my feedback about this one once I receive it. I am not sure if I am going to order this again because I love to try different ones so I am giving it a 4 stare. I definitely love the free shipping ;)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome by Jav on 11/21/2018

I never feel so better in my life with my wife

Gym by Gary on 11/21/2018

This product is awesome.You don’t really think about your age much until you take something that came so natural in your twenties. I have not felt like this before and it has me researching the ingredients. These pills don’t really seem to have anything but natural ingredients. These pills are awesome. I take them before a workout at the gym. I feel the effects of this pill for three days.This is an excellent product.

Real deal by NIKE on 11/21/2018

Great pills........ definitely authentic work as advertised.

awesome by 10K on 11/21/2018

Works awesome. Fresh ingredients. O highly recommend this product

I dont think it was worth it by Jr on 11/21/2018

So I wanted to try a new pill and came cross this so I decided to give it try so I took it an hour before sex and it did work. The only thing o didnt like that it only lasted 1 day for me, used other pills and had better results so for that I just gave it overall 2 stars.

This is better than Viagra!!!!!! by Matt on 11/20/2018

I used this Friday night and today is Thursday I’m still getting involuntary erections.....

Amazing Product by Tim on 11/20/2018

This product worked great for me.It worked better then my 100 mg Viagra pills. I will definitely buy this in the future then buying Viagra at 60$ a pill because my prescription insurance won't cover Viagra. Excellent product and I highly recommend. Works great and my girl friend was very pleased too/..

Amazing Product by Tim on 11/20/2018

This product worked great for me.It worked better then my 100 mg Viagra pills. I will definitely buy this in the future then buying Viagra at 60$ a pill because my prescription insurance won't cover Viagra. Excellent product and I highly recommend. Works great and my girl friend was very pleased too/..

Long time by John on 11/20/2018

Best delay spray on the market!!!

Long time by John on 11/20/2018

Best delay spray on the market!!!

LOVE IT by JI on 11/20/2018

Great Buy

HAPPY by GRAY on 11/20/2018

Awesome stuff !!! Keeps Me Happy....

GOOD TIME by TOM on 11/20/2018

There are a lot of "power" products on the market, but this one is GREAT!! Enough to last a long weekend of.. activities. Seems to please the little misses and give me staying power. All without any upset stomach or head ache. I would feel confident in recommending to others.....

LIKE IT by SANG on 11/20/2018

They work just fine..

GREAT TOY by MMMM on 11/20/2018

Great for travel. Super small, easy to clean and extremely gentle to the skin. Great product!A!!!!!!!!!!

PERFECT by JK on 11/20/2018

This product is everything it promises to be and more. As someone who (so far) has only ever achieved orgasm via clitoral stimulation and who has maintained a phone/Face Time/Skype exclusive long distance relationship for the last five years I'm just disappointed I didn't give in and invest in one sooner. I usually have a hard time being consistent or going more than a few times a week because I'm a BBW and my wrist gets damn tired between sitting under my tummy and moving in little circles.I get hand cramps very easily. This little toy has worked miracles for my peculiar sex life. I can't wait to pack it in my bag for some extra fun when we finally meet up in a few months!! ?? The only con is if you're as big as I am it may take a little maneuvering to find that sweet spot BC of chubby labia and tummy and thigh obstruction. But oh honey when you do????

5 by Tahmina Rastyar on 11/20/2018

I buy this for my boyfriend and he was rocking for 5 days . I wish my ex husband had used those. Are those available in Ohio’s Cleveland?

good product and value by hotrod on 11/20/2018

What can I say. Third order

Excellent Product. Fast acting. No headache. Multiple rounds. by Abad06 on 11/19/2018

My summary says it all. This is refreshing product. I took it combined with a Vigor labs Ball Refill pill. Within 45 minutes I was going at it with my lady. I thought I was good, until my big fella down low wanted more. So we round two. She left back to work, and after 20 minutes, I started to get hard again. I took it on an empty stomach. Buying more today.

Wonderful by Joash on 11/16/2018

Works great and lasts. If you take two you're going to punish it.

Magic Pill by AnneTony on 11/16/2018

It really worked! He’s a big guy but it made it even BIGGER and he lasted 2 long days with mutiple ejaculations/sex i could not even count! His stamina was unbelievable we even bought more pills for the next time. No side effects too so far. I was very very happy.

GAME CHANGER by A Toy Girl on 11/14/2018

My husband bought this for me thinking it would spice up our sex life. I have thyroid issues so getting turned on is a struggle for me. Let me tell you, this actually works! When the hour mark hit and I still felt normal I was disappointed. And then 10 minutes later I was basically staring at him like he was a piece of meat. We went 3 rounds in a row, I came 5 times. I haven’t gone past one round in a couple years! Then I went about my daily activities while he slept. I would not stop being wet! I would clean it up and I’d be soaking wet 5 minutes later. I left the house and all I could think about was sex the whole time. On the way home I could physically feel my pussy pounding and I wanted it so bad again even though it had only been a couple hours. So I went home, woke him up, and now round number four and orgasm number 6 happened within like 6 hours. Now I can’t stop thinking about how good my wand is going to feel later with this pill! It’s insane how well it works!

It worths buying by Greg on 11/13/2018

This Pheromone Spray comes in really neat packaging! It has a really pleasant smell and will definitely attract men and women.

Worthless ass pink pill by Don’t even try. on 11/11/2018

My boyfriend bought me this pill because I could never really get into the mood to actually have sex and it did nothing but give me a strong ass headache and a shaky feeling. It did not like it. Please read reviews before buying! It might work for some but definitely not to a lot.

Good product by Ada on 11/08/2018

Must try

Used to work. Not any more. by RCA43 on 11/08/2018

This used to be a great product. They changed the formula and now it does nothing at all. I used this for a long time and bought a big lot of them and they're all trash.

works amazing by Joseph on 11/07/2018

works better than Viagra

Amazing product by Herby on 11/07/2018

enjoy this product. No side effects.

I love it by Guest on 11/07/2018

With fantasy pleasure never ends =)

Great pill by George on 11/07/2018

I used to get Platinum 10k it is great pill and i love it,i thought i should try a new one so i decide to take this new product i take the pill an hour ago it was great i really like it,gave me good stamina and a rock hard erection definitely recommend it.

Great pill by George on 11/07/2018

I used to get Platinum 10k it is great pill and i love it,i thought i should try a new one so i decide to take this new product i take the pill an hour ago it was great i really like it,gave me good stamina and a rock hard erection definitely recommend it.

Awesome by Martin on 11/07/2018

Dose the job,Rock hard erection,last longer and stayed in the system for a while,make sure to drink enough water.

works great by Tim on 11/07/2018

Highly recommend it.

I am glade I found it in bottle by Anonymous on 11/07/2018

I have been buying the PinkPussy Cat single pills from gearisle for like past 2 months and I am loving it. They were out of stock single with pills so I ordered the bottle of 6. I like this even better because it is easier to store and I do not have to shred the cards every time I use one. Thank you guys for the great product and great customer service.

Very good by Al on 11/06/2018

It works very well so I’m headaches need to drink a lot of water

Best rhino out there by Joshua on 11/06/2018

Highly recommend this. It’s fast acting you won’t be disappointed.

Best product by Hey hey on 11/06/2018

Very happy with result would highly recommend this product

Good news and bad news. by Pj66 on 11/05/2018

The good news is there were no side effects.The bad news is there were no effects at all. I've always had pretty good luck with exten zone till now.

Like it by Wolf on 11/02/2018

Dose what it says,definitely recommend it.

love this pill by Danyy on 11/02/2018

works well stay hydrated.

Dose the job. by BC on 11/02/2018

Great pill,but make sure to drink enough water.

Satisfied by Ev on 11/02/2018

Had rock hard erection for five days but stayed in the system for almost 9 days.

Great replacement for rhino 7 by rahino on 11/02/2018

since rhino 7 is discontinued i take this pill as a replacement for it works same as rhino 7,I am going to place my next six months supply.

Great by Rod on 11/02/2018

Great i have ever take.

Awesome by Emilie on 11/02/2018

Great product

Great by Tracy on 11/02/2018

Good my ladies really enjoyed it

Great boost by Edward on 11/01/2018

This is my third time purchasing a three-month supply of Gear Isle.It gives me the boost I need,and improves my sex life.

I GIVE THIS PILL A A+ by MAN on 11/01/2018


I loved the product by Sweetie on 10/31/2018

It worked great for me!!!

Like it by Donald on 10/30/2018

Does the job i will try some other pills as well but this will stay in my shopping cart.

Worked as described. by Large on 10/30/2018


Great by Hard on 10/30/2018

very satisfied

This is amazing by Make me cum on 10/25/2018

This is one of the best toys that I've ever purchased! No other toy compares to this one,Powerful enough to get you where you need to be!

I have never had my clit stimulated like this before! Blew my top off! by Jenn on 10/25/2018


Satisfyyer pro??? Really?? Yes!!! says my wife! by Happy on 10/25/2018

My wife does not orgasm easy but there is nothing more satisfying to me then when she does. Over the years for a toy I would get her a rabbit style vibe which she likes but sometimes are not strong enough and lately our last couple seems to be disappointing . We have been married for going on 27 years and our love life is important I wanted something for her that would not disappoint! something different something to help her say wow! A HAPPY WIFE= A HAPPY LIFE! This Christmas I started looking again and reading The new line of Clitoral stimulators caught my eye and after reading all of the reviews for hours the Satisfyer pro seemed like the best value and best choice! It has 11 different settings hopefully it will be strong enough! Would it work were the reviews true? YES YES YES!!! Based on other reviews and wanting to make sure we got it right I put some lubrication on her and after using my finger for a bit i turned the satisfyer on to about 3 and put her in charge!!! When she seam to get it to the right spot i played with the settings for her # 3 -4 was all she could take so i left the settings there she had it right as she wanted it and where she wanted i went to work on her aroused breast! Some reviews say the Satisfyer pro is loud, it really is not and when it is where it belongs it is very quiet, you can tell when it is not where it belongs by its sound and you can tell when it is where it belongs by the Sound and look of your wife! Praise God!!! i have not seen such a look of Satisfaction on my wife's face in a long long time if ever!! She orgasmed fast and furious she got so hot and flushed we had to end up stopping. BUT, THIS TIME WE STOPPED FULL OF SATISFACTION AND JOY! WOW i really liked that wow, wow, wow, was her smiling comments! i GOT THE CHRISMAS PRESENT RIGHT THIS YEAR! i can not wait to try her new Satisfyer pro again in all different ways perhaps with her in the tub it is suppose to be waterproof you know! And we just might have more opportunities now, to do so as happy as she is with this_________ you fill in the blank I just can not call it a toy this one is serious!!! Men your wives will love, love, love, this one and boy it sure is great when we make the right choices for her!! And ladies you probably can do this one better then we can but we sure will enjoy it with you! BTW it is bigger then i thought it would be but easy to operate and hold

Love it by Kkkk on 10/25/2018

Perfect orgasm,I have never cum like that before.

Enjoy by Ashly on 10/25/2018

Stop thinking,Stop reading,Just buy it,and thank me later

Strong as Gorilla by Steven on 10/25/2018

I am 65 year old man,this pill give me enough stamina to feel i am back 18 years old again,i destroyed the young pussy last night.

Amazing pills boost my majic by Juan on 10/25/2018

I always put pussies on a coma but this pll make me crash them like a computer and send them back to the gynecologist to put the IUD back on place black eye cervix and walking like a calf

Amazing plls by Juan on 10/25/2018

I always put pussies on a coma but this pll make me crash them like a computer and send them back to the gynecologist to put the IUD back on place black eye cervix and walking like a calf

Oh baby by Goooooooooo on 10/24/2018

worked great act fast gave me a hard rock erection,last long.

I like this pill dose what it says by booba on 10/24/2018

I tried different pills from you guys but this one worked for me gave me a hard rock erection,last longer maybe i should stick with this one for a while. thanks for the free and fast shipping very professional.

Love it by ZentleMan on 10/24/2018

I used to get Zentleman 6000 that my favorite pill since that one is discontinued and upgraded to ZentleMan 60000 i bought this one,it is same staff works more better than that but a little more stronger than the previous virgin definitely recommend to you guys try it.

Worked for me by Jo on 10/24/2018

I saw this pill on sell i decide to try them i ordered 12 pills to get more discount and i got my package in 4 days it worked good for me, i only have two more left, i am here to order again.

Worked well by MMmm on 10/24/2018

My first time trying enhancer supplements i took the pill 40 min before,wow i was so horny i wanted to suck and fuck his dick all night,next day i was so tired and i had to take a day off of work,take on the weekends. Thanks going to place my next order in a few days.

We had a super wonderful time. by Party on 10/24/2018

Both these pills are great rush 777 gave me a hard rock erection and stayed in the body for 9 days and the pink lady wow i never had wet juicy Vagina like this, definitely recommend this package for you all.

Great staff by Dan on 10/24/2018

works so good stayed for like four days in the system.

This pill works perfectly by Joshua on 10/23/2018

This product worked fast. and makes me rock hard in like 20 minutes. I have been trying out different pills and this one I recommend. It is even effective after a few days. I’ll be ordering this one again. I love dealing with they have great customer service, fast and free delivery and I get free to try sometimes.

outstanding by Mh on 10/23/2018

great results. no nausea...lots of power

Works well by Tony on 10/23/2018

Pill works well and last a few days in your system. Would definitely buy again

My favorite toy by XXX on 10/22/2018

I love this product. By adding a little lube to the tip of this toy- it slides right in. The vibrations are wonderful. I am loving it now. Very pleasurable when running inside me.

Excellent pill by Blkgambit on 10/22/2018

These are one of the best pills I've used

Not happy by Ray on 10/20/2018

I got a quick erection but nothing that was longer than 5 minutes. Followed instructions didn't eat for 7 hours n for breakfast was only a banana n 2 plums.lunch 2 boiled eggs n a sausage no bread. So took the pill with 28 ounces of water waiting for 1 hour and a half then had foreplay and sex and very poor results

Awesome by Emilie on 10/20/2018

Will be ordering more

Wow by Sex lover on 10/19/2018

Fun toy for me and the missus. Very soft and comfortable to wear around the shaft, balls, or both. She wishes it had a steady vibe but I like the pulsations. Remove the mini vibe, place it in a condom and use analy for good times!

Great stuff by Emilie on 10/18/2018

Great stuff

It really works!! by Gtr937 on 10/17/2018

It really works!! The first time I've ever used a male enhancer was a couple of years ago and it was the Kangaroo Product and I was really surprised by how well it did. My girl was blown away by not only my performance she was happy it lasted for quite awhile and the morning after it was still working this product does what it says. Not only am I satisfied but so is my girl many times over.

Dont Waste Your $$ by Jose330 on 10/13/2018

I normally use another product which works great. Thought I would give these a try...they did nothing.. a total waste of $$ I will go back to my other product. I have always been very satisfied with Gear Isle products but simply wont order Red Lightning again but will continue to buy from Geae Isle

Rhino by Blink on 10/11/2018

works good like old discontinued Rhinos

Long lasting and hard rock erection. by Happy on 10/11/2018

love it.

Strong pill ever by Strong on 10/11/2018

A 57 year old man Feel like 22 year old young man again

Amazing pill by Snake on 10/11/2018

highly recommend it.

Amazing pill by Snake on 10/11/2018

highly recommend it.

Amazing pill by Snake on 10/11/2018

highly recommend it.

Rush 777 and Burro by Terry on 10/11/2018

Form this package rush 777 and Burro worked good for me also wicked was ok.

Even better by Forecast on 10/11/2018

I used to get 5 day forecast pills in packs,since i see them in bottle i purchased 3 bottle these are great pills, works great no headache no side effects.

Even better by Forecast on 10/11/2018

I used to get 5 day forecast pills in packs,since i see them in bottle i purchased 3 bottle these are great pills, works great no headache no side effects.

Good pill by To on 10/11/2018

simply like this pill.

Great Product! by Happyguy on 10/11/2018

This pill does exactly what it is supposed to! Have been using for awhile now and will continue as my wife gives it 5 stars as well!

Non stop hardness for days !!! by Rios on 10/11/2018

I can’t say enough good things about this specific kind.

Best enhancement pills on the market now for me. by Universo on 10/11/2018

This is always my go to product that I must include around 4 or more when I order anything from

IMPRESSIVE by CK1 on 10/11/2018

Took a chance and tried this product based on customer reviews and was VERY impressed by how it worked.I will reorder again

Worked, no headaches by Joe-ker on 10/10/2018

Was woreies about the headaches, but none came. Only took one pill and got me harded than normal. Didn't last for days like many say, but for a good night, it'll work

Worked, nice and slippery by Joe-ker on 10/10/2018

Wife liked the warming feeling. I like how slippery it was. Put a little on my tip slid in and out with ease.

Works good by Burro on 10/10/2018

Max stamina,Hard erection.

Good Product by John on 10/10/2018

My girl friend said it was being like a teen again and tapped out haha. Definitely will Purchase more.

Great weekend by Roger on 10/10/2018

These pills are awesome,sure makes fun weekend.

Five star by KJ on 10/10/2018

l love this pill,no heart burns like most.

WOW!! by MJ on 10/10/2018

All I can say is this stuff feels GREAT!! I don't what is in this but I LOVE it!!!

Works Great!! by MJ on 10/10/2018

Loved it....Will continue to purchase

OMG the best orgasm I have ever had by Emily on 10/10/2018

I have read about this pill on Facebook instagrams and heard from friends. Finally decided to try it, shipping was super fast. OMG it really worked I got the best orgasm I have ever had, my pussy purrr... . I can’t describe what a dream night I had definitely will buy more of this shit . It’s amazing

Wow this shit is great! by June on 10/09/2018

I took one pill an hour before,in 30 mins give a rock hard erection,and stayed on me for 6 days going to order again.

Works Like Rhino and no headache by Sean on 10/09/2018

I used to take Rhino sometimes got headache, This one works like Rhino and no headache

by Q on 10/09/2018

I am in luv with this pill I ordered several..... it definitely made me orgasism right away...I was super wet and my partner couldn’t get enough!!!

Worked OK. by Emilie on 10/08/2018

I ordered these thinking they would work better. worked on the 1st day but after that, it didnt' really work.

Don’t buy by Pissed BBOD on 10/08/2018

This Shit Is A Waste . And It Fucked My Stomach Up !

1505 by Bell on 10/07/2018


Amazing by OMM on 10/04/2018

works good

Exactly what i want by Pual on 10/04/2018

I like these i am 72 this pill can give me good erection,good stuff for old men.

Worth the price by Super man on 10/04/2018

I feel more blood flow throughout my Dick give me rock hard erection last almost 6 days. I am happy with the result and continue tacking it.

Happy wife by Joy on 10/04/2018

this has been working great for my husband.

Ordering Again by mAn on 10/04/2018

This pill give me a rock hard erection i took half pill about an hour before, it stayed on me for five days.

Absolutely horrible by Notworthit on 10/03/2018

I took half of the capsule, had okay sex that night, and then quickly developed a raging migraine that hasn’t let up for 3 days now, accompanied by random drops in blood pressure and the spins. I’ve been throwing every few hours, but I have a raging hard boner while vomiting my guts up, so this is like a shitty monkey paw wish. Please let this rock hard suffering end.

Great pills by Lucky on 10/03/2018

I love these pills, they are really strong pill.

Super horny by Oh yaaa on 10/03/2018

I bought it for my girl, dammm she got wet and horny man i enjoyed riding a nice wet pussy last night i was awake all night.

Great Value by Sexy girl on 10/03/2018

Dose what it says i well keep buying...

happy couple by Couple on 10/03/2018

I really like the package i wonder if i could get any discount? I am your Customer since 2014

This is what i was looking for by ???? on 10/03/2018

both pills are great we enjoyed our time but you should stay well hydrated.

This works very will! by Man on 10/03/2018

I tried many pill only this one worked with me i ordered 6 pills took one an hour before sex made me hard for hours and stayed hard on and off for 4 days,make sure to drink a lot of water.

Authentic by sensual Lover on 10/03/2018

Everyone reacts differently, however, it is one of the very few Rhinos that work for me..and works well

Authentic by sensual Lover on 10/03/2018

Everyone reacts differently, however, it is one of the very few Rhinos that work for me..and works well

Dose great by Leon on 10/02/2018

Stay hydrated no headache.

Works great by Rock on 10/02/2018

this staff works dam good!

This pill did nothing to me by Customer on 10/02/2018

I have been your customer for year i tried most of your product and i like them they worked will for me but not this one.

Happy with purchase by Rob on 10/02/2018

This staff is great,works pretty good.

Exactly what i have been looking For by Ron on 10/02/2018

Product is effective,As long as you stay hydrated no headaches will develop. Thank you Delivery was quick.

works great! by Monkey on 10/02/2018

I recommend this pills for every one you will have lots of fun,and enjoy your time will keep ordering this pill.

Got my girlfriend SUPER WET and return my dick so hard by Dez on 10/02/2018

I absolutely love this product. It got my girlfriend super beyond wet which in returned got my dick ultra hard. I felt like I was having sex in a jacuzzi.

Not disappointed, served its purpose. by Kristina on 10/01/2018

I have been having a hard time getting aroused lately with my boyfriend of 4 years, recently I just haven’t been in the mood. Today I decided to give this pill a shot & I can honestly say I’m not disappointed, I was wetter than I’ve ever been & reached climax very quickly. Intercourse overall felt more sensual & enjoyable. Would recommend!

Works great by Shadoe on 09/29/2018

I’ve taken these on several occasions and have never failed yet.

Works, Works, Works by Raunman on 09/26/2018

I bought extra gelatin capsules and actually split these in half. A half dosage lasts me 3 days of fun. I hang lower -feel more blood flow all 3 days. Nice erections all day long - and it's nice & stiff - points to the sky. Been using these for about a year - like 4 times a month. Can purchase these in larger volumes - better pricing and if you split the dosage super value!

DO NOT BUY!! by TaraD on 09/26/2018

Shortly after taking, I became extremely overheated with a severe headache & nausea. Followed by almost an hour of vomiting & dry heaving with chills, hot flashes & muscle aches.

Stronger,harder by Fresh DOUGIE on 09/26/2018

Works for me everytime On empty or full stomach Just wait like an hour to an hour & half The pill is stronger for you that way

Fair Product at OK Price by Edoub on 09/26/2018

Product was decent. Definitely saw some of the intended results but nothing spectacular compared to some of the other pills I have tried. Everyone responds different though.

SOLID AS A ROCK by CK1 on 09/22/2018

This is an outstanding product I have ordered several products from this company in the past and this one did EXACTLY what it suppose to do Will reorder again

Terrible by Dee on 09/22/2018

It did nothing at all. Don’t waste your money.

Good product by Bossman on 09/21/2018

Good product

Works by RickyB on 09/21/2018

Been taking these for a couple of years, really works

Works great by Joseph on 09/21/2018

This product works great and fast. I have been using 3ko for several months and it is amazing.

So far so good by Nic on 09/20/2018

I tried if after recommendations. I did not feel overwhelmingly heated, but it was some of the best sex I've ever had. No headaches, took the entire pill instead of half. Felt fine the next day. Going to try the Pink Cat pills to compare next. But I would recommend this.

Great by aubs on 09/18/2018

Made both of us super excited to make love again. Our bedroom stuff kind of got boring but now it’s great. Any other products you might recommend?

Thick and Hard by Storm on 09/18/2018

Oh boy was I happy increased my girth by a lot my fiance said to me "oh my is your dick bigger" and I said why , she said your big already but definitely way thicker cause I'm Cumming already way faster than before, also it's keeping me erected a lot longer , the first day I ejaculated after 45 minutes and when I did that was the strongest and most intense ejaculation I have ever had........ I'll be ordering more........

HAD ME BEGGING FOR PENIS by Lexi on 09/16/2018

I took the pill an hour before sex I felt horny immediately My boyfriend told me no then saw how much I really wanted It and needed It its like you need sex to survive the urges are strong I was like a rabbit‼️ I couldn’t stop humping every one is different this pill worked I will not buy again It made me cry for sex like life would not go on with out it

Monster meat by Amanda on 09/16/2018

Powerful with dual motors.. It hits those hard to reach places

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