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Stiff one by Nastyx on 04/15/2019

Super hard I'm 44 and yes hard dick

Works amazing by Mike on 04/14/2019

Works very well

Fantastic product by Lickrrd8 on 04/14/2019

Fantastic product. Taking this product for several years now and has never failed yet every so often slight body aches. You can go for hours with it

Good by Cholo83 on 04/14/2019

Good. Wife enjoyed... Gonna try a different stronger one next time. But would re order.

works by kenmo on 04/13/2019

These worked for me 5 days. I am in my 50s and walked around with a bonner like I was 16.

works great by John2handy on 04/11/2019

Great boost pill.

Good product by Rock on 04/11/2019

Good product ,give me serious kick, when I take 2 at once.Great quality and good price, like all Piping Rock product.Recommend

it keeps me up an feeling good.... by booooom on 04/11/2019

This stuff is the bomb

amazing pill by Papa peg on 04/11/2019

I will keep coming back for more, thank you for offering such a diverse range of supplements and lifestyle products of high quality at a good price.

great effect by Shawn on 04/11/2019

I have bought this a few times over the years and I love it. I would recommend this product to anyone

good stuff by happy man on 04/11/2019

Very happy happy with product.

good product works well = real big, hard on by babe9511 on 04/11/2019

I like this one a lot

amazing pell by Piping on 04/11/2019

I bought this 3 weeks ago, I am happy with the result I feel 22 again, I am 63. Good product from Piping no side effects.

This pill is beast!!! by MikeyLikesIt on 04/10/2019

This pill is amazing!! This on top of 15 mins of cardio before a good long sexcursion is beast!

Overall performance by Bearclaw on 04/08/2019

I discovered this supplement by accident and since taking it twice a month, my wife is happy. Too happy lol!! I have high blood pressure. The cost of two tablets a month where I live is only $20.00. It accomplishes two thing: 1) makes my wife happy 2) Lowers my blood pressure. BP pills are $100.00 each:(:( With Rhino, I win and my wife wins and our pocketbook wins!!

Awesome product by Michelle on 04/07/2019

Awesome product. You have to give some time, but once it kicks in, it makes sex amazing. Recommend!

top notch by smokes on 04/07/2019

this product is top notch, its the cream of the crop

great product great price great results by smokey on 04/07/2019

I recommend this product. great price , great results, actually does what it says

Performance by Junebug on 04/05/2019

An awesome product that actually works would recommend to anyone ,& I do.

Awesome by cecil on 04/04/2019

This ones good.

Get ready to pound a new hole in her by Sirdaddy on 04/02/2019

Will be able to have several long rounds of hard oumd town

WOW!!!!! by ck1 on 04/01/2019

What an amazing product used it for the first time over the weekend and was very impressed by the results I had. I will reorder in bulk VERY SOON

Get ‘er done by Rick James on 04/01/2019

For sure works. U can’t just sit & wait on it to work.

Good but headache still lingers by Pat on 03/30/2019

Still gives you a headache

Great Sex by Bird on 03/28/2019

Great Pill

Waste of money by Disappointed on 03/27/2019

My husband and I bought this. We had heard so much about it. We set the mood, candles, soft music, delicious dinner, me in a very sexy outfit. The kids were with the parents, and we planned a 72 hour f*** fest. After all, it promises 72 hours of sensations...woohooo! I took it one hour before as directed. And we waited. And we waited, and we waited. NOTHING! We enjoyed our evening, as normal - but zero response from this. No tingling, no wild desires, no horniness, no powerful orgasm, no additional lubrication. Literally nothing. What a disappointment. From the hoped for comet of wild passion we didn’t even get a damp fizzle. Am unable to contact the manufacturer for our money back or review it on their website. We will never buy again. A glass of wine gets waaaaay more results. Save your money.

the best by ricardo on 03/25/2019

very goog

Seems to have worked by Joe on 03/25/2019

Just a bit of disclaimer, I didn't pay for my tube of Mr Thick Dick, I was ordering a penis pump and it was 1 of several items being offered for free with my pump. I chose Mr Thick Dick out of curiosity. Once I got it, I used it once or twice, but not in conjunction with my penis pump. So what happened? Well I have a friend with benefits that lives several hundred miles away and we hadn't had sex in over a year. (she's a petite lady with a hot body and very tight pussy in spite of having had children) I applied Mr Thick Dick to my shaft without sharing that info with my friend. Once she got me hard, which takes just a few seconds, she wanted to ride me. As she straddled me and started inserting my penis into her she said "ow, that hurts" being concerned for her I started to draw back, but she would let me because she liked the sensation. As she rode me she said that I really filled her up, and wondered why I felt so thick to her. After making her cum several times (that's what I love about her, she's multi-orgasmic with me) she played with my penis as it began to get soft, wondering why it was so thick. So for me the bottom line is, it very much did seem to make my cock thicker, which was extremely pleasant for my friend. I'm not saying you will have the same experience, I'm just sharing that my experience was very positive. :-)

It works by Cracker on 03/23/2019

It really works. I bought It when I was seeing this woman. And I was amazed

Great by Hot rod on 03/21/2019


Very good by Steve on 03/20/2019

This product works well

Very good by Steve on 03/20/2019

This product works well

Excelente by Cool! on 03/19/2019


Will be taking again. by Shady on 03/18/2019

It worked great. Had a threesome and lasted 2 hours plus. I took the juice. Will be taking again.

Works great by Clay on 03/18/2019

Best pill I've found thus far. Does give me slight acid reflux but that's how I know it's working. :)

Fantastic - No headaches, stomach aches or stuffy nose!!!l by PK98 on 03/18/2019

All l can say is that it works!!!!!!!!

Surprisingly good. by Boy Pikin on 03/14/2019

This product is so good, I'd probably order it for my friend to take to his honeymoon.

Love it by Kathycat on 03/10/2019

Made every moment so much more intense I love it and about to order more

03/07/19 by BJ on 03/07/2019

I tell you what, it say, one capsule for 13 days, that is no lie. The only side effect that I noticed is it gave me heartburn, but and I think it's because of the high mg, 1875 mg. but that go away after 2 days.

DID NOT WKED FOR ME by JOE on 03/07/2019


Awesome by David on 03/06/2019

This product is a wonderful buy and good investment.

Excellent by Champ on 03/05/2019

This pill works wonders and it's definitely worth its weight in gold.

It's the real deal, I have a question? by Mike on 03/04/2019

64 years old, been using for a a couple of years. I open the capsule and take about 1/'3 each day, effects last for 5 or 6 days. Really sweet results, the wife really likes it. Question for manufacture, the newest orders just received are different. The capsules are only 2/3 full and the taste is very saline as opposed to being totally full and very bitter tasting. Also the material itself is very different in texture, what's up??

TERRIBLE SHOULDNT SELL by Rose on 03/03/2019

I took it about an hour ago, I feel as if my heart is beating out of my chest and pounding on the pillow. Uncontrollable shaking and freezing! I hope this feeling goes away soon because I feel cracked out

Didn't do anything for me by JB on 03/02/2019

After trying several of these pills, this one is not very good. It really didn't do anything for me except give me a headache.

Great product by Jerry on 03/02/2019

This is by far the best male enhancement pill that I've taken. It does give you a harder bigger erection as the package state.

Great product by emailaddress removed on 02/28/2019


This pill follow instructions and it work empty stomach 1 hrs before sex by Mr D williams on 02/27/2019


Do NOT waste your money by Janet on 02/27/2019

This crap doesn't work! I have issues with my libido and this did absolutely nothing! I am really disappointed.

Oh Em GEE!!!!!! by Nikki on 02/26/2019

If you don't want to get pregnant don't take this. Fun, Sexy and crazy passionate!!!!

Ordering again soon by Emilie on 02/22/2019

Shipping was fast and the pill worked wonders. Will definitely order again!

Look no Further by Emilio on 02/21/2019

This is what you have been looking for! All others are initators, Rising Phoenix is the real deal and works exactly as claims state! You will not be disappointed

did not work by MG on 02/16/2019

did not work

did not work by MG on 02/16/2019

did not work

did not work by MG on 02/16/2019

did not work

did not work by MG on 02/16/2019

did not work

did not work by MG on 02/16/2019

did not work

did not work by MG on 02/16/2019

did not work

Thank you by on 02/13/2019


Amazing by Will on 02/11/2019

These pills are amazing. Definitely recommend to any friends that need that extra boost

Y'all lying by Tired on 02/11/2019


Love it by Uninutt on 02/08/2019

This product is way better than any scrip drug out there. Yes I have tried them, also no side effects at least not for me. Try it ....... you'll like it.

It Works Good.It Gives Me Gold Moments. by Giovanni on 02/08/2019

It Works Good,no headache,no red eyes.IM Okay with It,

Works Great by Champ on 02/07/2019

Works as advertised.....

Real Deal by Champ on 02/07/2019

This product worked excellent for me and I will definitely reorder in bulk.

It Works Good.It Gives Me Gold Moments. by Giovanni on 02/07/2019

It Works Good,no headache,no red eyes.IM Okay with It,

this pill sucked by sick!! on 02/05/2019

made me feel really sick. I regret taking it. I'm about to take a benadryl to help if any reaction. ugh.

really good by Juan on 02/03/2019

does the job.

Excellent by One Time on 02/01/2019

This product works great.

Great Product and Service by Zachary on 01/31/2019

Great product that works as described. My shipping and customer service experience was discreet, quick, and helpful. I'm happy with the product and would recommend to others. Also, I'm very satisfied with Gear Isle and will continue to order from them.

seems to work by Dennis on 01/30/2019

wife says she felt it

Works Great by Kent on 01/26/2019

I don’t even take the whole pill about 1/3 and I still get harder and seem to be bigger. I do get a slight headache seems to affect the sinuses. The 1/3 of a pill last for about a week. Better than Viagra!

Worse pill by Cece on 01/25/2019

Did nothing . Waste of my money

the bomb by coco007 on 01/22/2019


the best by ricardo on 01/22/2019

great deal

Good by José Luis rivera on 01/20/2019

More TIME un sexo drivers , glos.

Took about an hour by Jammy Jammer on 01/20/2019

I have never used any pills for this reason, just wanted peace of mind for the 1st time with someone that I really care about, it worked but I was told to take it 30 minutes before and being that its the next day and I still have an erection I would say take an hour before, it will be there when needed lol. I had a few drinks and we all are different but I never got the headache I heard so much about, but when trying to sleep I could feel that my heart was working a bit harder, that poor bastard! Everything that I have put it through and it keeps pumping like a champ!

Works great by Kenbo on 01/17/2019

Works as good or better than prescription Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. Lasted longer and no side effects like headache. Recommended, will buy again.

Great product by Boy Matt on 01/17/2019

Never disappointed me.

Works well by Big Chach on 01/14/2019

1/12/19 works very well sex last forever she likes it ....alot cant wait to share it fuys you need to try this

love it by Sh** on 01/10/2019

Fantastic! Powerful in all settings,Extremely pleased with this product.

Great by S#2 on 01/10/2019

I bought this for my fiance and she loves it so far! Delivered in the discrete and professional packaging.

Amazing toy by Happy Customer on 01/10/2019

my partner love it.

Very good product by Al on 01/08/2019

The product work as advertised Last 2 to 3 days

Amazing READ DIRECTIONS by Katykat on 01/08/2019

You have to take it with a CRAPTON of water and after an hour, you or your partner has to start to physically stimulate you and then it will work, ignore the reviews that say they just waited

Good stuff by Godwolf on 01/07/2019

Tried this product. Very good results.

Real Deal by Champ on 01/04/2019

Yo this pill is the real deal and that's on everything. I had this pill for months but I didn't use it because I had others that I was using. I finally finished my batch of other pills and decided to give it a try. Well as the story goes, it was magnificent and I'm ordering ten as we speak.

Well worth it by Carl on 01/03/2019

Product is good best used on empty stomach...

5***** by 5***** on 01/03/2019


hedid it 2 mi by black chocolate on 01/03/2019

he was abig staples for mii wS wet

Boom by Suga Suga Boom on 01/02/2019

Awesome product great price hard on within an hour an it keeps it HARD for the next couple of days

Great by Don on 01/02/2019

It really do what it says and last at least 4 days in your system

best product by Funguy on 01/02/2019

Works really great best I've ever used

Great by Jrod on 12/31/2018

The best ove tried

Wonderful pill by Alan on 12/29/2018

Great reliable pill, give you the right effect 40 minutes after you take it with a lot water. You can't go wrong with this amazing pill.

5 star by Mmm on 12/27/2018

This is the third time I've bought this toy,literally the best I've ever used. And when it dies again, I'll buy it again. And if it weren't considered weird by most, I'd buy this for every woman in my life as a gift. Every woman should have one.

Perfect Christmas Gift by Terry on 12/27/2018

My girl love it.

A lovely and luxurious vibrator by Tony on 12/27/2018

Wife and I purchased this luxury toy a few Days ago and man oh man has it spiced up our sex life! Definitely Recommend this product

Love it by Karen on 12/27/2018

Super fast shipping!! thank you

Zalo Play by Dona on 12/27/2018

This my favorite toy …. I love the multi functions. I would recommend to anyone that would like to add a little more spice to playtime. It is very quiet which makes it perfect for those nights when… its worth the money

best toy ever by Mary on 12/27/2018

I was not sure what to expect from pulse wave feature, but after trying it out I was blown away. This product is the best on the market, I would recommend it to every G-Spot play lover.

Pink pill by Dbby49 on 12/27/2018

Waste of money. The pill threw off my ph-balance.

Red Spartans by andy on 12/26/2018

Great staff will be buying more

Works great by Hotshot on 12/26/2018

I’ve been taking these for a few years and they work great. Our honeymoon was Fantastic after I took this pill, stayed in bed and tried to wear my wife out ! She loved it !

seems to work by poppadirt on 12/24/2018

overall seemed to make her hot and wet

Great product by Wildman on 12/22/2018

I tried this little sucker and it had me rock solid all night long, I was worked up pretty good. Needless to say I had emptied the bank several times and they still wanted to keep going. I call it the energizer.

Best toy I ever had by Linda on 12/21/2018

This toy is so amazing, I have never seen more beautiful design or better features on any other toy I had experienced. The preheating feature is awesome, you just turn the unit to on mode (no vibration) and press the heat button on the top. After one minute the toy is nice and warm and ready to use. Not like other toys you need to run on vibration mode to heat up. I am blown away with this product, Highly recommend it.

I love this. It's the best vibrator I have ever purchased thus far. by Esth on 12/21/2018

So satisfied with this product. Made with high quality silicone.The heat mode is very cool feature to warm up my spot.very good thrusting and vibration functions,highly recommend!

mmmm by JE on 12/21/2018

Never again will I cheap out on sex toys! This was a bargain for the use that it has gotten, I've never been so pleased (literally) with a product!

My lovely toy by angil**** on 12/21/2018

I bought it few days ago,Delivered so quick Its ultimate luxury. Not only beautiful design but one of the best ones I've tried! Hits right on the spot. Vibration is perfect and enough for me as well. Easy to clean. Big-O's within minutes!

WOW by Tif on 12/21/2018

This is my first Zalo and it will not be my last …. I love the multi functions. I would recommend to anyone that would like to add a little more (a lot more) spice to playtime. It is very quiet which makes it perfect for those nights when… umm well I’ll leave it at that. its worth the money.

Recommend it! by Claudy on 12/21/2018

This product definitely works.

Magic ! by Ton on 12/21/2018

These seem to be working. So far so good ;)

Good results by Maff on 12/21/2018

My performance improved significantly, great supplement !!!

Good results by Darrl O on 12/21/2018

This stuff has really boosted my performance and the best thing is it's all natural!!!

It gives me sustainable energy at the ... by Solo on 12/21/2018

Very good, it works, Love how it makes cock fill. My sperm gets so full now. increased sex....

Happy by Ev on 12/20/2018

My wife bought me these as a bit of a fun birthday present. She was even more happy when it actually worked in the bedroom.

Great pill by Ken on 12/20/2018

I have used a few over the counter products but I really enjoy this one. It also arrived very quickly

Awesome! by sil on 12/20/2018

Umm... Yeah, these work awesome! Enough said. Give it a try, your Wife will thank you!

Love it by Brad on 12/20/2018

OUTSTANDING PRODUCT.....that's all I have to say!!!!

So far So good! by G B on 12/20/2018

Probably the best enhancements pills I've ever taken. My erections were harder and I noticed size in my girth increased. I definitely recommend product!!

these work awesome! by MoA on 12/20/2018

Love Definitely do what there supposed to do, will definitely buy again and Recommend it....

these work awesome! Enough said by No name on 12/20/2018

This has been working amazingly for my husband! Great product!!!!

More Stamina by Kareem on 12/20/2018

Good product as described and it works.

Five stars by Willi on 12/20/2018

Great energy increase while taking this product. do recommend it highly to others with low in energy.

will def recommend this! by Mich on 12/20/2018

I would recommend giving this a try as it is working for me.

Love it!. by Javeir on 12/20/2018

This has been by far the most visible change. Love it!.

Want stamina BUY THIS! by Mike on 12/20/2018

what i absolutely love about the product is the agility and stamina that it gives whether in the bed or in the gym it’s like i turn into a super human and i can keep going and going.....

Thumbs up! by Thumbs up! on 12/20/2018

It's almost like super energy. After trying it in the bedroom.

Quality product by Jo on 12/20/2018

Good energy, Quick response and "Blood-flow"

Does exactly what I was hoping it would by Ken on 12/20/2018

The results have been great! Does exactly what I was hoping it would. Great product!

10 Stars by Dragon on 12/20/2018

Great product. Came as promised.

I am extremely happy with this product by Chay on 12/20/2018

I have notice a huge difference in my performance. I was very surprised and extremely happy with my results.

Like the effect by Milton on 12/20/2018

I am extremely happy with this product! Sure recommended

Dose the job. by Nic on 12/20/2018

Really worked for me, I am going to continue to use this and so far have not seen any side effects. Finally natural product that actually works.

Great pill by Jess on 12/20/2018

Has done its job.

Yep! by Brain on 12/20/2018

Absolutely fantastic, Have given me a new form a confidence I had lost a couple of years ago. This product helps you in your time of need and make the entire experience worry free. Recommend for sure!!!

Great by David on 12/20/2018

I feel more blood flow throughout my whole body. I am much more energized in the morning. I am happy with my results and will continue taking it.

Herbal is the way to go.... by RAN on 12/19/2018

Herbal is the way to go....

GREAT PRODUCT by CARLOS on 12/19/2018


Thanks by JERRY on 12/19/2018

like the great prices & the quality is very good i will continue to buy im satisfied i believe you will be to. Thanks

Excellent Product by Five Star on 12/19/2018

Every pill order from you I’m completely satisfied....

great pills by Rocio on 12/19/2018

In my late 60s and find this product does indeed add zip. And it is priced very reasonably.

In love with this pill by Stev***** on 12/19/2018

I started using this 8 months ago to get some of my vigor back and it works wonders. Even after a few rounds of "activity" i am have moments in my sleep like i did when i was 18!! It works great....

Strong by Gary on 12/19/2018

Fast delivery and good quality and affordable price.

Great Stamina by Lew on 12/19/2018

I bought 12 pills. I am 62, Take one pill an hour before and i feel crazy strong.

Recommended by SEA on 12/19/2018

Good value and price, Effects better than more expensive specifics...

Solid by Emilie on 12/19/2018

Pill definitely works. Not the strongest but it does last for a day pretty strong.

The best by Emilie on 12/19/2018

This is like the good ole days and classic rh8no. 1 pill last for full 3 days. Helps you laat longer as well

Strong by Emilie on 12/19/2018

Good pill. Last for 2 days for me. Makes you feel thicker too.

Great pill by Emilie on 12/19/2018

My girl preferred this over the other ones. I definitely felt her more wet and hot

Great pill by Emilie on 12/19/2018

Super super wet. My girl loved it. Will for sure order more

Great by Emilie on 12/19/2018

Better than viagara

Greatness by Inkedbabe214 on 12/19/2018

Best sex ever

Great product does what it says by TRE on 12/18/2018

been buying this product for a couple of years

Not the one by Ep4life on 12/17/2018

Not much power in these. I had to take two in one night just to feel something. I definitely will not buy again

Works well by Big Chach on 12/17/2018

Took it and sex lasted awhile and she really loved it

Worked great by Joe-ker on 12/15/2018

Cant be sure, but may have given strong heartburn. Gave me a strong erection though.

works great by Zo on 12/14/2018

The product works great it’s very natural and never a headache I have been using this product for years very good quality

Quick action by Grif on 12/13/2018

very happy with the performance so far... would recommend to anyone....

worth the money by Lua on 12/13/2018

I bought this a few weeks ago and i think it works great

Love this by Darre on 12/13/2018

I have bought a few male enhancement products and this is one of the best at half the price, works well. Fast shipping and easy ordering. Would recommend to anybody looking to improve their relationship.

good quality by Adam on 12/13/2018

This product was offered at an excellent price, so I purchased it again.

Happy by jose on 12/13/2018

I am happy I bought this and I will always have this..

it works by ravio on 12/13/2018

Great boost pill, just you need to take one three hours before going to bed and after like 2 to three hour boommmmm you are ready for anything.

love it by hab on 12/13/2018

Good product ,give me serious kick

Great by Jack on 12/13/2018

Great pill ever

Thumbs up by James on 12/13/2018

Five stare i recommend it.

I really love this! by MAYA on 12/09/2018

Took longer to arrive due to shipping issues BUT I love this stuff... I have a very sensitive area and certain things have made me itch afterward BUT this stuff is great it stays slick for a long time and feels good with no after itching... it's a pretty big bottle so it is worth the price...

Great by JR on 12/08/2018

Tried this pill from a store at $18. Worked great, had the most powerful erection in my life. Got a big order for much cheaper from here and works great. I feel the effects for about 3 days from one pill. My wife loves it too. Very happy.

Worked great by Cicippio on 12/08/2018

Will buy again

great by mill3541 on 12/05/2018

Helps you stay strong.

Works nicely and in a reasonable amount of time by Emilie on 12/04/2018

Good product for the money.

Very by Jack on 12/04/2018

Works 5 days buying more

just what I needed by rose on 12/04/2018

this adds more fun specially that it has mint flavor. works great

the bomb by coco007 on 12/03/2018

the best in the market

Stiff by Willie on 12/03/2018

Stiff say the least

Awesome by Will on 12/03/2018

Gets me jacked and ready to explode gallons

Works great by Willie on 12/03/2018

Works as it should . Like the rhino use to be

It works by Black on 12/02/2018

Let's just say this pill put me back in the game. My girl had the weak legs syndrome. Lol

sounds like an average product by Ian on 12/01/2018

i will need to take some extra time to review similar products to see which one is more effective, prior to making a purchase

Worked great for me and pals by Jack on 12/01/2018

Wouldn't change them . Will buy more

Value by HIN on 11/30/2018

I have ordered this product twice It works well for me. The only negative is the relative high price.....

Work good by Jon on 11/30/2018

I've tried numerous enhancement products, both prescription and OTC. This product works just as well as certain prescription products but without the headaches. It's a little pricey but each pills effects lasts longer than prescription products. You'll like it.

Magnum Gold 24K by Magnum Gold 24K on 11/29/2018

I use these pills to last longer than 30 minutes depending what kind of Physical Shape your in,and also of your Heart is healthy enough. I'm all the above,and My Fiancee LOVES when I hang Meat in her Seat! She Taps out Every time,and I still need wanting some,and being well endowed is a major PLUS!

AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED by Enr on 11/29/2018

I love these pills they make me feel young and am able to last longer and really lay pipe! It makes it look like a little baby arm lol. Stay hydrated with water a lot of alcohol will make you feel rough or it does me.

GOod pill by Jose on 11/29/2018

Long lasting and keeps rock hard...

Quality product by Barry on 11/29/2018

A lot cheaper than Viagra works better will buy again

Dose what it says by Dan.. on 11/29/2018

give you rock solid erection. It is a great confidence boost. I have not experienced any side effects.

Good product by Ssss1 on 11/29/2018

worked well going to order again.

I was like wow this is my magic by My Nam on 11/29/2018

I never write review, but this product deserve a good review. I used one pill and I feel effects for 3 days. High recommend

Product of My Choice by Kevin on 11/29/2018

I love this product and will never change it unless it is not available. Five star

Five Star ***** by No name on 11/29/2018

Very good product meets the required expectations.We haven't had the opportunity to try all of these yet but so far the ones we tired worked good.

Had fun great pill by Fun time on 11/28/2018

On of the best that I have tried.Gets you up and keeps you up when you need it. I can feel the effects for three days. If you need a weekend pill this is it. Be sure to drink plenty of warm water.

Had fun great pill by Fun time on 11/28/2018

On of the best that I have tried.Gets you up and keeps you up when you need it. I can feel the effects for three days. If you need a weekend pill this is it. Be sure to drink plenty of warm water.

Great by Pattr on 11/28/2018

The product will cause some flushing and warming in facial area. For me it took about 4 hours be for I was ready. After that it was good for about 24 hour.

Love it by Mattttt on 11/28/2018

Works great for extra play time.Can get back up no problem. Drink lots of water just in case.I haven’t had a headache but that because I’m drinking more water when taking pill.

Great Product by Luc on 11/28/2018

This works well for me.But this is key, fellas, use with plenty of water,and avoid fatty foods and alcohol while using. And keep hydrating throughout the day to avoid symptoms like headaches or hot flashes! And don’t take it after a big meal. I take it on an empty stomach but with lots of water.I’ll eat an hour or two after taking, but again, avoiding fatty meals and alcohol as they seem to diminish the effectiveness of the product. I also have ibuprofen on hand (taken with a big glass of water!) for any headaches, and I’m fine......

Awesome Product.. by Russ on 11/28/2018

This product really works well.

I often fail to post reviews for products i buy, but this is one that I must honor. Buy the product.You will not be disappointed.. by Fred on 11/28/2018

The product works as described,No headaches,Had a magnificent night with a bit of headache in the morning,I honestly cannot complaint...

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