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Worked! by Mike on 10/01/2019

Worked, but not for 7 days.

Like it by Kevin on 09/30/2019

It works for me

works wonders by ml on 09/30/2019

tried a little experiment -took a capsule daily times seven days .on day three, my lady commented that my cock felt fatter to her .on day five she thought my cock was longer . we measured it and it was 3/4 inch longer .been off of it for one week now still under the effect ,.going to start seven days in a row again tomorrow. . let you know what happened with round two

A Must if you WANT Hell Time by South Sam on 09/29/2019


Got This In Your Suppy by South Sam on 09/27/2019


Didnt do anything by South Sam on 09/27/2019

Took twice nothing TWICE

GET These, You Will Never Regret,, Another Should Be Honeymoon pill Stock Up Quickly Will Always Buy Rhino Products Period by South Sam on 09/27/2019


Don't pass the product by. by David on 09/27/2019

This is a very good product to use because it doesn't give you the bad side effects other products do. No blue vision or headaches and it gives you days of results. It's a very good price and wonderful product overall.

Cloud 9 by J on 09/27/2019

Great product I would definitely recommend


Take one pill one hour before and usually you get really hard within 30 to 45 min, no headache

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Great by Sean on 09/22/2019

Yes, this is great

Je Peux Acheter Kamagra StevEnzync by Stevwila on 09/20/2019

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Great stuff by Serg on 09/20/2019

Good stuff

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offible by agidono on 09/19/2019

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Juigh by Bloogma on 09/18/2019

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Soync by ZellBuri on 09/18/2019

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wrato by asSota on 09/18/2019

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Don't waste ur money by Jenangle on 09/18/2019

Bought this. Doesn't work. Company doesn't give out refunds

Best BLUE pill ever by Gus on 09/18/2019

She will wonder WTF is going on with you... A good thing for her!

It works hard by Mike on 09/18/2019

Awesome.. explosion

Works by Rick on 09/17/2019

Very strong

Wouldn’t recommend! by Aubs on 09/15/2019

Let’s see where do I start.. first of all the pill is the worst thing you can ever put in your body. My boyfriend and I took a half pill each and it made both of us sick to our stomachs and made me throw up. Then made me have hot flashes and gave me a headache. It’s not worth it honestly you’ll end up with your head in the toilet!

Wicked Platinum 2,000 mg by Wild Bill on 09/13/2019

Love it! Gave me back my love life. Gave me the stamina to satisfy my wife. Thank you!!!!!!

Worked, no headaches by Joe-ker on 09/09/2019

Nice woody good for a couple rounds of action

Had have better by Joe-ker on 09/09/2019

Did its job. Not the best but good.

It was OK by Joe-ker on 09/09/2019

Nothing special. Gives good hard ons for sure

Felt a little funky but It works sex was good by JOSE on 09/09/2019

I felt a little off when I took It but sex was good. Little sketchy tho

Excellent overall product! by Richard on 09/08/2019

This product is an excellent desensitizer! It works better than all the rest. It delays the body part as advertised and allows for a longer experience, which is what most everyone is looking to achieve in the bedroom. This product fulfills that request and more!

Good by Good on 09/05/2019

Very good

Nice works well by Ct on 09/05/2019

Nice works well

Works by James on 09/02/2019

I like works everytime

Really bad product by James on 08/31/2019

This is something u don’t want to mess with it’s horrible it’s give me a headache for days and body aches and I can’t sleep at all this product should be band

Never again by Drey on 08/31/2019

Projectile vomited 30 minutes after consuming. I will never take again

Thumbs Up by Josh on 08/31/2019

Love this product!!! It Works!!!!

NOT GOOD AT ALL by JIM on 08/29/2019

I bought two cases of 30 each and I have used a out half of a case and it doesn't matter if I'm going to be in a sex act half hour, an hour, three or six hours later there is no change in performance or duration, etc with it. It's just like I never used the pill. Waist of money

Zing by Roast Beef on 08/29/2019

The curtains was dangling and throbbing at the same time. Had a sista taking that bologna pony all night long. Daauummm that was some good Di*k.

VERY GOOD by Larry on 08/29/2019


Works awesome by Metro on 08/27/2019

I use these between the days I use 3 KO Blue Gold XT pills .. better lasting time

Best for her and you by Metro on 08/27/2019

I've been buying these for a long time now and find they are better than any viagra or cialis pills.

Worked good, kept getting erections that night by Ground and pound on 08/26/2019

Worked good put in work and kept getting hard ...

Highly recommended by SugarDaddy on 08/22/2019

Product is great on day 1, good on day 2, so-so on day 3 and no effect really on day 4. Like the others have said, drink lots of fluids for the 1st 3 days to avoid headaches.

VERY GOOD by Larry on 08/21/2019

good product works well

Waste of money by ERL on 08/21/2019

Doesn't work at all. It's like a placebo.

Waste of money by ERL on 08/21/2019

Doesn't work at all. Wondering about the other reviews..

Won’t turn off by Disappointed on 08/17/2019

Can’t use it because once it’s on, there’s no shutting it off. The short instructions don’t work.). Probably a faulty unit, but it’s frustrating there’s no sure way to turn it off. Nothing on the Cloud9 website addresses the problem. Nice vibrator, terrible customer support.

Awesome by andy on 08/16/2019

This product is awesome I love it my wife loves it that's all there is to say You're something walking

AWFUL by Came in a gift bag from TABOO on 08/16/2019

My husband purchased a goody bag from TABOO (lingerie/adult store. About an hour after taking both capsules I started feeling very nauseous. Then the shaking, dizziness, sweating and heart beating out of my chest. I was unable to sleep because of being extremely nauseated. The next day (after 2 hours of sleep) I still feel pretty bad. My stomach is still unsettled, dizziness and shaky. DO NOT TAKE!!!!

F*cking amazing do you hear me by Leah on 08/14/2019

I took the pill not expecting great results considering I’m 69 years old and haven’t felt a man’s touch in what feels like decades. Boy oh boy was I missing out without this pill. I’m a new woman. Call me Patricia. Do yourselves and your clits a favor and buy this frickin pill.

Fast shipping by Geudis on 08/12/2019

Fast shipping and receiving, and the Pills work without headaches just make sure you drink lots of water

Don’t worth the money! Made my pussy and mouth extremely dry by LuvHndle87 on 08/12/2019

I was so excited to that this pill with my husband. Thinking it was going to have me super wet (Know the reviews stated) but instead I felt NOTHING! (Yes I drunk more than enough water). Waiting a hour after still NOTHING! Only to wake up cramping like my cycle was about to come on.

Effective by jj on 08/11/2019

very good erection ability last for 2 -3 days. Allow 45 mins after taking for maximum effect.

All I got was a headache and disappointment by Hayhay on 08/11/2019

You guys suck

Yasssss by Stamp on 08/11/2019

OK so my friend was having issues so I went with her to help find help at the sex store. Walked around and found these pills. I'm naturally sexual horny... the lady at the store didn't really push this pill said it sells itself. THAT had me curious. She showing everything else but certain things she looked at and just touched and smiled. My friend was skeptical. But I was still curios. Anyway I bought it. I received a call from someone who makes now.. want to hump just with the thought of his I took the pill drank 1 bottle of water..took a shower. Drank more water..put my bandana sense in doing my hair he does pull... had 2 shots.. put on my jogging clothes..yep workout lol..headed there..didn't jump in..we normally talk laugh listen to music or watch TV. Lol. Well he decided I was to be pleased 1st. So he takes my clothes throw them on the floor...tosses me like I have no weight to me..kisses my inner tight and reaches the Treasure Island. At first I was like alright...normal...then I felt a pull...he's still doing his thing but I raise up like wtf.. he lays me back down and go full throttle baby...I felt a strong hard wtf is going on type feeling...I wanted his head ..shoulder head.. all in there...but I reach for him to come up and let his boy explore the island. Oh myyyyy....I still feel it....his touch has me lifted already but that night...I his body was so perfect between my thighs...I am never able to take it all but thi...yeah it does work..PERFECTLY....I don't have any right now but I'm going for a morning JOG.

Tproof is in the pudding, indeed. by Boy Pikin on 08/11/2019

Never get into action without it.

Great!!! by Roc on 08/09/2019

I took this an 1 hour before and it was amazing!! No side effects.

Poseidon Enhancement by Perfect 10 in on 08/09/2019

If you are working with a 4 in p this drug won’t make you longer so stop fooling yourself quick. These pills put you in the Cemetery quick.

I took these by accident by Horny shorty on 08/09/2019

Well I have now been a great customer of these pills. They tear up my stomach due to ulcers but shyt I can live with a little discomfort compared to a hard dick. Now I wish I could fuck this ome particular crazy woman with the best pussy in America with this good hard erection I ha e. Lol

The real deal! by Richard on 08/08/2019

Bottom line... these pills are the very BEST you can find out there! They provide excellent blood flow enhancement. You need to supplement this pill, however, with a multi-vitamin and a minimum of 8-12 ounces of water to avoid a massive headache for the next few days.

Great...great...great by Stevo on 08/06/2019

I than tried viagra and cialis. This tops them. I was constantly over my nate. WOW

Great by andy on 08/06/2019


Great by Kia on 08/04/2019

I took this and omg it worked you have to drink alot of water when taking this me and my partner was pleased. The great thing with. This is you can combine the supplements .

love it by Derek on 07/31/2019

great pill

works every time by Derek on 07/31/2019

good product

Awesomely forming product by Dswill1 on 07/30/2019

Very satisfying product

Turning A bad Situation Good by Karma on 07/29/2019

Me and my boyfriend had an argument so i thought what a better way to enlighten the mood

Satisfied indeed by Vikkij92 on 07/26/2019

Shiiiid y’all thought she was playing g when she said the niagra falls. BIIIHHHH I WAS MF SCARED how this pill work so good

Bad by Nikki on 07/25/2019

I'm so angry at the outcome of this! I was told I'd have a giant erection and could last forever! Little did I know that this pill only works if you have a penis.

I tried it for the first time I like it. by naellingwherl on 07/25/2019

I tried it for the first time I like it they sat that it last for 15 days but for it lasted for about 7 days which was good for me

Best ever by Bwatt on 07/24/2019

Been 7 years and nothing else like it

Amazing! by Daniel on 07/24/2019

You've gotta have it, at least for security purposes.

Surprisingly good. by Daniel on 07/24/2019

It's a must-have for every guy.

Satisfied by Puppy on 07/24/2019

Excellent products, will order again and again.

It works by Tj on 07/23/2019

The price is I think Fair I thought mine from a store directly I was pretty pleased with the results however I did of some random erections throughout the 72 hours.

It works by Tj on 07/23/2019

The price is I think Fair I thought mine from a store directly I was pretty pleased with the results however I did of some random erections throughout the 72 hours.

THIS PILL SUCKS by kelsey on 07/23/2019

after taking it, i felt stuffed and was breathing super heavy. i followed the directions perfectly and NOTHING. my boyfriend went down on me and i didn't even get wet. my vagina didn't extract at all. it got even tighter and it hurt so bad when he tried to put ONE finger in. a few shots of whiskey work way better.

Its a good one got me filling good by Ribpocker on 07/21/2019

This is a must try thang if you ever get a chance to she will love it and so will you.

My wife loves it by Big pappy on 07/20/2019

Best thing out there

Omg by Samuel on 07/20/2019

This is amazing. I totally approve

It's great for my wife by Cesar on 07/20/2019

my favorite to use by bubba on 07/19/2019

makes me feel 21 years old again and no headaches but be sure to take on a empty or almost empty stomach with plenty of water

It’s wicked Lee good by Al on 07/16/2019

It’s a very good product works 3 to 4 days hard and as long as you want

Awesome by STL guy on 07/16/2019

Tried one just for fun and now know I’ve been missing out. Struggled with premature ej for some time but this is worth every penny. I lasted almost an hour the first go and was ready for more several times a day lasting 3 days.

Works great for me. by Thomas on 07/12/2019

I order these regularly and highly recommend.

Works great for me. by Danny on 07/12/2019

I order regularly. It works just as good as an RX!

Stay happy and get some! by PeachesNCream on 07/11/2019

These pills really help my husband stay aroused for an entired week!

Five star by Jony on 07/10/2019

I have try a lot of other pills and have serious side effects not with this one more than a week like a hammer

Don jay by Don on 07/10/2019


Great product by troy on 07/05/2019

Good product

Great product by Steven on 07/05/2019

One of the best Rhino products

Great product by Robert on 07/05/2019

Time tested great product

Great Product. by Ron on 07/03/2019

This product works as described. It tastes fine and does not give me nasal stuffiness or headaches. I usually take half a capsule every three days, but it would probably last longer than three days. I'll buy more.

VERY GOOD by Larry on 07/01/2019


VERY GOOD by Larry on 07/01/2019


VERY GOOD by Larry on 07/01/2019


Great product by Bigshorty on 06/30/2019

I’m 75 and this really works for me. Able to maintain ability for 6-7 days after taking it. Usually takes hold within one hour after injection with lots of water and empty stomach. Really makes me thicker similar to my teens.

I think this product works! by James on 06/28/2019

Overall happy with this product.

Amazing by Lola on 06/28/2019

Wet wet wet

Turned my white sheets pink!!!!! by My Naughty on 06/27/2019

So I took this pill on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t really notice a change. The only difference was in the morning when I woke up my sheets were covered in hot pink colored spots

AMAZING by FreakNasty on 06/25/2019


Only Less Appealing Side Effects by Michael on 06/24/2019

I tried this product for the first time yesterday and the only thing that happened was that my face got really hot underneath my skin. No extra hardness. No extra libido. Won't be buying this again.

I am one happy girl!! by HappyWife on 06/24/2019

My husband bought this pill and it was amazing! He had a rock hard erection and was all over me for days!! I am may even by him more for his birthday!! Thank you!!

Perfect sizes by Dildo on 06/19/2019

If you want to feel a realistic dong inside you then you should try this one

VERY GOOD by Larry on 06/19/2019


VERY GOOD by Larry on 06/19/2019


Works great by Killerf3 on 06/17/2019

This pill is great I got me one just to try it and it make me stronger and last at least 3 days maybe not 7 but 3 with power is phenomenal.

Great product by Leon on 06/16/2019

I will reorder in the future

Awesome product by Johnny long on 06/15/2019

Took this Product I stayed Hydrated it’s works great for me no Headaches it last me 5 days. Love it I’ll be buying more...

AMAZINGG by lilnessi on 06/14/2019

I bought one at a shop nearby, I was very skeptical at first because I had never used any type of enhancement pill before. The lady who worked there claimed she used it and works every time for her (she was also pregnant & said the pill helped them get pregnant lol). Anyways I took it on my way home and it took about an hour to kick in. I felt results immediately with my drive and stamina. I was extra ready to go and extremely wet which was strange for me. Orgasms were much more intense and I will definitely use this again!

It works by happy guy on 06/13/2019

my wife took it and we on a whole new level now.

Does not work by Nick on 06/11/2019

I took one and it did nothing but give me a very upset tummy

Its ok by Dry on 06/10/2019

I followed instructions on packaging. Took pill with a whole water bottle. A hour later I drank a steel reserve and smoked a few blunts . I was feeling a little horny but nothing major. Once my man finally came to bed and we began kissing and cuddling I couldn’t get wet like always (we been together 3 years) I’m only 19 and I’ve tried a different pill last year and it had me squirting . I was very disappointed that I had to apply lube twice and my man was too

Excellent by Geudis on 06/08/2019

If your looking for something extra from time to time no headache or upset stomach this is it, just make sure you drink lots of water

great by babe9511 on 06/07/2019

wanna try something great , try using magnum with ageless male tonight .You'll cum so much more ,then each of therm than individually - great combination

Rock Hard Results by Dillon Rock Cock on 06/06/2019

Yes! Finally something that works! It works fast but the only issue was stuffy nose. Stiffy with a stuffy. Lol! I’m just happy that I found something that works.

the best by RICHARD on 06/05/2019

highly recommened

the best by coco007 on 06/05/2019

very effective

OMG by In love again on 06/03/2019

We first tried the rhino 17 5000 from an adult store. OMG. holy cow. I thought my husband of 14 yrs was 20 again. I've never had complaints of his size before but wow. It definitely increases size. Love it. Also instead of an 1 to 1.5 hours, it went on for 3 or 4 hours and then ready to go again the next morning as soon as his eyes opened. I love the rhino 17 5000s. He isn't having any complaints either. I will be ordering these for a looonnngg time

Al by El gato on 05/29/2019


Debbie by Ron on 05/29/2019

This love dioll seems prett good but how come she have to be debbi e instead of Sheri Karen machelleetcshe looks like mallangel

Good by Ani on 05/27/2019


Great product by Dewey70 on 05/26/2019

Worked very well off half a pill. Took couple hrs before and was hard as a brick even after I climaxed. will make your heart pound a little but other than that no side effects hardly.

I’m satisfied!! by Buck on 05/25/2019

I like it!

Call me the ROCK by Fear on 05/21/2019

I was trying different pills some where okay others didn't work.. These where next on the rack to use.. BOY did these work.. My sex game was falling off couldn't get hard or stay hard.. My new fwb asked me how i was able to stay hard and she felt like bambi after her 2 orgasms in 20 min.. You having trouble these are a must BUY!!! Red 1 especially..

Fantastic by Mega on 05/19/2019

My husband and I loved it! It was a great weekend get away will order again for sure.

Works great by KnD on 05/19/2019

Works great for the wife.

Works great by KnD on 05/19/2019

Works great for me and the wife loves it

Very nice by Mark on 05/18/2019

Both ends work well, the small end tip can spin and vib thats different, WOW!

Very nice by Mark on 05/18/2019

Strong vib, lots of programs, nice shape for in turnral

Easy in /out, clean and usable, comfort. by You on 05/15/2019

Headache every once in a while from use. But the results are worth it. Usually, if head starts to hurt just chuck a tall glass of water. And it goes away. Have reordered these time and time again

consistent by Dan on 05/14/2019

I've used this product for a few years now and it still works great! Started with the Rhino products but after some time and use, they lost their luster- but this one is consistently well received.

kickass by Dan on 05/14/2019

tried this one awhile back and it was awesome. I don't remember if it was this dosage so I'll just get the one and see if it's the same result.

Play catch on just wish I knew how long it actually last by Joker on 05/11/2019

Bought this for the first time works like a charm I just wish I knew exactly how long it lasted haven't heard no complaints from any of my ladies looking forward to each encounter

wow by babe9511 on 05/10/2019

I bought one just to try it out ,I used to buy Spanish fly which has been discontinued. I had a massive erection within two hours that was very spontaneous .Had a big budged in my pj's that lasted for about an for an hour without any stimulation at all, WE screwed for about an hour ,she came three times . Oh BTW I,m 70 y/o

Isnt working by Redroothdongle on 05/10/2019

Took it 2 hours ago , nothing just a slught heart rate increse. I used a product called Stiff Rox before this and it was amazing.

Krave Kratom Wholesale Price Click on the link by John on 05/09/2019

Krave Botanical Maeng Da Best Price in here by John on 05/09/2019

you can purchase smoke accessories here by John on 05/09/2019

Test, just a test by gloryjuiff on 05/06/2019

Hello. And Bye.

Disappointed by Dont matter on 05/05/2019

This shit did not work for me. Same thing as before was happening

Headaches galore non stop eyes hurting by KB on 05/05/2019

Went hard but next day in extrutiating pain from headaches and my eyes hurt as well it hurts to move

rush 75 17000 by JeffreyBlack on 05/04/2019

Stay hard long time love the way it makes me feel and would tell any man to use I get this product all the time

just thanking y'all by JeffreyBlack on 05/04/2019

Its the best thing a man could pack for and my woman loves its... We have all kids of fun together and wit other women its the best....

VERY GOOD by Larry on 05/03/2019


VERY GOOD by Larry on 05/03/2019


She'll think you're a sex god by Ace on 05/03/2019

Look no further. This will exceed all of your expectations. I took it 5 days ago and it's still working like a charm. I'm naturally big but this took things to another level. Length, thickness and stamina all left me speechless. I almost felt bad for my lady(although she loved it). Well worth taking every so often to spice things up in the bedroom

Awesome by Sunrise on 05/02/2019

Works really good the more water you drink the wetter you’ll get. Intense orgasms & slip n slide for days.

Fantastic by Lain on 05/01/2019

Second time using it and it never fails. Lasted about 6 days and no headaches each time. Girlfriend was loving it as well.

Love it! by John on 05/01/2019

Works great, lasts for days, love it. She can't get enough of me.

Come Acquistare Viagra Lessend by Lessend on 04/29/2019

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Made me so sick by Gigi on 04/27/2019

First time using and I only took 1/2. 20 min after taking I began vomiting for the next hour constantly and had diarrhea. Just made me feel so sick. Will never buy again

very good by dick on 04/26/2019

very nice

wks by dannyg on 04/26/2019

works well.

worked for me by GOSHD on 04/25/2019

Works very good

Real by Jason on 04/25/2019

Fuck this shit looks and feels like a real cock

Awesome by Ravezone6 on 04/23/2019

They better be ready when they take one of these. We got this going to be a long night and a good time.

Really? No headache? by yrtyetryer on 04/20/2019

It made my penis thicker but shorter, i know it's weird, but that's how i felt! Crazy erections for 4 days in a row, but i also had 4 days of a insane headache. I took all kind of pills to help with the headaches, it did nothing! I felt terrible those 4 days that i had the erections! So, what's the point of being hard if u can't do anything? I'm trowing the other pill in the garbage!

It's works great.... by Big10 on 04/20/2019

Took this morning and 3 hours later still hard as concrete.

Works GREAT everytime by girl6 on 04/20/2019


Works GREAT everytime by girl6 on 04/20/2019


Ok by mj4U on 04/20/2019

this stuff is ok, but not great. The flavor isn't what I expected it to be.

Great Stuff!! by girl6 on 04/19/2019

This stuff is great. Works great for me! I love it!!!

Good! by oiyiyioi on 04/18/2019

This one is great if u don't mind 2,3 days of a bad headache! And i don't like headaches. That's probably the reason why i won't order again! But u gonna get a ridiculous erection within an hour, and u will last 'til the next day. And the thickness is insane too! My girl couldn't handle it! That was visible! Again... The headache is not fun! To me is a high price to pay!

Does the trick by spamking on 04/18/2019

I've tried several of these products and have been very pleased.

04-16-2018 by Bee B on 04/17/2019

These work really well. Little heartburn and slight headache but all good. I have a bigger penis so it's hard to get a lot of blood in there but these help a lot. Lasts about 3 days! I've been a long time user and reccomend it.

04-16-2018 by Bee B on 04/17/2019

These work really well. Little heartburn and slight headache but all good. I have a bigger penis so it's hard to get a lot of blood in there but these help a lot. Lasts about 3 days! I've been a long time user and reccomend it.

Very good product by Ray on 04/17/2019

Would recommend it to my friends.

Overall - good by Vamp on 04/17/2019

Nice product

Stiff one by Nastyx on 04/15/2019

Super hard I'm 44 and yes hard dick

Works amazing by Mike on 04/14/2019

Works very well

Fantastic product by Lickrrd8 on 04/14/2019

Fantastic product. Taking this product for several years now and has never failed yet every so often slight body aches. You can go for hours with it

Good by Cholo83 on 04/14/2019

Good. Wife enjoyed... Gonna try a different stronger one next time. But would re order.

works by kenmo on 04/13/2019

These worked for me 5 days. I am in my 50s and walked around with a bonner like I was 16.

works great by John2handy on 04/11/2019

Great boost pill.

Good product by Rock on 04/11/2019

Good product ,give me serious kick, when I take 2 at once.Great quality and good price, like all Piping Rock product.Recommend

it keeps me up an feeling good.... by booooom on 04/11/2019

This stuff is the bomb

amazing pill by Papa peg on 04/11/2019

I will keep coming back for more, thank you for offering such a diverse range of supplements and lifestyle products of high quality at a good price.

great effect by Shawn on 04/11/2019

I have bought this a few times over the years and I love it. I would recommend this product to anyone

good stuff by happy man on 04/11/2019

Very happy happy with product.

good product works well = real big, hard on by babe9511 on 04/11/2019

I like this one a lot

amazing pell by Piping on 04/11/2019

I bought this 3 weeks ago, I am happy with the result I feel 22 again, I am 63. Good product from Piping no side effects.

This pill is beast!!! by MikeyLikesIt on 04/10/2019

This pill is amazing!! This on top of 15 mins of cardio before a good long sexcursion is beast!

Overall performance by Bearclaw on 04/09/2019

I discovered this supplement by accident and since taking it twice a month, my wife is happy. Too happy lol!! I have high blood pressure. The cost of two tablets a month where I live is only $20.00. It accomplishes two thing: 1) makes my wife happy 2) Lowers my blood pressure. BP pills are $100.00 each:(:( With Rhino, I win and my wife wins and our pocketbook wins!!

Awesome product by Michelle on 04/07/2019

Awesome product. You have to give some time, but once it kicks in, it makes sex amazing. Recommend!

top notch by smokes on 04/07/2019

this product is top notch, its the cream of the crop

great product great price great results by smokey on 04/07/2019

I recommend this product. great price , great results, actually does what it says

Performance by Junebug on 04/05/2019

An awesome product that actually works would recommend to anyone ,& I do.

Awesome by cecil on 04/05/2019

This ones good.

Get ready to pound a new hole in her by Sirdaddy on 04/02/2019

Will be able to have several long rounds of hard oumd town

WOW!!!!! by ck1 on 04/01/2019

What an amazing product used it for the first time over the weekend and was very impressed by the results I had. I will reorder in bulk VERY SOON

Get ‘er done by Rick James on 04/01/2019

For sure works. U can’t just sit & wait on it to work.

Good but headache still lingers by Pat on 03/30/2019

Still gives you a headache

Great Sex by Bird on 03/28/2019

Great Pill

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