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No headach by Oscar on 02/07/2018

No headache, good erection and stamina.

Effective by J on 02/07/2018

I used to get the Oh Happy Day 5000, that product is not available now so they recommended me this one. It works as good as the 5000. no complains.

The pill works by Roo on 02/06/2018

I’ve taken the pill on two occasions and my cock got hard really fast when my wife touched me. The erection lasted and stayed hard after a nutted. I nutted twice which was bad ass and wifey loved. I did experience a Light headache but it was light and for a short back pain.. will definitely buy again and get this fat cock hard. Dudes ya must try.. very much work it.

It has worked the longest and thr best by Tracy on 02/06/2018

We tried so many different pills this always works never disappointed

Hard stayed hard for 3 days no headache’s by Tracy on 02/06/2018

This was a amazing pill it helped 100 percent no headache lasted 3 days only side effect first night it made him sleepy

Excellent product!! by Delicatelnferno on 02/05/2018

I've tried a few on the market, and this one works GREAT!! It does increase sensitivity to the area applied, and I am able to achieve multiples. Very happy with this product!

Good! by vcbjkh on 02/05/2018

I got it as a sample! It was pretty decent! the side effects aren't bad, just stuffed nose, but no headache, which is a plus! I took a half pill and had an erection that lasted about 5 hours! I would definitely order this one.

This shit works by Sushi on 02/04/2018

Even if u don’t need these just try them cuz they definitely give u a huge boost and u Can go longer and ur harder and thicker and the girls love it

Good! by ryeuyur on 02/01/2018

Not the strongest pill. I took half and was ready in about an hour. Good erection, good control and most importantly... No side effects, specially headaches, i hardly find one that works that don't give me headache. It only worked for one day for me, but again... Half pill! Thank you!

Good enhancement pill by Andrew on 02/01/2018

I used to get 3 KO solo gold, they were out of stock with the solo gold so I got the solo blue and I kinda like it because the gold one was a bit strong for me this one is better.

5 Star by Courtney on 02/01/2018

I bought this for my husband just to try it worked perfectly. Now he is asking me to get him some more I should admit that I am happy with the result as well.

Perfect by Jeff on 02/01/2018

I highly recommend this product. It works perfectly. 5 Star I would have given more starts if I could.

Dident work by Benjamin on 01/27/2018

I bought these b4 they were awesome this time tey were junk definatly wont buy these again

This one is a winner by FirstTimeCaller on 01/25/2018

This one gave me a really nice lift. Took maybe a quarter of a pill on a relatively empty stomach. Within an hour or so, my penis was rock hard and ready to party. The after-affects were minimal, but I also pre-loaded with plenty of water and some nasal decongestant. Good stuff!

Great by Tom on 01/25/2018

Very good pill. No headache. Rock hard for 2 daya.

WE LIKE IT by Martin on 01/25/2018

One of the better pills for sure! Last about 5 days.

Good pills,last long time by Joseph Logan on 01/24/2018

Good pills,last long time

Pro Power Knight is Really functional, totally worth what i paid for it. by Justin Ren on 01/24/2018

thanks gearile

Blah! by utirutr on 01/23/2018

Very disappointing, no results from this one, no side effects, i had my own erection!

decent! by hkjdf on 01/23/2018

Not the greatest thing. It works ok, nice thickness with headaches for 2 days, but not very strong. It doesn't work for 5 days, maybe 2. I've had better ones, but this is ok!

BEST PILL AROUND BUT...... by RayJoseph on 01/23/2018

Took it 25 minutes prior to date arriving with 36 ounces of water. Soon as she kissed me i got extremely hard and thick. 2 hours of love making..... all good until the next day, I was in so much back/kidney pain and I seemed dehydrated. I was consuming about 48 ounces of water an hour, for 3 days and finally day 4...... no more pain....

Bueno by González on 01/21/2018

Lo mejor de lo mejor,la seguiré comprado

Bueno by González on 01/21/2018

Lo mejor de lo mejor,la seguiré comprado

Amazing by M on 01/21/2018

I wouldn’t use this everyday but it’s certainly my go to for a special night or wanting to impress someone new. THIS WILL GIVE YOU A TERRIBLE HEADACHE IF YOU DONT STAY HYDRATED. You should be consuming water during and after sex. I reccomend at least a gallon of water and some pedialyte. Definitely worth it for having sex for over 3 hours hard as you can possibly can.

Thick enough for me by Jason on 01/19/2018

Have not used it yet but I am pretty sure me and my partner will love playing with this baby.

Awesome product by Bobby on 01/19/2018

I love it 5 Stars will definitely order a full box of next time.

Cool by Richard on 01/19/2018

So far all the products I have used from this company (pipedream) are good and thank you Gear Isle for fast shipping and great customer service.

As expected by Lucky on 01/19/2018

works as expected

Thumbs up by AGOZZY on 01/19/2018

Let me tell you something, ever since the climate change on the northeast my sex drive has been in the basement. Cilas works, but then doesn’t. I’m being totally honest. This pill makes you ROCK Hard and feeling like a teenager. Walking around in the office a day later holding my pants. I’m on day 2 and I just had a 30 minute session after an hour 15 minute session 6 hours prior. There is a saying, it’s to good to be true, well this does not apply here! It’s legit! And for the pussies above complaining of side effects, seriously man up and take an Advil. You can’t have the best of both worlds. No headache here or sides yet.

Did not work by Chris on 01/18/2018

Ordered 10 and not one of them work.

Great product by Blkgambit on 01/16/2018

This is a great product. Can't wait for it to get back in stock

Very Good by Steve on 01/15/2018

I started by taking only about 1/4 because you never know what you are going to get. I had a little mental unclarity or maybe fogginess. But the effect of merely 1/4 was very good. If I had plans for action all weekend, then I'd take 1/2 or maybe a full pill for Fri, Sat, Sun action. I am reordering and hoping that the formula in my next shipment is the same. If it is consistent, then I would keep ordering this and nothing else.

Haedache by No blow on 01/14/2018

Gave me a headache for days not worth da risk

awesome by uninutt on 01/12/2018

This works better than staxyn, which was prescribed by my doctor.

Wasted time and money by Big Dud on 01/11/2018

I tried this and it’s the worst product I’ve ever purchased. Not even a tingle. Save your money.

Pretty Strong Pill, Works for just as long as I want.Give good stamina, you want to just do it over and over! by Marvin King on 01/11/2018

Pretty Strong Pill, Works for just as long as I want.Give good stamina, you want to just do it over and over!

Works Great for me and no headache,I used to take Rhino 7 P,Thank you for the free samples. by Scott on 01/11/2018

Works Great for me and no headache,I used to take Rhino 7 P,Thank you for the free samples.

Five Star sexy in leopard print by Catherine on 01/11/2018

I'm 5' 4 1/2" tall. 36b. 33" waist. 43" hip. 145-150 pounds. Bought this in the size Large Fits well also my friend is 38C asd wear size 6-7 panty. very sexy - we bought two and both sizes are perfectly fit

Love the Way it Fits by Jenifer Wilson on 01/11/2018

No complaints. Fits well and looks pretty. I purchased one last month and loved it so much that I immediately came back and bought one more. I Love the lace design and how they feel.

Ordered Two more just now by Rebecca J on 01/11/2018

What a deal! This Racy long sleeve one shoulder is great. Super comfortable and my boyfriend said they look lovely on me. Get them if you hate thick paddings like me, they keep me cool after a whole day's work.Highly recommended!

4 Star by Amanda on 01/10/2018

It is the best clitoral enhancement gel I have used will diffidently reorder it. It would be nice if they drop the price a bit,

Not sure by Robert on 01/10/2018

Hey, I have not received it yet but I will love to fuck him as he fucked the politics. 5 star is for the idea.

4 Star by David on 01/10/2018

As it says "Increased Sensations for Your Partner" it is true. I am giving it 4 stars only because I may or may not order it again because I like trying different stuff. I love the quick and discreet shipping.

Woks good by Micheal on 01/10/2018

Hey guys, you gotta try this beast. It'll give ya and ur partner extra pleasure. Feeling hard rock.

No Complains by Rob on 01/10/2018

She loves it

Inconsistent by Grand on 01/10/2018

The first time I tried this it seemed to work. I was a little light headed but nothing unusual. The next time I tried it it had virtually no effect. But worse is that mentally I was way off. And that was only with half of a dose! I felt like the pill was laced with rat poison because I was borderline delirious.

Work but ... by Mike Ross on 01/09/2018

It work for me but not last more then 2 days

5 Stare by Larry on 01/09/2018

Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! I have used several different Rhinos, this one is the best so far. I recommend this to all who want a strong product.

4 Star by Dave on 01/09/2018

Works as expected, fast shipping I would love to see this pill in capsule

all Star by Fred on 01/09/2018

Perfect product and great customer service.

Five Star by Jeff on 01/09/2018

Works always.

Amazing by Al on 01/09/2018

Amazing results, works as expected and worth the price.

Awfull feeling! by Cindy on 01/07/2018

Very scary, not recomended , feeling out of my , nauseas not not not not buy it

R by R on 01/06/2018


I love this by Lunastar on 01/06/2018

I was not sure that much when I bought this, but I loved this. It's incredibly sexy and the corset back lets you custom size it to some extent. Unfortunately, the dye from another piece or lingerie bled onto it sitting in my drawer, effectively ruining it because I couldn't get the stains out. So maybe store this separately for protection. Better quality than I expected though!

Highly Recommanded by AA on 01/06/2018

Such good quality lube. Not sticky or messy at all. Highly recommend.

Product and Size are great by Smith J. on 01/06/2018

Product and size are great. However, I didn't receive strawberry as is advertised. Instead, I received the raspberry. I like the raspberry but was hoping to try the strawberry as I ordered.

This works Great by Gil on 01/06/2018

For a safe solution, that doesn't require any pain. I used it for 3 months and then stopped. My gains were permanent.

Good sex horrible after by L on 01/05/2018

Went all night and morning was awesome have had worst headache and muscle ache of my life for past three days after

Works but .... ,No headach by Mason on 01/05/2018

It works but not more than 1 day or 2, The good thing about this product is no headache.

WORKS by Chris on 01/05/2018

It works and consistently for about 5 days brings the wood but the quality of wood is another thing not as firm as some other supplements I've tried but overall good stuff

No Headach, Good price by CESAR on 01/05/2018

It works for me but only for 2 days no more, but worth for this price, No headache at all

I have bought this product a couple of times from you guys, but last week I googled a better deal at a cheaper price from ebay bought it, the package looked the same, but it did not work at all. I know now you guys have the genuine supp, will buy again an by Super man on 01/05/2018

I have bought this product a couple of times from you guys, but last week I googled a better deal at a cheaper price from ebay bought it, the package looked the same, but it did not work at all. I know now you guys have the genuine supp, will buy again and again. Thanks!

I am always Satisfied with your Products, no matter which ones I tried. yes, some made me light headed, but this was just for what it is made for. I recommend it. by Wow on 01/05/2018

I am always Satisfied with your Products, no matter which ones I tried. yes, some made me light headed, but this was just for what it is made for. I recommend it.

I’ve been using MV 7 Days P for a year and I love it. My girl doesn’t know I take it by Ron on 01/05/2018

she thinks i am the super man.

Good by James on 01/05/2018

I do not have to use my hand no more :) It will be great if the make the size a bit larger

Feels so real by Sara on 01/05/2018

This dildo is among the best sex toys I have had. It feels and looks so real

*** 5 Star *** by Jim on 01/05/2018

I love this product, works perfectly for me no headache no back pain. It disappeared for a while I am glad it is back in the market. Will diffidently buy quantity before they disappear again.

Works by SCOTT on 01/05/2018

Work for me no headach

Good price good amount by G@ine Ken on 01/03/2018

I was using another product that the price was too high, amount to small, looking at alternatives as good as this product and I found this product with the good quality, enough amount and reasonable price. I like this

Tasty and delicious by T2456** on 01/03/2018

I have tested this at a store and it was so delicious I had hearts in my eyes! I like the taste of my partner as is but this stuff makes me want to please my man all day long. I was trying to buy at the store but was out of stock so thankfully I found it here! Just a dab will do so this bottle will last a while. I am pretty sure you need some of this (if you like tangerines of course)

I Like this by LoveJoy on 01/03/2018

It was my first time for this product but a good experience. No Headache but you need to drink a lot of water for it

No Headach by AARON on 01/03/2018

Very good and fast actin, No headache at all

Recommended, Fast sshipping by JIM on 01/03/2018

Excellent product. Rock hard dick whenever you need for 3 days

Love it by 5 Stare on 01/03/2018

I love this product

King Gorilla 12000 by George on 01/03/2018

It works good for me I used King Wolf too they both work exactly the same for me I think it is the same pill with different cover.

King Wolf works good by George on 01/03/2018

King Wolf 12000 works good but it is a little pricey

Feeling hard by Carl on 01/03/2018

I used it for a boost for one night stands and it was good I will reorder some for some out-of-town visits too.

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my personal fav by kendra83 on 01/03/2018

My boyfriend normally gets this from the adult store close to his job. Those retards charge a lot for it and I believe they increased the price because we bought this from them on a regular basis. good old internet aint lettin that happen no more!!!

First time user by Johnson on 01/01/2018

I've tried Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. This product worked similar to the three prescription meds. My hard on felt really solid. I'm on day two and am not experiencing what other's are claiming this product to last multiple days.

Good product by Mike on 01/01/2018

It work excellent

Ok by Mike on 01/01/2018

This product is always work for me can’t stop to use it

Works by Jan on 12/30/2017

Worked for me no headache good price

Satisfied by Rick on 12/30/2017

This was the first time I was using this pill, the result was not bad and quick shipping.

No headach by Mason on 12/30/2017

Have tried others but nothing works like this, May last two days or three

Just like described by Hilario on 12/30/2017

Really work for me definitely purchase again

Hard rock erection by Mike on 12/30/2017

Really works, Just perfect no headache, if you don't wanna get headache you need to be well hydrated .

Recomended, Most likely purchase again. by Juana on 12/30/2017

We enjoyed, will purchase again.

5***** by Bale on 12/29/2017

Just perfect

Great product by Redhead lover on 12/29/2017

I had been having some trouble in the bedroom. I took a chance on these at a sex shop. Wow what a difference! I felt like a 20 year old kid again! My wife was satisfied many times. No headaches and lasted for 5 days. Would definitely buy again.

It works! by AsanteEl7 on 12/29/2017

It got the job done and I got the job done!

Great product by Diedra on 12/29/2017

Does what it say it does

It works by Fm on 12/26/2017

This stuff is the real deal took it for the first time not knowing what to expect boy let me tell you you can rock some bones world I’m going in about five days with my member still being Rock hard

Good Stuff by Snake on 12/26/2017

Works well! Better than most products out there and no headache. Use lots of water and eat well too and get good rest.

I’m usually hard but this made my 10incher much better by Peg leg on 12/24/2017


I like it by Jeff on 12/22/2017

I am feeling like a lion. :) true to the name

I love this Pill by Rodney on 12/22/2017

this has change my sex life

This pill really works! by John on 12/21/2017

I will go for this product again and again. longer and harder erections with this one.

Wow!!! by Jack on 12/21/2017

I have much better ejaculation control since I am taking this pill. worth trying.

Lou by Lou on 12/21/2017

I am 59 years old Dragon 69 is so good that I feel I am 20 years old again.

Great male enhancer by Mario Jackson on 12/21/2017

I used this product and I am very happy with the result. No headache for me.

Best product i have ever tried by Valentine on 12/20/2017

Thank you for fast shipping and good price, It really work for me

Great Product by Christian on 12/20/2017

This 3 KO is awesome. I recommend this to all who need male enhancement.

Good Product by Mario on 12/20/2017

Works for me, I will stick to this one for now.

pliz her to the end of it by wader22 on 12/18/2017

fits fine, made of good material

Girls love when I take this pill!!! by Joseph on 12/18/2017

This is the best pill I have ever found. It last's for 4 to 5 days. Causes it to get harder, bigger and last longer. I have had several girls to tell me that they love how hard it makes it and how it makes you last so much longer. I did get a small headache the first time or two I used this pill but never did get another headache after that.

Great product by Champ on 12/16/2017

Great product

super pill by jz on 12/15/2017

this product is amazing. i used to use the older version of this product but this is even better. thumbs up

cant complain by karlmcg on 12/15/2017

it gave me some weird feeling but i cant complain since i got great results in bed with it

DRUGS by FUCKTHISPILL on 12/13/2017


Unsatisfied by Prtzl on 12/10/2017

Overall this isn't a product as advertised.. Poor results all the way around.

Unsatisfied by Prtzl on 12/10/2017

Didn't work for me.. bad sinus bout with an effectiveness of maybe one day -EXTRA sensitive... not good.

Love these pills by Philco on 12/10/2017

I've use Viagra these pills are hands down better.

It works by Bam on 12/04/2017

These work really well and much cheaper than buying from any sex shop who is charging $14 bucks each pill. Highway robbery if you ask me. Thanks gear isle for offering these at a reasonable price. I'm 51 and even though mine still works normally, it gets way harder like when I was young and it is very fulfilling for me and her.

Love this product by Stork on 12/04/2017

This is a great product I've tried a lot of others none of them work as well as this one I would recommend it for anybody to try good works good for me hope you like it too

Not worth the pain! by cvbvfgvg on 11/22/2017

First the good: I had a very hard erection within an hour, very , very thick, to the point where it was hurting my girl. I must confess that made me feel good. And i could fuck for hours and not cum! The bad about it: I had flu like symptoms, my whole body hurts for 3 days now, and i had the chills. Also, today is day 3 and my headache is finally gone. And that only works for only 24 hours. I'm a very healthy man, but i felt like crap for 3 days. It works, but i don't think it's worth to go through all the pain i had! Your call!

Excellent. Happy it is cheaper online by Terry on 11/20/2017

Bought in Atlanta from Herb Shop. I have used a lot of products. Seriously works. Actually 4-5 Days able to have I yet purse. My girlfriend says she needs a rest.

Get It before the F.. does by CY on 11/20/2017

First....IM A REAL PERSON!!!This is a real damn customer.Man!!!This shit worked like a champ.This is the only thing I've given a 5 on here.I ordered some shit on here before that had my whole in pain for three days.I will admit I took some personal proven steps before taking this.I drunk 2 1/2 bottles of water.....yep that shit counts.Second thing I did was I took a Tylenol 3 an hour after I took this pill.Three hours later I got in for hours.Max Load!!!Sleep for three hours then went at it again for an hour with another max load.Another thing I did was make sure I didn't have sex or jag off for five days.Every step I took is a proven method.So when I say other pills didn't do it regardless of what I did let's you know this one is on point.Im ordering ten more pills just in case the F.. finds these and take them off the site,lol.GET THIS SHIT WHILE IT LAST!!!!ITS WORTH IT!!!ITS FUCKEN WORTH IT✔️

Don’t BUY it by SAM on 11/19/2017

Past four days having bad headache omg

Ok by Little johnny on 11/14/2017

It works but not as good as some of the others

Works well by Emilie on 11/14/2017

It works better on 2nd day but all in all cant complain.

Good product by Andy on 11/11/2017

Helps fulfill all requirements, great and a satisfied customer

5* by on 11/07/2017

Long lasting, intense, great quality. Reorder time and time again.

This stuff is as advertised. The real deal, you won't be disappointed. by Mradventure on 10/28/2017

This stuff really works.

bit gay by dragonlovrz on 10/20/2017

it came in my ass, does that make me gay now? also isnt that how babys happen?

small and helpful by camila on 10/16/2017

it's a tiny package compared to what i normally get but works just fine

Pure Happyness by Big John on 10/15/2017

My wife and I have used this product for several years. It is silky smooth fell lets you lay back and enjoy a BJ like no other product.

Good Stuff by Arklatexcd on 10/08/2017

I've tried Viagra and other products. This is good stuff and last for a whole week. Love it

something i prefer to metal cuffs by Krystal on 09/27/2017

metal cuffs are too hard and can cause a bit of harm when pushed too hard. these are soft and do the job

minimalism for cowgirls by Cowgirl on 09/27/2017

i love it because when i put this on the first time for my boyfriend he told me that i look like a cowgirl but with a minimalist touch 000 good material and fits just fine

great pump buddies by pumper on 09/23/2017

i pump and put these on so that i get girls stare at my junk

wardrobe item by cory on 09/23/2017

you can literally wear this all the tiem and ppl been giving me complements

use them often by cory on 09/23/2017

my boyfriend and i use these often and we put them on on video streaming sometimes.... turn.... people onnnnn

environmentally friendly by SandraJ on 09/23/2017

i buy this because it's environmentally friendly and has no harmful chemicals. i wish it was a bit cheaper but i guess you get what you pay for

cleans good by Armando on 09/23/2017

good cleaner and i am happy with the product

fits just fine by samantha on 09/19/2017

made of good material and comfy if you know how to use it

a bit over priced by jack2 on 09/19/2017

i wish this was a bit cheaper. i have one and i may need to get a new one soon

strongest otc male enhancement pill by Hercules on 09/13/2017

I've been taking zeus on and off for years and it's the REAL deal. It's gotta be laced with viagra or cialis because it has the same side effects. Gets me rock hard and I cum huge loads from it.

get it for her by happy man on 09/12/2017

if your girl gives you BS for not going down. get this and SHE MUST give it TO YOU!

kinda happy by Rob on 09/12/2017

it smells good and I use it as a booster for moral. I don't really know if these stuff works or not, but if they do, i rather use it than not. I feel like, if I don't believe in this or if this doesn't has any effect on me, maybe it would on others and i rather be on the winners side

Yooooooooooo black 5k uhhh foooool by Big dick bandit on 09/12/2017

Yoooooooo this shit is tight! Best I ever heard from what my girl been telling me as well. Came 3 times, still hard. Waited an hr, still hard. Rd 2, still hard. I'm the best. Still hard. My stroke game, touchdown. Your stroke game without the pill, broken. Guess what, still hard.

bigger size for the buck by guywithglass on 09/11/2017

this spray is bigger than other delay stuff i have got so this is way worth your money

I love it. And my husband really likes it. by Cory on 09/10/2017

It's a great pill for women. I really enjoy it.

I like it by Starlight on 09/08/2017

Made me really wet and my p*ssy was throbbing and wet for 2 days. I would recommend it.

bad ass rings by clapton on 09/08/2017

just get yourself some. will ya!

fun game by fritoz on 09/08/2017

I like IT

Works awesome! Way better than Viagra! by Dailys7 on 09/08/2017

Wish they were cheaper though.

Bad Product by John on 09/07/2017

Do NOT purchase these. They did not work at all. Luckily the company took the unused portion back.

Excellent product. Rock hard dick for 1hrs of straight sex. Girl had multiple oragnsim & thanked for great sex. by Shane on 09/07/2017

Excellent product. Rock hard dick for 1hrs of straight sex. Girl had multiple oragnsim & thanked for great sex.

great travel size toy cleaner by hew_d on 09/06/2017

i looks like a sharpie in size. passes airport security with no issues and does the job. can't ask for more.

good ben wa balls by hew_d on 09/06/2017

easy to clean and has a good weight

worked better than expected by tileguy on 09/06/2017

worked well enough I am ordering more right now

Best pill in the world by Water045 on 09/05/2017

My wife us supper please. She has a 9 1/2 dick that stays hard when she won't s it. I love this pill much pro knight's

Not worth it by Yea Right on 09/05/2017

It lasted about 10 minutes only fact on it is the ejaculation was extremely large that's it!

Was super horny by Belle on 09/03/2017

Didn't feel it at first but then I got horny af

Gave me a good boner, but also a backache by JTT on 09/02/2017

Can't confirm the back pain came from this, but 3 days after taking this had major back pain. Didn't a good job for an erection though

Not recommended by Tony on 09/01/2017

After an hour after taking the pill, i felt light headed and broke out in a sweat. Continued light headed for some time.still fealing the effects 3 hours later.

It works for me by Sunny on 08/31/2017

One pill is good for a night or two. Didnt stop premature ejaculation, but noheadache which is a huge plus.

Fair by Mack on 08/31/2017

Not nearly as good or as reliable each time as the first product. Won't reorder.

All good by Tony on 08/31/2017

All good

recommended by striped on 08/31/2017

adjustable and good material

good quality by brit on 08/31/2017

got this for my girl and she loved it

Impressive by PdxGuy on 08/30/2017

I've found that this is the best thing since monster X went extinct. I have no idea why some work and some don't but if that product worked great for you, chances are you'll be real happy with this. And at 4 bucks or so per pill? Schwing! Shipping time and cost very reasonable and I'm recording again! Thanks GearIsle

One of the best out there by Al on 08/30/2017

At nearly 65 years young, I can assure you this product gets me up for at least 2 or 3 days.

There awesome by Michael dane on 08/30/2017

Love it

go to product by luis on 08/30/2017

washes pretty fast and easy last a good time

Awesome product by Emilie on 08/30/2017

Best product out there!

good for those who need a bit extra help by mcfarl_e on 08/28/2017

i used one of these products and it was too strong. I am sensitive already but i was looking for something that could add a bit extra sensation to help me get there. i found jo buzzy stimulant something of an OK product. it is weaker than the other one that i had to wash because it was too strong. i guess, i'll stick to this until i find something that is my match

better than the single pack by Erotca on 08/28/2017

get this one if you know and like the product, the single pack is more expensive. i tried several products and have been using this very often- def something that pays off

useful for both by muscle2 on 08/27/2017

makes going down tasty and also helps her cum faster. just be careful that it does not enter her vagina.

for sex or not by row33 on 08/27/2017

i use this product because it's kinda like tiger balm but with the enhanced chances of helping me with sex.

bad by my dick fell off. on 08/27/2017

as you can tell by the name, my dick fell off after using your fucking product. i sprayed my dick with it 4 times in preperstion for my honeymoon. right as i was about to have the most magical, memorable moment and the first of me and my newlywed wifes sex life (you guessed it!) my FUCKING PENIS FELL OFF. she rushed me to the emergency room seeing as i was in too much shock to speak or move, as one would feel after their manhood was plucked like an apple from a tree. the doctor told us the news that my penis was not reattachable, my wife was devastated. after months of fighting over this awful ordeal, it was revealed to me that my wife was PREGNANT.

Good by Scottyp on 08/26/2017

Works for me

Great by Jay on 08/24/2017

It works!

The best by Jeremy james on 08/24/2017

Best product I've ever used!

Great product by RWP on 08/24/2017

I'm 60 and I have to say It makes me hard as a rock and can last forever. Great product.

The Best by Van on 08/23/2017

This has been the best product that has worked for me. I give a Big Thumbs Up! Thanks Guys.

Good stuff. by Willie on 08/23/2017

Helps ease the situation great.good buy.

Good stuff. by Willie on 08/23/2017

Makes for a long hard night.

Awesome by Willie on 08/23/2017

Works great,gets the mood to the top.

Amazing little pill! by Mncpl2 on 08/21/2017

Never go on vacation or when your planning a fun night at home with out this pill it's amazing.

Something didn't expect by Magic jim on 08/21/2017

Does exactly what it's SURPOSE to,Plus relieves my p0state issues. I'm 73

Turned me into a vampire with a wooden stake in my pants. by B on 08/20/2017

I would not recommend taking this pill under any circumstances. While it did give me quite a beautiful erection ..the days that followed after were pure hell. I had a migraine headache for 3 days and nothing helped. The worst heartburn I've ever had, and I have acid reflux so that should tell you something. I also had a severe case of nausea and vomiting. Have also maintained a steady erection for the last 3 days while feeling miserable. No one wants a hard-on or puking their guts out. Do not buy!

Awesome Male Performance Pill by Wolf on 08/18/2017

These pills work. I can make my girl climax for hours. She loves it and will do anything for me now. Anything. She begs for more and I can provide it now. As often and as many times as she wants. I definitely see a size increase. And performance last as long as you want. It stays in my system for at least 24 hrs. So I am on ready anytime my girl wants it. Highly recommend this product. I keep several on hand for when the time is right. Which is everyday now. Multiple times a day.

Not so Much.... by Dan on 08/17/2017

I left a review here in Jan 2017, raving about this product. Since then, my most recent orders do not carry the same effect, unfortunately. Thought it was me first time, but other products worked great, just not this one so much. I ordered far less than usual to test them out- hoping I rec'd some duds last two orders. We'll see.....

Only a slight headache by John on 08/15/2017

This was effective. You can feel the effects by having a little more punch than a normal woody. Not the best but it does its job.

Good - by Prtzl on 08/14/2017

Hard.. sensitive area -- easy ejaculation without lotion.. very sensitive.

OK by Prtzl on 08/14/2017

OK product - Not good or great. Avg.

Above Avg by richard on 08/14/2017

B+.. Mild headache..

OK by Prtzl on 08/14/2017

Very average product..

good product by Prtzl on 08/14/2017

Good -- not great.. felt congested.. flushing..

Waste of money by wolf on 08/13/2017

All one's I have tried this one is waste of time and money!!

Pill is very good and effective by Ski on 08/11/2017

Pill is very good and effective. Used for years and one of the best.

long time customer by suza2 on 08/11/2017

i dont use it a lot but i like to have this always in my room, i feel like if I keep using it i may get used to it so I only use it once in a while and i like the results

IT SUCKS! by vcbvcb on 08/10/2017

I had an ok erection after one hour, i honestly think it was more about me because i couldn't go for 2 rounds. At the age of 47 i need to wait at least one hour before i'm ready for the second round, so it didn't work after 30 min. It's been 2 days since i had sex and i'm having a non-stop headache, not a bad one, but is not going away. And of course i'm not even thinking about sex. I will not order this one again!

manfuel by Richard on 08/10/2017

Product works well will buy again

good size awesome stimulation by Julie on 08/10/2017

fact number one that i love about this toy is that it's glass and i don't need anything special to clean it up, water is just fine and does the job. fact number two, it's perfect size for me. i am average and i tried other toys with ridges but they tend to be too big or not stimulating enough. this one is just the right size for me. the grip and everything about this toy is amazing. you can tell i am in love with it already ;)

yummy and more by Loretta on 08/10/2017

tastes good and makes it easier to please my man

The best lub by Linda on 08/09/2017

I have used this for 5 years it's the best I have ever used. The answer for every woman that has problems with dryness during sex.

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