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Just got my 3rd shipment ordering my 4th now! by Kenya-Alexis on 06/24/2020

They work fast and keep you in the mood for intense loving

Night of fun by ALLIE on 06/23/2020

I love this. If you want a night of fun pop one of these ladies

Excellent product WORKS GREAT FOR HUBBY!!!! by JJ on 06/23/2020

Works GREAT surprising him with a few more lol

Excellent product WORKS GREAT FOR HUBBY!!!! by JJ on 06/23/2020

Works GREAT surprising him with a few more lol

Excellent product WORKS GREAT FOR HUBBY!!!! by JJ on 06/23/2020

Works great for my husband surprising him with a few more lol

Great Product Overall! by Kat on 06/22/2020

Fantastic product and great pricing, free shipping, & quick delivery from Gear Isle! A WIN, WIN, WIN all around!

Works perfectly by Shelly on 06/22/2020

I bought this brand a while back for the first time, and now it's the only one I use.

Lovin It!! by Jenna on 06/22/2020

My guy and I had tried a few other enhancement supplements with no even made things worse..we asked around about what the best one was and someone told us about Scorpion..we got it, we tried it, we love it!!

Very Good. by Philip on 06/22/2020

This Product works very well. Will buy again.

Great product by Maurice on 06/22/2020

Best pill I've taken

Like a teenager again by Thor on 06/20/2020

I have used these on several occasions. I have tried many different kinds. The Red Lips pills are absolutely the best and last for several days. They make it last long, finish like never before and you can go again immediately if she wants to.

Kangaroo 2K Is The REAL DEAL by Rickey H on 06/20/2020

Even With Diabetes And High Blood Pressure The Kangaroo 2K Turned Me Into A Porn Star ! My Girlfriend Made Me Stop After About 63 Minutes Of Sex !

Kangaroo 2K Is The REAL DEAL by Rickey H on 06/20/2020

Even With Diabetes And High Blood Pressure The Kangaroo 2K Turned Me Into A Porn Star ! My Girlfriend Made Me Stop After About 63 Minutes Of Sex !

Kangaroo 2K Is The REAL DEAL by Rickey H on 06/20/2020

Even With Diabetes And High Blood Pressure The Kangaroo 2K Turned Me Into A Porn Star ! My Girlfriend Made Me Stop After About 63 Minutes Of Sex !

This product is really amazing by CPS-44213 - LUIS on 06/20/2020

I didn’t get a headache stayed hard for days ready at the drop of a dime man this really worked for me I’m ordering more today!!!

Perfect by Skins on 06/20/2020

Fast , reliable, affordable

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The Jewels add a sparkle by Sarah on 06/19/2020

Women love Diamonds, and this particular product is filled with mini jewels at the head which attracted me to it in the first place. I got two of the Cloud 9 Mini flexible wands, and couldn’t have been happier about the results. Both I and my partner are thoroughly enjoying the orgasmic state of bliss this wand takes us. The jewels studded in it only make it all the more regal and grand. Both of us enjoy the process, pleasuring ourselves and each other. Trust me, and go for this product if you want to make your intimate time worthwhile.

A new level of excitement by Regina on 06/19/2020

I was at this point in my life where even the kind of sex I was having on a regular basis depended on me being tired or not. Well, thankfully, not anymore. My boyfriend introduced me to the horny honey stimulating cream, and this is the best thing ever. It not only gets rid of my tiredness but also makes the blood flow through my veins, and takes me to the orgasmic state. It has almost become foreplay for both of us as we massage each other before intercourse. I would highly recommend this product.

My new partner by Clara Gough on 06/19/2020

This has to be the perfect buy I have made in a long time. Believe it or not, be it for self-pleasure or foreplay, the Devine Vibes clit licker is the best product you could ever have for yourself. It not only helps enhance your feel to orgasm but also energizes you for sex, and I have felt its effects on me. It is easy to clean and store, making it all the more feasible to carry. I have suggested this product to all my friends, and they all love it.

i won't be ordering anymore by Asante on 06/18/2020

At first it worked but now im not feeling it.

50/50 by Asante on 06/18/2020

Only the platinum 10000's red and green worked,the 3500 not for me

Same as at local store by Amelia on 06/14/2020

My husband really likes these. He hasn’t had any unfavorable side effects like some guys have reported. I like that they’re so much less expensive locally. I also couldn’t believe how quickly the order arrived.

GREAT BUY by John on 06/13/2020

My girlfriend has a hard time finishing, but boy did this pill work! Just around an hour and a half later she couldn’t get enough of me! I didn’t drug her it was her choice to take it but I recommend all girls taking this! We went three rounds and she said it was the best sex she had ever had. It definitely made her pussy purrrrrrr! I stopped counting the orgasms at around 20 or 30. Love this pill!

Incredible stuff by Ron T on 06/13/2020

I take one pill an hour out and after 40 minutes or so I get hard as a post and totally maxed out in size. The best part is that with this product I shoot Peter North sized loads. Incredible 6-8 thick ropes. If you don’t know who Peter North is, look him up. He’s probably the greatest porn stud ever and is known for his legendary cumshot loads. Stiff Rox literally lasts for 3 days so don’t take more than one pill like the box says. You’re going to love this stuff.

I keep on coming....back to these pills!! by Nepoleon on 06/12/2020

Best male penis enhancer I've tried and I've tried a lot of different ones. My wife can't get enough of me!!

Amazing product and price by Yesindeed on 06/12/2020

Excellent product and best price around. It really works!!

Disappointed by King1990 on 06/11/2020

I don't know if it actually works because,I didn't know that you were suppose to drink water with them and on an empty stomach. I've never taken a supplement before,and the package only said to take an hour before the action started.

Good pill by Samuel on 06/11/2020

Love it.

Great by Blkgambit on 06/10/2020

My customers love this pill. They say it's the best

Great pill by Blkgambit on 06/10/2020

Pill worked great for me

Beware by Kj on 06/10/2020

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this experience but I took a wicked pill on Saturday and Sunday night my cycle artificially started 2.5 weeks early. This is the third time I've had this happen with the wicked pill for her. (I bought 6pk) First time I thought it was a fluke. Now I know it's not a good fit for me. Getting a period within a couple of days of taking the period isn't healthy.

Didn’t work for me. by MK on 06/10/2020

Tried it four times and it did nothing for me. Bummed as the reviews seemed like people had success.

OMG, I’m 17 again plus an inch and a half ???? by Batman on 06/09/2020

She now brings them to me... bigger, badder and we can screw for 2 to 3 hours, so bring your LUBE. It’s hard to cum but she loves the added size and girth. It is effective for 3 or 4 days with morning wood and you might rock a random hardon but at 56 I just sport it proudly. We usually finish by her squirting all over me then We stroke it and I notice my cum load is 2 to 3 times more than ever and it shoots out like like a squirt gun full of cum. It’s AWESOME.

Maybe I Need to Give it Another Shot? by FirstTimeCaller on 06/09/2020

Not much of a lift at all, really I'm open to trying again for the price just in case, though.

Good product by Tj on 06/08/2020

it got the job done

Already planning round two! by C.C. on 06/08/2020

Ok so let me start off by saying holy s*it... so I went to a local sex shop looking for a pill called kitty kat for not other reason than my girl saw it online and was dying to try because of an excellent Twitter Thread reviewing the pill. Unfortunately the shop didn’t have it but the incredible store worker pointed out kangaroo and woahhh am I glad she did, when I got to my girls place she took 1/2 the pill almost right away and downed a bottle of water after that we waited 20 or so minutes for the pill to start kicking in. 20 minutes passed and she was saying it didn’t feel like the pill was working but we kept on waiting and about 10 minutes after that it was game time! When I tell you my girl was dripping... ugh I could not help it, I dove straight in and to say she was sensitive to my touch is an understatement I made her cum well over 30 times in less than 24 hours and left her sore and satisfied... her recovery time was phenomenal she said her orgasms were a little less intense than usual but in between she still had really intense ones that left and in need of a little break, overall she said everything felt 100% better to just make sure you keep hydrated throughout the time you’re enjoying yourself because you will be wet constantly even the following day... and although she didn’t feel it I will say that from the giving end she was very very tight after taking this pill my fingers are still sore and I can’t imagine how those dildos feel lol 10/10 will use this again can’t wait to use the second half of the pill ????

Works for me, great product. by Marty on 06/07/2020

Tried others, keep going back to 5 day. Little side effects and works.

Works well without headaches. by J on 06/04/2020

Good price and quality.

Great results bad headaches by Eric on 06/04/2020

These were my go to for a while but the headaches were terrible. There a lot more options that don’t have headaches that work just as well.

No Headaches by Eric on 06/04/2020

Worked very well for a few days with almost no headaches!

Simply the Best by Supplement King on 06/01/2020

Don't waste your time trying other pills. Rising Phoenix is hands down, D fully up the best. Last longer, more intense, quicker recovery, and lasts days. As advertised!

It worked by AsanteEl on 06/01/2020

i might order again

Great product by AsanteEl on 06/01/2020

it gets the job done

very nice product by Vic on 06/01/2020

I can't preform without them.

best buy by RICHARD on 05/28/2020

i will order again

the best by RICHARD on 05/28/2020

the only product that works for me

Amazing product by Yesindeed on 05/28/2020

I highly recommend!!!

Outside the box! by Richard Parker on 05/28/2020

Who doesn’t like a sexual partner who will give all the pleasure in the world? I found mine in the form of Jessica Love Doll. This is my first ever love doll, and I fell in love with it at first glance. When I had looked into the features, and I saw they had promised three-love holes for pleasure, I didn’t trust the claims. When I received this discreet package, however, I was pretty pleased. All you have to do to bring Jessica alive is inflate her, and she will satisfy you and how! If you are single and looking for pleasure, just do not think much and go for it!

The perfect vibrator ever to be made by Ellen Marshall on 05/28/2020

No girl can ever be satisfied with the vibrator they use because there is always something or the other wrong with it. However, I am one confident woman when it comes to my vibrator, and I would like to give all credit to this particular product. As a petite woman like me, finding the perfect fit was rather difficult, and this rechargeable variant is just what I wanted. Cleaning and carrying it is easy, and the five-inch insertable length does wonders. To all of you out there, trust me and go for it. You would not be dissatisfied.

Freshness in one spray! by Abby Jones on 05/28/2020

I have forever been fascinated with fresh breath and had mouth fresheners in my bag AT ALL TIMES. No kidding! The only hiccup I always ended up facing is not having a flavor that both I and my partner would agree on. That was till the time I came across the Good head Wet Head in apple flavor. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this product was no different. Instant freshness and long-lasting flavor in one spray - could it be any more special? Nothing could have been better than this, at least to us. More than anything else, it has also helped by being one of the best products that initiate foreplay.

BULLSHIT ASS PILL by TENDER CAT ???? on 05/28/2020

It didn’t do shit to me still felt normal as ever ! .

She was so sore she couldnt sit the next day by Hammer diwn on 05/28/2020


Help keep going back and forth by Slow poke on 05/27/2020

Back and forth to 17 bottles to 14 bottles to 7 bottles to 3 so on and so on

Fix my order by Slow poke on 05/27/2020

I just need 1 bottle of these pills

AWESOME Product, AWESOME Price, AWESOME Shipping & Delivery!!! by Kat's Meow on 05/27/2020

Alpha Man Extreme 3000 works great for us EVERY TIME with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS & nothing but LONG, HARD, SUPER SEXY fun!!! Thank you, Gear Isle for the GREAT PRICING, FREE SHIPPING, & QUICK DELIVERY time!!! We couldn't be happier ;-)!

EH .. I GUESSS IT WORKED by Shell on 05/27/2020

I’m only 19 & I do have sexual intercourse at first I was kind of scared to take the pill but actually I didn’t feel a difference maybe I was tad bit wetter then I usually was but idk didn’t see a difference me & my boyfriend started kissing & etc but It wasn’t like “ omg I gotta have this dick right now “ Yano ? I guess everybody is different but idk I’ll try it again to see different results I guess . I even waited a hour

I cum 5 times in 2days by Juice Man on 05/25/2020

This pill is for big dick guys like myself and worked well

I cum 5 times in 2days by Juice Man on 05/25/2020

This pill is for big dick guys like myself and worked well

Great pill out there by Toy on 05/25/2020

Works great wife loves it

Weak by John on 05/25/2020

Order these but was disappointed. Didn’t help much. I’ve had better ones.

Loved it by Angelique on 05/24/2020

My husband was an animal with this pill. He was harder and lasted longer than he had in quite sometime. Definitely ordering more to stock up!

Not what I was hoping for. by Angel on 05/24/2020

I’ve used kangaroo in the past and have had mixed results so when I saw a limited edition, boot option I was extremely excited. Unfortunately, I received just a basic kangaroo pill, so the hope of extra sensations and more intense orgasm was just a pipe dream. I was disappointed to say the least.

Didn’t work for me by Angelique on 05/24/2020

I’ve been using these kinds of supplements for a couple years and have had pretty decent results. This one, however, did nothing for me.

My go to pills by Stonerboner on 05/23/2020

Works great. I find it works better putting the contents in a bottle of water, shaking it up and drinking it all down. All on an empty stomach.

GREAT ENHANCER !!! No side effect by pablo on 05/23/2020

Really like it for that special moment moment ,

Eh by Me on 05/23/2020

It made me throw up and gave me a headache that’s was all... not worth it

Works well by Fun time on 05/22/2020

Keeps thing work great

Like these pills by Crawdad1 on 05/22/2020

Been using these for awhile they work great!

Great product by Alswingin on 05/21/2020

No headache feels l rock hard when you want

It did not work by Melcolly21 on 05/21/2020

After taking one no results 2hrs later taking the other still no results they are over rated and over priced

Try AT YOUR OWN RISK! by Michell on 05/21/2020

Good product, it just made my stomach sour which resulted in me throwing up. If you have a sensitive stomach I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Hard Worker! by Ghost on 05/19/2020

Literally keeps you ready at all times for about a week worth of time. Stay hydrated!!

Did nothing by Schan on 05/19/2020

I waited I took this pill drunk 12oz of water I’m still waiting as I write this review I know everything don’t work with everyone but dam I was exited to c wat is going to do

Would strongly recommend by DomMissy0906 on 05/17/2020

Have never tried any sexual female enhancements but i would have to say that this IS THE BEST ONE I'VE COME BY AND TAKEN!!! DOES THE WORKS AND YOU WOULD BE COMPLETELY EROUSED FOR HOURS

Gold Rhino 100K Male Enhancement Pill Special Edition by casino on 05/16/2020

Work well, definitely increase circumference.

Great products by Tammy and robert on 05/15/2020

Works for maximum performance

Very good product by Jim on 05/14/2020

Works as claimed

YES SIR!!!! by Roger on 05/13/2020

This was a surprise within minutes of ingesting I got familiar sensation WOW!! Good quality "WOOD"!!

Must have item by Kevin on 05/13/2020

Use this everytime. Its thick consistency makes it easy to apply and the mint makes you feel relaxed before insertion

Works for me by I believe on 05/13/2020

Great product gives me the drive that I need , wonderful little pill

Great Product by Mando on 05/12/2020

Works so awesome

Hard rock! by Papi on 05/12/2020

Best pills i've ever had, i highly recomend it! You won't regret it, for best results take it in a empty stomach.

Love it by TiffB on 05/11/2020

This product works wonders. Highly recommended it

If pills work wonders. by Junior on 05/10/2020

I've been buying these bills and taking them for a while now and they work wonders they work for me a few days

Works well to help with female sexual pleasure by Juicy on 05/10/2020

Take this product with 24oz. Of water half hour prior to sexual intercourse. This product helps increase blood flow and helps a girl to be able to get off and enjoy this sexual experience.i would recommend this product to people who have little enjoyment while having will love the benifitts this product has to offer do not take more then one in a sixty hour time frame if any health problems occur seek medical help immediately. Those who already have any underlying issues seek advice from your doctor before you take this Thank you, Christine v.

Farty by Fart blossom on 05/10/2020

Gave me massive explosive farts

Works better than Viagra by Bb on 05/10/2020

Great results highly recommend

Better than viagra by Susanken on 05/09/2020

This stuff's amazing. One hell of a night. Lasts three days

Potency by Deren on 05/08/2020

The pills began to lose their effectiveness after three months. They still work just not as potent.

My wife loves it. by Philly on 05/08/2020

This was probably the best thing I cud ever get my wife. She loves it. Now she won't stop.

Found something that works by Chuck on 05/07/2020


Best male enhancement pill i have ever found by Lon on 05/07/2020

Great product! You wont be disappointed

Outstanding! by No headaches on 05/07/2020

Product works for more than 48hrs !

n/a by B on 05/04/2020

doesn't give me headaches take before eating something heavy

Good Product by mj4life on 05/03/2020

Trojan products are my favorite!!!

blueberry muffin his favorite flavor by mj4life on 05/03/2020

Got this because my bf likes blueberry muffins - so figured he'd love it on my muffin! he loves it!

I always come back for more.... by ALL4u on 05/03/2020

I love this product - will my bf and I love this product. It works for DAYS!!

Wet wet by Anasty12 on 05/02/2020

Normally I have issues with staying wet but I wetter than wet

Loved it by Bustitbaby on 05/01/2020

Loved it best ever tried in my life!!!

Wow by Bee on 05/01/2020

Wow!! Works great!! My wife was amazed and won't leave me alone!!

First time by Jawan on 04/30/2020

Awesome all I can say

Great pill by Jawan on 04/30/2020

Works like a charm

Love it by Kendera on 04/30/2020

They make me hard as ever. Love them will recommend.

Very good by Al on 04/29/2020

Works very well

Amazing by Simpson021783 on 04/28/2020

There isn't a better product on the market that I have found, 5-7 days of performance when I need it. Just like being 16 all over again, with a little boost to size and girth- and she LOVES IT.

Amazing by Simpson021783 on 04/28/2020

There isn't a better product on the market that I have found, 5-7 days of performance when I need it. Just like being 16 all over again, with a little boost to size and girth- and she LOVES IT.

An interesting buy. by Tom Brady on 04/28/2020

I am an impulsive buyer and got this assorted tester fragrances in one such indulgence purchasing mood. When I received this, it came as a pleasant surprise. Each of the smells is unique and leaves a very fresh yet sultry feeling. The products were thoughtfully packed, and I loved the thought behind the concept. Good job, team.

Give in to your sweet tooth! by Olivia Jones on 04/28/2020

My boyfriend has a sweet tooth, and we always use lubes. However, the lubes we used till now were often sticky and didn’t work as much as we would’ve liked them to. The Packet Aqua Cinnamon Bun flavor is different, and how! It satisfies my boyfriend’s hunger for sweetness as he is left sucking me forever. I am in love with the warmth that it spreads over me, and the fact that it is non-sticky is almost like powdered sugar on the bun! I am going to buy the product again.

A dream vibrator! by Sophia Wright on 04/28/2020

I am sure, like me, it is every girl’s dream to end up with a discreet vibrator that is not only easy to carry, but works like a dream, as well. The Goodhead helping head pro frost is the best I could get in this regard. It takes me to new levels even without extended use and damn this product has heightened my craving for sex. I will recommend this to every girl out there who doesn’t mind some self-service once a while, if you know what I mean!

Great results by Prairie man on 04/28/2020

I have used the expensive prescription little blue pill and it did nothing. Kangaroo mega 3000 keep it hard throug multiple orgasims. Harder longer and thicker erection.

Disappointing by Roger on 04/27/2020

I've tried numerous enhancements but I must say this is my greatest disappointment, got all the usual side effects stuffy nose, slight headache semi-erection for no reason and then NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Excelent by Pedro on 04/27/2020

Great pill ,as advertise,worked great

Product works by Sam on 04/27/2020

This item works but may not last 5 Days.

Great by Rodney on 04/25/2020

It’s fantastic it’s great

Love this product by SAYPRASITH on 04/24/2020

When I say these pills are the go to for an intense intimate experience. I will highly recommend these if your trying to add some spice to your intimacy.

Real deal by Jay money on 04/23/2020

The Rhino 24k is the real deal.its better then viagra.just take one pill two hours before sex and you good to go.It will last you for five day before you need to take another one .

only buy this product by RICHARD on 04/22/2020

thumbs up

the bomb by RICHARD on 04/22/2020

most liky to reorder

the best by RICHARD on 04/22/2020

great item

Awesome pill by Taloncav on 04/22/2020


Nice! by J Jones on 04/21/2020

Hey, it works and when things are working everyone is happy.

works good by MasterD on 04/20/2020

is a good product works as it said

This pill is pointless asf. It gives you bad headaches. If you wanna walk around with a migraine then this is the pill for you.,.. by . on 04/19/2020


Not satisfied by Nick on 04/19/2020

Did not work !! Sex was as normal! Why the first time buying it it was a capsule the second time it was a pill form. The capsule worked very very good! The pill was a dud.

good by N/A on 04/18/2020

nice product will order some more soon

Works by Works on 04/17/2020

Get works

Works Like A Charm! by Mike on 04/16/2020

After taking on an empty stomach, I feel the effects within 30 minutes. I'm always ready for action anytime. I take a pill every 3-4 days to keep it in my system. I strongly recommend.

Great for men who have trouble or for men who want a different experience by Christopher on 04/16/2020

These pills r amazing. Not only do they do the job when I can't perform. But they also make me harder, last longer and make me want it over and over again. My wife and I will normally have sex 2 or 3 times in one night with these. Sometimes 4 times

Good stuff. by Joe Blow on 04/15/2020

I take half and keeps me good to go.

So far so good! by Miguel on 04/13/2020

Thus far I'm very pleased with my order's price, shipping, actual product, quality of product, and delivery punctuality!!!!! I haven't taken these that I just received, so hopefully that are before the expiration date! Otherwise, I've taken the Titanium 10k in the past, many times and it definitely works extremely well. To avoid a headache, I recommend (1) drinking plenty of water before you take it, then plenty of water the next couple days after you take it. (2) Eat a small to medium meal about a hour or 30 minutes before you take it. And/or (3) just take 1000mg of Tylenol one to two hours before you take it. And if you feel stuffy, just take 2 Benydral one to two hours before you take it.

Excelent by Pedro on 04/13/2020

No headaches

Good to go. by Hollywoid on 04/12/2020

Recommend this product to all Playas.

Not a good turn out. by Jerry on 04/12/2020

Gave me the most horrible tremors and very red face and bloodshot eyes... Felt like i just wanted to die!!!

5 star by Papi on 04/11/2020

Best pill out there. Hands diwn

A waste by Penny on 04/11/2020


Omg by John holes on 04/11/2020

I'm so glad me and my wife tried this it works amazingly I'll definitely be getting this again and will be trying out the red and green ones very soon

sounds awesome by tllm on 04/11/2020

im very excited to try these her we go

"AWESOME" PILLS!!!!! by Napoleon on 04/11/2020

I take the scorpian w/my reg regiment & these pills blow my fiance's mind.

I give a poor rate by Big ryno on 04/10/2020

It's didn't make a difference

By FAR THE BEST!!!!! by Napoleon on 04/09/2020

I have used many different male enhancement pills & the scorpian is by BY FAR THE BEST I HAVE USED. I do have a regular regime of vitamins i also take, just to let you know.

Trash by Ki on 04/09/2020

I took the pill A hour before & i drunk a lot of water and it did nothing for me, I didn’t have a Horny sensation or nothing

This is an awesome product by D on 04/06/2020

It is as advertised.

best ever by joe on 04/05/2020

great pill

Awesome stuff by M. Clay on 04/05/2020

Super duper does what it says

Record time by Matt on 04/05/2020

I got it in record time

The best on the market by Shoes on 04/04/2020

I've tried many pills but this one is clearly the best!

Product works by BOSS on 04/04/2020

If you’re going to buy and take a pill this is the one to get, greatly impressed!

Quality by Me on 04/03/2020

This is a quality pill. I just have gotten better results from other ones.

WORKS WELL by RICKER on 04/02/2020


Awesome by Ct on 04/02/2020

Great guys does work

ok by catokid on 04/01/2020


Good pill by Hoffa on 04/01/2020

Don’t eat before taking and enjoy the night

I was impressed by Asante on 04/01/2020

It worked that's for sure, now I need to see how long it last.

Good stuff by Tank on 04/01/2020

Works very well even for a 68yr old. But you must be careful as to the seller. . I believe from my experience that the product is being copied.

Works great !! by Sixstring on 03/31/2020

Ive been using Surge for a year now. It works great. Fast acting and last a long time. I highly recommend it !

Stuff is awesome. by Weekend warrior on 03/31/2020

Tried and been using for about a month, stuff works in about 30 minutes or less, makes you last longer and full rock hard erections with ability to go more than once.

It really works by Tony on 03/28/2020

Pill works great. No headaches or stomach issues.

A dream come true product. by Emma Stone on 03/27/2020

A triple ticker massager, does one need anything else? No! Trust me this is the ultimate device for anyone who likes to keep things simple and crazy at the same time. I love how it feels to touch, and the easy grip and functions. Insertable 4” eight functions and three motors, what else do you need? It charges fast and is waterproof as well. The tickler works like a dream, and the stimulation effect is mind-blowing. A must try!

A stunning piece! by Elysa Drew on 03/27/2020

It was our anniversary the other day, and I wanted to surprise my partner. What could have been better than a sexy robe? Gear Isle had always been my go-to option for adult novelties, and I knew I could trust the website for that stunning robe. Gear Isle didn’t disappoint, and I bought this. At an affordable rate, this has the most beautiful finish and feel. I loved the way my partner reacted when he saw me in this. I also paired it up with other items bought from the website, and the combination was a killer. Thanks, Gear Isle, for being my go-to website for all things sexy and the discreet and quick delivery.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS! by Mathew Quin on 03/27/2020

No kidding when I say that this travel size vibrator was the exact thing I was looking for. It has just the right settings I prefer from my pocket-size vibrator, and the sensation was over-the-moon! The fact that I got a genuine product got me excited like never before. And guess what? My partner loved it, as well. I am surely going to buy this and gift it to my friends looking for a travel size vibrator.

Great by Connie on 03/25/2020

Best one on market

Expensive but... by Asante on 03/25/2020

I like it, it does work

Buy now!! by Patty Mills on 03/23/2020

After trying just one other pill called silver rhino which did nothing for me sexually. I just said fuck it and bought this one as a second pill to ever try and it works the way it should. My partner was tired out and extremely satisfied. Thickness, stamina, hardness, and orgasm are top rated for this pill. I’ll be buying again.

Wack! by Bedroom Bully on 03/21/2020

Doesn’t work. Takes too long to work.

Works well by Hard 8 on 03/20/2020

Works well definitely get the baby for the buck.

It is a little on the down side with me by Melcolly21 on 03/20/2020

I took it and did not have fast results I took three in a period of five days little results no big one but remember guys everyone have a different, body chemistry make up and certain herbs give different results don't give up the right mixture for is just around the coiner

It's works better than some I have tried by Melcolly21 on 03/20/2020

I did get aroused when I taken it and was able to have a intercourse which without it would have not been possible. It works but I will try another Brand and see how it works, I am looking for the one that will give me the very big one

Not strong by Hound on 03/19/2020

This pill doesn't have the effect like the 1 million or pillcasso pill at all!

Ehh. It’s okay by Kandra on 03/18/2020

Make sure your hydrated way before taking, empty stomach and drink more water. No negative effects. Did increase stamina and moisture but not quiet enough

Don’t buy by Mia on 03/16/2020

This pill did not do anything for me. Instead it made my mouth very dry during oral and did not increase the wetness of my vagina. The aftermath of the pill sucks as well. I had difficulty breathing and it felt like something was grabbing my chest. Lastly my throat is very dry now because of this pill.

THE BOMB by BBC MAN on 03/14/2020

Mayne these things make ya meat go Super Saiyan. Done smashed 3 thots and wanting more ????????

I hate Poseidon stay away by Fuckposiden on 03/14/2020

Raging headache feel so nauseas. Had explosive shits... with a boner. Not a fun experience.

IF YOU WANT A HEADACHE TAKE THIS by Pretty Black Queen on 03/14/2020

I went to the adult store to get Regular strength Kangaroo and the cashier recommended the Ultra..... for this being my first time taking a (LEGAL) sexual enhancement I’m scared to try another one ! I took it 20 mins before my stress relief session with plenty of water... I didn’t feel any different and I have no issue with moisture in that area however, I noticed NO DIFFERENCE I just have a MAJOR HEADACHE they said effects last up to 72 hrs... I hope this headache goes away before then ..... HORRIBLE and I DO NOT RECOMMEND the kangaroo ultra..... I purchased “pussy Cat” as well hopefully it ACTUALLY WORKS unlike this kangaroo Ultra. Waste of $10.

65year old trying stamina 9 for the first time. by Jo on 03/13/2020

Bitch I’m hard as fooooock. Would definitely buy again.

Definitely works by Customer on 03/12/2020

Was reading some of these good reviews before I tried it. And here I am now writing one. It fucking works 3 days your good to go. Minor headache came it with it so stay Hydrated!

Great by Connie on 03/11/2020

I will be reordering. I got in record time too



It really works by J gull on 03/08/2020

I wanted to try something to help me feel young again im 49 and things are not where they use to be.Not as firm really frustrating.. Let me tell you this really works 100%satisfied but the kicker I thought it was just for four hours no it lasted for days and I didnt know until I looked at the pkg..Its better then Viagra and cheaper!!!

Bad by Nick on 03/08/2020

My wife took this pill and it didn't help at all if anything it made her less sexual

Best ones ever by Tito on 03/08/2020

This are the best ones out there

Great stuff by Adolfo on 03/08/2020

Works awesome

SPICY by MMMHMM on 03/08/2020


Better sexual drive by Lynn on 03/04/2020


good pill by horny man on 03/03/2020

i just had the greatest sex of my life

Didn’t work. by Disappointed on 03/03/2020

I poured the capsule in my mans orange juice. An hour later we had sex, but he had trouble getting hard. It did not last long. I did not see a difference in his performance.

Works GREAT !!! by Anthony on 03/01/2020

Long and STRONG IRON PIPE !!! No weird trip, vision changes, or headaches. Buying more....

Poseidon is a dangerous supplement by Damm near died on 03/01/2020

Took as recommended only one tablet stay hydrated 2 days later was in a hospital Kidneys shut down all the way , liver shut down. When into congestive heart failure and end up becoming diabetic and have kidney and liver damage for life all because I took this one pill

Only one I have found by Srr on 02/28/2020

This is the only thing I found to help have an orgasm

VERY GOOD by LD on 02/28/2020


Amazing, better than prescription by howarddavidp on 02/24/2020

I have a sidenafil prescription from my Dr., and I can say these actually work better. There is a FDA warning, and I think they have been putting real Viagra in these, though not listing it on the label. It lasted for days, she is very happy!

Greatttt by Kayla on 02/24/2020

Look at me here ordering it again

The straight truth. by Tree on 02/23/2020

By far the best male enhancement pill I have ever experienced. Holy shit! I just about wanted to show the damn thing to my friends and neighbors. I'm 45. Gave me a damned rock hard like when I was 18... but fatter now. I've tried a lot of these pills. Just for fun. They literally all cost more - like up to $20. This is by far the BEST pill I have tried and happened to also be he cheapest. And that is why I took the time to write this. If it convinces one bro to give this a try... he will fkn thank me later.

Great product by Marcus on 02/20/2020

I am New to taking products like these but wow was my erection fired up and ready to go in less than an hour. I think I’ll buy 48 of these for the cost savings soon. Really enjoyed this product!

Been using for about a year. Very happy with the results and so is my wife. Happy wife happy life by Leon on 02/20/2020

Happy wife happy life.

very good product by Jose on 02/19/2020

Quick delivery. I definitely recomend. Very powerful.

I Mr Hardcock Approve by Mr.hardcock on 02/15/2020

Well as I Mr Hardcock do enjoy your splended product the ladies do even more. I am douced in vaginas because of your superior blend of herbs and spice. Good show Rhino Good show

Amazing Product by jetty on 02/15/2020

I was watching an NBA game like 15 mins after I took this. Next thing I know my dick was beyond hard. My girl said 'if I wasn't crazy over you before this, you sure nipped that one in the bud"

Best and it really dose work by Kornkidz on 02/13/2020

Heppy with everything

Works great by Craig on 02/09/2020

Worked well for me

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