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Pill is very good and effective by Ski on 08/11/2017

Pill is very good and effective. Used for years and one of the best.

long time customer by suza2 on 08/11/2017

i dont use it a lot but i like to have this always in my room, i feel like if I keep using it i may get used to it so I only use it once in a while and i like the results

IT SUCKS! by vcbvcb on 08/10/2017

I had an ok erection after one hour, i honestly think it was more about me because i couldn't go for 2 rounds. At the age of 47 i need to wait at least one hour before i'm ready for the second round, so it didn't work after 30 min. It's been 2 days since i had sex and i'm having a non-stop headache, not a bad one, but is not going away. And of course i'm not even thinking about sex. I will not order this one again!

manfuel by Richard on 08/10/2017

Product works well will buy again

good size awesome stimulation by Julie on 08/10/2017

fact number one that i love about this toy is that it's glass and i don't need anything special to clean it up, water is just fine and does the job. fact number two, it's perfect size for me. i am average and i tried other toys with ridges but they tend to be too big or not stimulating enough. this one is just the right size for me. the grip and everything about this toy is amazing. you can tell i am in love with it already ;)

yummy and more by Loretta on 08/10/2017

tastes good and makes it easier to please my man

The best lub by Linda on 08/09/2017

I have used this for 5 years it's the best I have ever used. The answer for every woman that has problems with dryness during sex.

works well by KJD on 08/08/2017

the platinum wasn't as effective after the 3rd try. however, this black one has been great. lasts about 4 days. like someone else said, i'm not sure what the difference is but if it keeps working after my 4th try, i'll reorder some more. it gave me a dull headache and mild congestion that lasted most of day 2 thru 4 but that's no biggie. not as bad as the headaches post-viagra. i drank 1.5 liters of water right after I took it and stayed hydrated. not sure how much water helps with the headaches but it wasn't as bad with the water intake. i also had to avoid running on those days. Anyway, I was a beast and my lady was impressed, so I'm okay with the minimal side effects.

Buy Some Try Some by Lonnie on 08/07/2017

The pill's effect has lasted for three days (maybe more if I go for a round today). Amazingly, the effect was much stronger on the second and third days. I'm talking rock hard for a long long time. However, I experienced some muscle soreness in my hamstrings and lower back, but it's pretty much gone today. No headaches and can think clearly for work.

Excellent product by John B on 08/07/2017

I am 61 years old ... I took it 45 minutes before sex ... I got rock hard and had sex for hours ... Phenomenal orgasm after orgasm ... It lasted for several days afterwards .. Better than anything else that I have tried

quick service by J33 on 08/05/2017

i ordered this and i got it pretty fast. good website

This pill works wonders for me and my lady by Fred on 08/05/2017

So this male enhancement is truly remarkable the only thing I don't like is when you buy it from an adult store you pay out the rear for it glad we found your web sight so we can get a better price and enjoy our time in the bedroom

Perfect product by Speedy on 08/04/2017

This is an awesome pill.Great.

These pills work great. THey sometimes take a day to work,but when they do--you can go for a long time;wake up with morning wood;etc. by easttop on 07/31/2017

There great!!!

If your having negative side effects by Chris on 07/31/2017

This pill expands the capillaries in the veins throughout the body. Make sure your drinking an excessive amount of water while taking these pills. Also try less of the pill, even a fourth of it. Headaches are caused by the pressure of expanded capillaries directly behind the eyes and sinus issues also occur do to the pressure of expanded capillaries in the nose. Alcohol and Aspirin are blood thinners and are not recommended while taking this pill. Alcohol dehydrates the body and aspirin feels ineffective while taking this pill. Prescribe the dose that's right for your body and take care of yourself while taking this pill and your sex life will thank you for it.

Wow by Tommyt on 07/30/2017

This stuff really works at first it lasted 4 days then 6 dayd the second week by the 4 th week 7 days. I have tried many male enchaments lot of them didn't work. Works better then Viagra Ceailis or Leaveate Im 69 years old I can fuck now like Im 20 W0W

fun to try by Joe on 07/29/2017

these are fun to try specially if you have been dancing all night, lol

best if you are well endowed by Zack on 07/29/2017

The vibrator on this thing is amazing. I would say it is a bit big for smaller guys so try this on if you are well endowed. The quality of material and design is great and it is tough. I have been using it and it has not yet broken like a few other i used

WOW Real and works by J on 07/29/2017

These pills work great. I have Ed and other neurological problems and this works amazing. I can't believe the size gain and stamina that they give me. I can go for hours to the point where she's begging me to stop, but I don't. LOL. I swear by these pills and tell all my friends about how greatly work. For me they last about 4 to 5 days and any little gust of wind gets it rock hard. My girl doesn't have a very on-demand sex drive and when I take these pills she knows it's going to be a long couple days. Prescription medication doesn't even come close to the power and performance but these pills offer for a tenth of the cost. I fully recommend this product to anyone who has problems in the bedroom either with Ed or any other form of performance issues. Try it you will be amazed.

TOO Much pain by Jamming Joie on 07/28/2017

It made my dick hard as a rock but I had three days of the worst back pain I have ever experienced. I only took 1/4 the pill and I had great erections for 7 days but the three days with back pain were terrible. took it on Saturday morning had sex like a porn star that night then woke up the next day thinking my kidneys had failed. I couldn't do anything, I had to take off work on Monday then on Tuesday morning the pain was only at about half. Went to see my doctor on Wen and he ordered a CT scan of my kidneys. I had a high volume of blood and tissue in my urine. Ill never use that stuff again. NOT WORTH THE PAIN!! or lost wages! or possible kidney failure!

Fake by Ak on 07/28/2017

Does not work--E-Trading please stop peddling fake stud. If it does not have an R-zone stamp--DO NOT BUY.

I am absolutely disappointed by Ako on 07/28/2017

Please I hope you guys can find a way to distinguish the Real products you have from the Fake nonsense that can creep in sometimes--I am so disappointed because I have never bought anything from this website that was not genuine until now--THESE PILLS ARE FAKE AND DO NOT WORK EVEN AFTER TAKING 3 AT ONCE AND EXPECTING EVEN JUST A HEADACHE--NOTHING--I will never buy ANY RHINO PILL THAT DOES NOT HAVE R-Zone printed on it and by the E-Trafing whoever you Fake Human Beings are please stop the NS--No one should ever spend a dime on your fake crap--The Rhino 7 pills 5000 platinum kind'a light blue with the R-zone stamp are still the best--I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT HAVE THAT STAMP AND I WILL NEVER BUY ABYTHING FROM E-Trading and I advise anyone else to do the same unless you like wasting your money. Thanks.

Works great by Bbrad on 07/27/2017

Fast acting, rock hard , went several times that night, no headache

works great by p on 07/26/2017

lasted 4 to 5 days , and put in another order for more !!

Nothing, Nada, Zilch! by Anonymous on 07/26/2017

Did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me, no boost, no side effects, just NOTHING. Will definitely NOT recommend or buy this product again.

my go to lube by Shawn on 07/24/2017

great lube. i am a cmt and i use this all the time

WASTE OF MONEY! by ffjkgfkgfj on 07/24/2017


It Really Works! by Maxmillion69 on 07/24/2017

After taking this I was able to service my girlfriend, two girls at work and the neighbor's wife. All in the same day! Thanks!!!

perfect for kegal by Chelsee on 07/24/2017

I use these along with my kegal exercises and i find them to be hepful

does magic by Sansa on 07/24/2017

this works great for me, we have not used it on my boyfriend yet but i love this and it tastes good too

Best pill i have ever taking works great everytime and my girlfriend loves the results by Greg on 07/24/2017

Best pill on market works great evertime

DO NOT BUY! DOES'NT WORK! by Ihor on 07/22/2017

Didn't not do anything! As if I have not taken anything!

Worked great for me by Guy on 07/21/2017

I always take one with a full bottle of water. I usually make sure I have ate at some point in the day before I take one. If I'm going to drink that day, I take one a few hours earlier before I start drinking (alcohol). But always the first 2 things first. Works great for me. Lasts about a week.

it works by joon on 07/20/2017

I took it while playing a game of spades halfway through the game had to stop then gave my wife the look she knew what time it was

DON'T KNOW YET! by EWRWRE on 07/20/2017


Excellent for the "larger" guy by Jeff on 07/20/2017

Most cock rings are painful for me. They are effective but with 9.375 inches of girth they don't have any give. The main thing I love about this is its adjustable, if afterwards she wants to go again immediately I give it a snug up on the bead and we are rocking again !!

Great pill by nick on 07/19/2017

Great pill will order again

Good not go to sleep by Big AL on 07/19/2017

Made me stay awake all night

will buy again by Richard on 07/17/2017

Good product

viagra and cialis didnt help,but Zeus did help wonderful by junior on 07/15/2017

wonderful 5 star

ed pills by rod on 07/15/2017

found these pills to be very expensive sawdust. after following all the direction i got no results whatsoever. this is a scam product. regards rod.

Bad headache heartburn by Bone in ham on 07/14/2017

The pill did work. But I have had a bad headache for two days. Bad heartburn the first day. Muscle cramps. Still looking for something with less side effects.

Worked great by Happymommy on 07/13/2017

Let's just say, we are both very very pleased with this pill!!!! Will be getting more for sure!

Best product of its type by Bigdaddy on 07/10/2017

I have pretty severe nerve damage to my spine. Dome days are fine other days it just won't work. Found these at a local truckstop a year ago and I've been getting them ever since. No headache, delayed backache, flushing of the skin, or any other of the side effects you get from other supplements. It produces a solid erection that lasts much longer than usual with no discomfort. It will last a few days after I take it most of the time. The only complaint I have is that they sell out so fast at the truckstop, that I can't always get them when I want. It is the only store I have found them in so far and I have been waiting for them to restock for days now. I will have to order some here I suppose.

Da bomb by Tone on 07/09/2017

Da bomb !!!!while partying all night ,I was rock hard and came 5. Times

Muy bueno by New roc on 07/08/2017

Mi mujer tubo muchos orgasmos y yo como un fierro toda la noche

GREAT by R2L on 07/08/2017

Works great even after eating.

BEST HARD EVER by Killa on 07/03/2017

Best blue pill ever

slim fit for my wallet by Ran on 07/02/2017

these are great. they are thin packages that fit a regular wallet. I like it because i can put one in my wallet for use it discreetly and when needed. just be sure not to keep it for long in your wallet because it can leak and dry out. highly recommended.

actress i love to watch by Troy on 07/02/2017

i love to watch her getting hammered on video and now i have her in my house.

False Listing of Ingredients by Jared on 07/02/2017

You'll notice the last thing on the ingredients list says "proprietary formula". I got one pill that said that and it worked GREAT! I got 47 pills missing that and they SUCK! I feel like I got robbed on this one. It is a good pre-workout formula and that is how this pill should be marketed.

IT SUCKS! by ITRIURI on 07/01/2017


Nope , didnt work by dantheman on 06/30/2017

Didn't work at all, I followed all the directions . Patriot worked sooo much better.

66 Years Old and on top of the world by Brooks on 06/29/2017

I've been taking it once a week for 6 weeks and I am on top of the world, a new man. I was sold after the first dose. Feels more like a natural Tonic that's reversing the aging process and healing my body. Note: I've tried a lot of different supplements, but this one is truly the best kept secret.

good lube by rand-- on 06/28/2017

lasts a long time and works very well. i bought the smaller version first and now i just got the bigger size.

Good by Some of It on 06/26/2017

Good Stuff, Rock Hard Erection 3 days, the worst thing is stuffy nose after 3 day.

Effective, but..... by Tman on 06/26/2017

Worked ok but got nasty backache after several days.

Excellent by Mike on 06/26/2017

This pill work great for me

Very Satisfied by Ronnie on 06/25/2017

I have used Rhino 7 5000 for approximately 3 years now and this is by far the best pill for me. Works as advertised I love it and highly recommend it for sexual performance.

RESPONCE by MAC LEE on 06/25/2017

This is it, nothing else like, my friend told me about it a year ago, not that i need it, I just decided to try it. Now I can just think about sex, and there it is. My first time taking, it was in my system for 2 weeks before it started to die down, bigger, longer and stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bomb by Champ on 06/24/2017

This is my new favorite, it gets the job done without side effects and I approve this message.

Good Product by Paul on 06/22/2017

Works well when taken by the instructions. Last a long time without Headache.

it did not erect my penis by 4th on 06/21/2017

I took 1 pill 2 hours before the lady came and nothing happened hours after and my penis did nothing again even with the pill so i guess nothing can help me with my ed...

It's a great pill, works good for me and my o lady. by JRedd on 06/21/2017

I'm very satisfied with the pill, but it's hard to find now to purchase since circle k took over crackel barrell. Now where can I buy it.

Really? by FSGDH on 06/19/2017

The reviews of this product it must be fake or is just the fact that everyone's body is different. I only took 1/3 of the cap, had my normal erection like i always do, nothing different. The next 2 days i had a bad headache, stuffed nose. I popped advil like it was m&m, but it didn't help at all! Can u imagine how u gonna feel if u take the whole capsule? I'm sure u gonna have an erection if u take the whole pill, but u also gonna have a terrible headache for at least a week. Not a chance i'm gonna order this one again!

Good by gregory on 06/18/2017

Works real good I like it

Best out there by Griff on 06/15/2017

Although this product does give you headaches, it works extremely well. I have pulled all-nighters without fail and have had multiple orgasms.

Very effective by datboi on 06/14/2017

I don't get to see her often so when we do we engage in as much activity as possible. This stuff keeps me able to perform at maximum attention everytime for about 5 days. Even after nights out when heavy drinking is involved. no whisky d&)k here.

Works by Al on 06/13/2017

Been taking these pills for years now. Found this site and now getting them in bulk. Use one every two weeks or so. Tried meany of the "ZEN" line and these give me the best results. Not sure what the difference is between the black and white type. Only know that last time I ordered the white pills and none of them worked (10 pack). The black ones seem to work very fast and last long. My co-worker is thinner man ( 145 lbs) and got head aches with the 2000mg pills, said he saw colors lol! Later on another try he took some with less mg and it did not give him any side effects. Im a bigger guy (270 lbs) if I take anything under 2000mg it does little to nothing. So guess starting at a lower mg is good start. Also take these on an empty stomach, and drink A LOT of water. Well hope these helps with some questions.

Headache by Cel on 06/12/2017

Worked great but now a pounding headache . weigh the cost but it worked awesome.

Great but blotchy skin. Little red blotches on arms and torso? by Godog on 06/12/2017

Is the blotchy skin a common side effect?

one more by ahhdgshdgs on 06/10/2017

I already posted a few reviews about this one, the first one was great, second was good! The last time i used was yesterday, i used the other half , after the last week! I had an erection within 20 min. The night was great! I was very excited about it! Then i woke up with chest pain, which i never had in my life, then i assume it's because of stiff rox. Now i'm really scared. I know the night was fun, but because of this pain, i don't think i'm gonna use it again!

OK by SJHHFG on 06/05/2017

I used before when was stiff rock, i took the whole pill , had an erection within 30 min and worked the whole week, and i had a headache the next day. This time i took just a half of pill, had an erection within an hour ( no ed issues here). The side -effects was a rush of blood to my eyes , it didn't last that long, and no headache. But it only last 10 hours. I would rather take the whole pill and have a headache the next day.

Amazing product by Rock on 06/04/2017

This product is the real deal. Purchased at an adult book store and paid high retail for one pill. Lasts several days. Will definitely purchase this product in quantity at better price.

Awful experience by Jackie on 06/03/2017

My husband brought home one of these for me, and the male one for him. We had never taken anything like this before. I'll admit I was already a bottle of wine in (which with my tolerance is usually fine). My husband says the sex was amazing, but I don't remember a thing. And I have had a really high heart rate ever since taking it. Totally blacked out and don't remember anything. Really don't like the side affects.

Great product and company!! by Ashley on 06/01/2017

This pill is the bomb! It works so so so good. I would recommend this over any other female pills out there. Great price and super fast shipping!!

Can't wait to see this back pain go away by Kayvune on 05/31/2017

The product didn't work for me but I am a heavy case so I understand that but I still have to live with the nasty side effects. I experience massive lower back pain and I came here to see if others did too. Next step was the hospital. Never gonna take it again. Huge headaches as well.

OMG *o* by Mimi5 on 05/31/2017

This really works for a woman and lasts longer than any other product!

First time using by Slammer on 05/30/2017

I was simply amazed by the outcome....rock hard all the way through!!!! Wife extremely happy!! No headach or back pain next day. Just thinking about night before caused another rock hard. It Works!! I will definitely take again....

YOU HAVE TO TRY IT by Meme on 05/30/2017

My Fiance and I both took one as suggested by the lady at the shop because she said it worked for both of them so yes ladies you can take it too as I did!! I got to say my fiance and I have become more intimate and affectionate since we have taken this! I didn't purchase from this site but I wanted to add a review so people know this does in fact WORK and ITS AMAZING! GO TRY IT YOU WONT REGRET IT (grab one for your lady too)

good combo by Green J on 05/30/2017

if you are like me and wish to expremint with different products, this a pretty good start

Thick by Goodbar on 05/30/2017

Fuk i digged it zo hard she went lezbian on me so if u wanna fuk hard take this huge cock will magicly errupt

the best,, BUT READ by bigpapi on 05/29/2017

Took the pill, 20 mins after.hard rock in 8 seconds last 3 hours..morniglng boner agsin.but..12 minutes after i took. Heart beat was at 119 per minute for about 9 minutes then calm down

complements by Hottie on 05/29/2017

when i put this on, i feel there gravitational forces work in my favor.

much worth it by cool kit on 05/29/2017

for this price this is pretty worth the fun you get

looks pretty good on me by Soray on 05/28/2017

this is pretty and much cheaper than the other outfits that i could find. quality is good and it fits perfectly

tastes awesome by Camila on 05/28/2017

these taste pretty good and work just fine. i saw they come in different flavors havent tried others but i hope the rest taste as good lol

useful kit by Alex on 05/28/2017

I got a set of these and i am happy with the results and how these products work. i recommend

no side effects by Simm on 05/28/2017

this is the only pill so far with no headache or other side effects for me. i like the fact that it comes with two pills. i am just fine with one pill but if you like to get some extra boost, one can probably take both at the same time.

Works great by Trpn. on 05/27/2017

There are alot of pills out there but if you want one that works for a few days, this is one of them.

Best Pill Yet! by Happy Wife on 05/27/2017

Fantastic. Long lasting. No side effects.

Very powerful by Mutundashuga on 05/26/2017

You can fuck and fuck and fuck

Really? No headache? by VANVAO on 05/24/2017

Of course everyone's body is different, but please don't tell me nobody had a headache. I agree with the other review, i should've taken just half pill. I took the whole pill and 2 hours later i had a decent erection. The best think i liked about is the thickness, that was awesome! But i had a a cold like symptoms, and a 3 days headache. So, not worth the pain!

Worked great for me by Likes to play on 05/24/2017

Ive read alot of negative reviews from other web sites ..but for me this pill worked hard stayed hard longer..not really sure about lasting 7 days..but the first 4 or 5 days it took very little for me to be up and ready to perform...

Great stuff! by Sean on 05/21/2017

I tried it for the first time yesterday and it worked great. Took one or two hours to take effect, but it was great . Had a little headache the next morning.

Love It by Teresa on 05/21/2017

I really like this product. It helps me to keep my groove going! It's a great value as well. Retail price is double what I paid!

Terrific Product by Teresa on 05/21/2017

This has made such an impact on our love life! My husband is 60 years old and this is just the boost he needs to maintain a great erection. His stamina and mood have improved as well!

Great stuff! by Screwby on 05/20/2017

This Rhino product works as advertised. I get big and hard on it. Side effects are stuffy nose and facial flushing and a slight headache just like I get with the famous prescription blue pill.

Pretty good! by Screwby on 05/20/2017

This product definitely works. It made me sick to my stomach and that is why I marked it down. No complaints whatsoever about performance. I was rock hard and long lasting just as advertised.

Awesome stuff by Bigham on 05/20/2017

I tell everyone about it

Love it lasted 4 days and no headache by BATMAN on 05/17/2017

Everyone is Diff and it worked Great like it said and no headaches like some Claim but every one is not the same! I give this pill 5 stars

its good by M on 05/15/2017

they stop bringing Rhino 8 Platinum 8000 so had to search for a new one. it works but rhino 8 plat 8k lasted longer and it was a bit cheaper but it works.

i feel hot down by Alice on 05/14/2017

when i take these pills i feel hot down there and it kinda turns me on

Good Brand by Helendez on 05/12/2017

My BF introduced me to this brand of lubes. It lasts long, it's silky smooth and I feel like it helps with increasing my natural juices.I Love it

Legit better than Viagra! by Woody on 05/11/2017

I buy these all the time. They legit work like a charm. Wake up for 5 or 6 strait days with a boner that won't go down lol. Black panther got pulled because FDA found Viagra in it. They slightly change the chemical make up which allows them to put it on market til FDA finds something they can pull it for. It does say don't take if ur on nitrates or low blood pressure which makes me still believe there's definitely some kind of Viagra or something in it. Either way it works like a charm so I'm sticking to it lol

glad i tried it by Sade on 05/11/2017

i read some reviews both here and other websites and i wasn't sure if I should really listen to my friends or should i take the reviews seriously. my doubt arose because there are so many negative reviews about this product and it made it hard to decide if I should buy this or not. long story short, i tried it Friday afternoon and i am normally dry and he needs to work a bit until i am ready. I felt that after using this, i am more sensitive and it helped me, well, helped him really with getting me lubricated naturally.

Don't forget this by Joyner on 05/11/2017

I am travel around the country often and I just make sure not to forget this with me. it comes pretty handy.

quality is good by Reba on 05/11/2017

I bought these along with some bdsm stuff and i was surprised by the quality of these. now dreamgirl, which i didn't know they are a brand before, have got themselves a customer

fits perfectly by Rosario on 05/11/2017

i love the shorts of this item the most because it shows of my ass. the fabric is soft and it's the best money can buy at this price.

Pump it by Lott on 05/11/2017

I was not easy with the pills and creams makes me feel bad but this works. it easily enlarges me

useful by Raymond on 05/11/2017

these are pretty discreet and i normally apply them by going to restroom 15 to half an hour before i need it. I normally use two, i apply the second one like 5 minutes before sex and it does wonders.

Crazyyyyyy by Guthrie on 05/11/2017

Just have one 2 hours before he came home and this made me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. let me know how you were.

easy by Rocha on 05/11/2017

penetration it easier, it feels nice, smells good, and it has a nice taste

Good result by Whitley on 05/11/2017

It has worked much more than the price I paid for it. fits around my finger just fine and it's tiny so you can even carry it in your purse.

multi purpose oil by Vang on 05/11/2017

this has a light smell to it and i'd rather say the perfect amount of smell. it makes your skin feel softer and i love giving her a massage before we get to the main part.

Great product by Deeznutts on 05/11/2017

It works for me....better than viagra,cialis & all others

extra sensation by may on 05/10/2017

for whatever reason there may be, i feel these cause more sensation on my lips than my nipples. i have a few flavor of these and i like them all

Freaking Awesome by Vinson on 05/10/2017

Freaking Awesome, Incredible, last long, wild and rock hard

Good Game by Rasmussen on 05/10/2017

pretty easy to get what you want and your partner makes reason not to

Freaking Cool by *Le* on 05/10/2017

Freaking Cool.

It is the one I was looking for by Downs on 05/10/2017

It really increase the time of intercourse and really good for a better ejaculation control

He arrested meeeee by fun toy on 05/10/2017

I like the way he uses these and arrests me every now and then

brilliant by Butler on 05/10/2017

Having fun before sex and the way it stimulate and creates excietment is brilliant

all's good except the vagina by Bobby on 05/10/2017

it's made of good quality but if you have a larger than normal dick, the pussy may be a bit small and you may need to use a bit more than usual lube. overall a great toy

nice product by axel on 05/10/2017

I have a hard time with other pills, this has the exact right dosage and ingredients.

small but fits by Key on 05/09/2017

if you have big nipples these clamps would not be the perfect fit. They work just fine for me and I like them.

Play by Cruz on 05/09/2017

This turned our evening into a fun night. just follow what it asks you to do says. Recommended

good product by Richard on 05/09/2017

Will order again fast shipping good company will continue ordering from them

Overall i liked it... by Asante on 05/08/2017

I loved it

No headache by Komar on 05/08/2017

Its good, I got two in one package and each works at least 5 days perfectly. I didn't have any headache like my friends

Great sense by Ashly on 05/08/2017

Great sense, easyand pleasure fully sexy lubricant. I prefer try this one among all similar products. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Quality is perfect by Eshaq on 05/08/2017

I would't beleive it if I didn't see it. The quality is just perfect and you looks super sexy wearing this. Shipping is fast and on time. Everything looks great.

Different by Juddy on 05/08/2017

I like this product,

Be sexy by Para on 05/08/2017

I feel great when i dress in different ways for my husband and this one certainly had us have a great night.

Just fun by Anderson on 05/08/2017

It's nice to have fun with your girl and enjoy your time. Try it

It feels good by Jordan on 05/08/2017

I received this yesterday, it smells good. I probably would use it daily.

Great by Moran on 05/08/2017


jo is great by Owen on 05/08/2017

i have used many sys jo products and this is a great one

it has a smell to it by Poole on 05/08/2017

When I wear this product I notice that others are more into me and it feels wonderful!

wear this you will like it by Chohen on 05/08/2017

I bought several of these products. this one smells wonderful and i prefer this over the others ive purchased

my experience on by Azura on 05/08/2017

The shipping was fast and good, I bought the same product from other website and I was disappointed in the product itself. I saw my friend bought the same from and the quality is quite different. I purchased, the label is slightly the same but the quality is different, it's not the same color, and it doesn't smell anything like the one I purchased from the other website.

comfortable by Dunn on 05/08/2017

cool t but pricee

none sticky by Julia on 05/08/2017

this lube last a long time, it does not lose its quality and is not sticky at all. it also makes my skin softer and is easy to clean up and wash. definitely one of my go to lubes from now on

no irritation with this one by Boyd on 05/08/2017

i have a very sensitive skin and i must use shave creams that are kind to my skin. Coochy is one of those that has never let me down. i don't get rashes and my skin feels really smooth after using this product

Good by Andy on 05/08/2017

I like this

How well it works depends on person by Micky on 05/06/2017

I didn't order from online cause normally they don't work as good as the ones in the store. But I like this one, it works. Probably better on empty stomach. Everyone has a different reaction to pill so try it different ways

It works by fred on 05/06/2017

It works but not for seven days. More like two or three days at most.

Lovely by Sara on 05/05/2017

Not only its sexy, it is incredibly unique and high quality.

incredible by Ethan on 05/05/2017

this product is incredibly strong

Unique by Alishia on 05/05/2017

I feel when I wear this, it makes me look pretty sexy the quality is also pretty damn good

Thanks gearisle by Wynn on 05/04/2017

I have bought two of them from two different store, the other store just sent me randomly, I don't know why they didn't send me what I ordered. I just would thank the gearisle for sending me on time and the exact panty I ordered

Nice, Soft, Sexy, good and Romantic by Danica Foley on 05/04/2017

Nice, Soft, Sexy, good and Romantic

seriously by Jakson B. on 05/04/2017

just take a rest for five minutes after each sex so you are reset and powerful, it makes the thickness much better than all other products.

why not by Jensen J. on 05/04/2017

Big LIIKKKKKKKKKKK but be sure you set it up and tight it up in the right place. it will give you the unforgettable experience.

Have fun by I was surprizeeeeed on 05/04/2017

I have never seen a housekeeping girl in my bedroom before this. I am glad my wife chose this. I would just suggest for those who want to have a different night and fun.

Very Strong by J@@@@@nS on 05/04/2017

I like this but I divide the dose, It works perfectly and no headache for me. I didn't use a complete capsule, so you can try and let me know.

Good by Jared Terry on 05/04/2017

among all the other pills, It gives me the real power and I like it, I use it and I dont get any headache, I recommend if you want to try this, at least give it 25 to 30 minutes.

Super man by Jack lowson on 05/04/2017

Great one., I take one once in a while and it's great

Nice by Paola Gabriel on 05/04/2017

I like it and i am glad i ordered it

Feel Good by Daniel Butler on 05/04/2017

it is very strong and makes me feel like a teen at least for about week

70% by Mia Johnson on 05/04/2017

mmmm I hope it was much better but anyhow it's not that much bad, it works and the important is that my partner was happy with that

Superb by Jacob Tylor on 05/04/2017

I just surprised my girl, try it! once you see what she will do

Soso by Moore on 05/04/2017

I used this it does not help with getting me a harder erection than the others but it really make your penis thick

its helpful by Dayana Davis on 05/04/2017

this makes shaving easy

it's just great by Smith on 05/04/2017

it is what I thought, as described. I bought it at random and they sent it in a day. I thought Waste of money but seem great so, I'll never go somewhere else.

Powerful by Ethan on 05/04/2017

However, I had a bit headache but is is really powerful and enough for the entire weekend. I just need to be touched and that's it

;-) by Olivi@ on 05/04/2017

surprise your husband, I've got this recently and I am happy with it

Quality is good by Sophia on 05/04/2017

I had fun with this, and it fits good and quality is perfect.

good by realuser on 05/04/2017

i have been trying random pills i will add these to my list of ones that work for me

be a student again by Joli on 05/03/2017

it gives you the feeling of the past years and makes you feel as young

Cool by Jenay on 05/03/2017

Great quality and fits well

Shake it shake it by cyri72772727272 on 05/03/2017

i didn't have any idea about this a friend told me about it and it does make a difference

feeeeeeeeel it by Shak********* on 05/03/2017

hey, its really make your pleasure to maximum or moreeeeeeeeee, i couldn't believe it hehehehehehe. I like itttttttttttttttttttt.

a favorite of mine by Chad on 05/03/2017

It's one of my favorites. better sensation compared to a few other i tried

Sharing experience by Catty on 05/03/2017

I was wondering if the quality is good as it looks on the website when I bought it. it is better than what i suspected

Experience it by Brooklyn on 05/03/2017

I can not explain how it was good having this pack but it is not that much expensive you don't experience it. I hope you have the same unbelievable night I had.

gorgeous by B0nnie on 05/03/2017

It makes you sexxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

sexy by Brittni on 05/03/2017

good quality and fits just fine

Sure by Kellly on 05/03/2017

I was wondering if this works so I did what was written on it and it works as it says.

Thanks for your suggestion by Brenton on 05/03/2017

I have never used any of these but this one gives me and my wife a new experience.

It worrrrrrkkkkkkkkkksss by Birk on 05/03/2017

I like this because it Improves stamina and no side effect and no headache, gives me Harder erection

I like it by Bernard on 05/03/2017

Seems you don't need to buy the most expensive one, it is working as you expect it. I was happy with this and I will order it again. BIG LIKE

satisfied by Arwyan on 05/03/2017

Very Very good but it takes a bit longer to feel the effects but maybe different for the other users

Happy to have it by Andrew on 05/03/2017

I purchase this to see if this one has the same headache as some others but it seems the perfect fit for me

my first try by Adron on 05/03/2017

i am glad and now i like to try other pills and see which one is the best one

Dream comes true by Arnel on 05/03/2017

It's the one that makes your dream come true if you really want to have an amazing night get this

give a gift for your gf and enjoy your self heheheh by T@@@m on 05/02/2017

It drives you crazy when you see your girl in it ;-)

Use thissssssssss by Jenifer on 05/02/2017

Using this, enjoy yourself, coooooooool. I love ittttttttt

New Experience by GanG on 05/02/2017

I feel like a porn star using this product ;-)

the best experience you had years agoooooo by Judy on 05/02/2017

i experience something i enjoyed years ago after applying this

Surprise by Jack on 05/02/2017

this product lasts a long time, def longer than a few other lubes i have used. I like it.

Reorder by Logan on 05/02/2017

I just use one and return the rest but I order again when I couldn't find the same anywhere

Big Like by B*B on 05/02/2017

Among all other similar products, I am happy finding this. Big Liiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkeeeee

You should use it by Shannon on 05/02/2017

It's really incredible you should use it to see how your partner getting crazyyyyyyy.

Enjoy it ;-) by Tom on 05/02/2017

If you want to enjoy, Try this one. but use it in the right time in the right doze.

satisfied by T1do@ on 05/02/2017

Its Miraclessssssss, I couldn't believe that it's working like this

bad product by bigtsquash on 05/02/2017

Don't Take This pill U will have Headache for 4 days and muscle and back pain.i rather take blue pill then this.

Was great for 2 years by Mata on 05/02/2017

I would take this pill on Valentine's, Anniversary, it an special day with my lady. I would say maybe take them 3 times a year . This pill was always the best for me the 2 years I sound buy them. Up until recently , they just do not work the same. I do not know why, but I am hoping they did not change whatever was working before . Again, I only use them rarely, but the last two times I tried with these, they just did not budge .

cooooool by jul@@y on 05/01/2017

it was first time trying. it works marvelous

I like this one! by Cee 1300 on 05/01/2017

Makes you go long time and beat it up just like you want to. I love it!

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