How can I redeem my rewards/loyalty points?


To redeem your reward points:

  1. You must login to your account before you checkout.
  2. During checkout, the system will automatically check how many reward points you have and will redeem those for you. You can see this in the REWARD POINTS section of the checkout page. If you do not wish to redeem your points, you can click on Remove Points.
  3. If for any reason, your points are not automatically redeemed, you can click on APPLY POINTS.
  4. To see how much in discounts you get by redeeming your points, please look at the CHECKOUT REVIEW section of the checkout page.


A few notes:

  • Anytime your purchase something from us, you accumulate one percent in reward points.
  • Reward points do not expire and you can use them in your next purchase.
  • Please make sure to sign up to be able to accumulate rewards points. If you do not sign up there is no way for us to add your points to your account since you do not have an account.

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