In the case of male sexual growth, there are several alternatives available on the market that claim to offer you benefits quite distinctive from others. There are various products and solutions for men who encounter erectile malfunctions, premature ejaculation, or other multiple symptoms. Pau Yuen Tong Balm is a traditional old male holdup balm designed to help you stay for a longer time. Pau Yuen Tong is a balm having been transferred via succeeding generations of a Chinese Tong and was promoted in Asia with pretty limited information and guidance. More recently, it has discovered its means into Europe and USA. The Pau Yuen Tong product is a topical balm that has claimed to lengthen a man’s sexual strength. Unlike other extending products, however, this amazing one isn’t proven to numb or desensitize the penis. Rather, it is made to enhance sensation and supply men with better satisfaction while boosting control.



Old Chinese Balm Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Balm Pau Yuen Tong

Pau Yuen Tong Balm is a traditional oriental male delay product created to keep you going for much more time and is extremely helpful. The product requires approximately 15 to 45 minutes to function. Do not apply a lot of the balm, a small amount does wonders. Pau Yuen Tong Balm comes in a tiny container measuring just about one inch in diameter and about a quarter of an inch depth.

The balm needs to be applied to the frenulum of their penis. Frenulum is the triangle right under the head of the penis. Rather than numbing the penis to prolong the sexual encounter, Pau Yuen Tong magnifies the feelings while delivering greater sexual self-control. The balm can also help with more intense orgasm once climax is accomplished due to the fact the it prolongs the intercourse.

Pau Yuen Tong Balm has been provided by Pau Yuen Tong for years and is one of the effective products for men seeking to increase their lovemaking.



I was skeptical initially. Then, I did some studying. One application of about a small grain size applied once every hour for 3 hours and then 15 minutes before love-making and BAM!!! I was stunned at the point that I was able to opt for about 45 mins of the toughest pornstar sex available. Without this product, I possibly have survived 5 minutes that could be above average. Like many other men, I need to keep my wife pleased. This product did it both for me and my wife! We've long been together for practically ten and a half years, and this product enabled us to have one of the perfect sex we've ever had. Normally I help her reach orgasm not through intercourse but by mouth of hand, but with Paul Yuen Balm it was the first-time she reach orgasm via intercourse. It was completely amazing! If you are a skeptic like me at first, you won’t be once you use this product! I just wish I could have discovered this stuff quicker!

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