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  • Desensitizing Sprays/Creams - Stay In Control Longer

    Early ejaculation also known as rapid ejaculation, premature ejaculation, premature orgasm, rapid orgasm or ejaculation praecox. It happens when a man ejaculates faster than what they'd like. If early ejaculation happens once in a while, there is no reason to worry about it. Almost all men experience premature ejaculation for different reasons every once in a while.  But if you often ejaculate earlier than you would like to, like soon after penetration, you can improve your sex life with desensitizing sprays/creams.

    Pjur Super HeroEstimates differ, but one out of three men could experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life. Desensitizing sprays/creams are a well utilized and low cost solution. The primary benefit of these sprays and creams is that they work for most people. They are also something that you can purchase cheaply and quickly. As an over the counter product in in places such as natural health stores, pharmacies and online, here on our website.

    It is important to remember that desensitizing sprays/creams don't offer any long-term alternative or solution to the premature ejaculation. They only control the signs. Desensitizing sprays/creams contain a medical grade anesthesia ingredient, usually benzocaine or lidocaine or both. Lidocaine is an ingredient that virtually all hospitals around the world use. It is an anesthetic that medical professionals have used for decades. Lidocaine is used on many parts of the body to numb the pain or desensitize the locality used. Desensitizing sprays/creams are applied on the skin and start to work soon after within seconds or minutes. They work by overcrowding some nerve signs which would normally move unhindered between the mind as well as the skin and for that reason register pleasure.

    So why not?

    It is important to note that nerves don't transmit pleasure signals alone but also signals of heat and pain. Whenever you use a desensitizing spray or cream, you'll reduce the enjoyable emotions of sex. It will also reduce the emotions of warmth or general sense of pleasure from your partners areas. Needless to say, that this is exactly why premature ejaculation happens. Many use desensitizing sprays/creams until they learn how to handle these feelings.

    The other part of the story about desensitizing sprays/creams:

    But on the other hand, desensitizing sprays/creams give you instant respite from previous climax and allow you to remain longer in bed. This is extremely important since you'll be capable to satisfy your partner sexually and have the ability to save your relationship.

    You could be fairly certain that desensitizing creams and sprays do work. In case you've some specific level of stress or nervousness over the relationship or you're new in relationships and you actually want to make your partner climax, then desensitizing creams are what you need for maximum pleasure.

  • Adult Sex Games - Revive Your Sex Life!

    Adult sex games are crucial to add some flavor to your union with your partner. Whether you are a newlywed couple or enjoying your seventh anniversary, not all the couples would happen to fall in a sex rut. It's bound to occur, married people can find yourself treating sex as a task and as marriage ages the affair frequency decreases.

    In the beginning, we do not let that to occur to us, we keep our connection hot. Adult sex games are a thrilling way to get you wanting to do it to each other what your heart desires but never got to say it loud in a fun way.

    Once you get into these games, then you can even plan your evenings around these games. Because these games are not just about sex but also to revive that passion, fun and prolonging something that may have looked like routine.

    Doing it right!

    Yeap, you heard it, I said that. Let’s face it, after a while sex becomes just routine. We don’t do some of the stuff we wanted to do to him/her or we stop asking things we want him/her to do to us. Adult sex games are a great away to break away from that boredom. Step up from boring sex, do not let making love get persistent and possess a thrilling encounter attempting new stuff together like the below sex game thoughts.

    Dirty Dice Adult Game

    For example, here are is a sex game to check out with your partner: The Original Dirty Dice Adult Game. All you need to do is to roll the dice and your partner should do what the dice is tells him/her. See, you wouldn't need to ask for it, the dice demands the fun without you saying it. These dice games come in a variety and you can always get different adult sex games.

    You are not limited only to this game of course, there are many other games that you can play and we have many for you to choose from. Break that ice! Leave that routine!

  • Pheromones for Men - Something To Keep in Mind

    To put it simply, pheromones are a type of chemical communication. These naturally occurring materials are very essential for animals and insects which use chemical signs as their main way of communication with the opposite sex. Even though human emotions as well as our physical bodies are far more complicated than that of animals, the part that pheromones play in bring a human partner closer to you work basically the same manner. That is why pheromones for men are very popular. These products boosts your confidence to start a chat with the opposite sex, but as we all know, many other factors play a role in getting "lucky."

    These natural substances send out subconscious scent signs to the opposite gender. Pheromones are detected via an organ 3 inches in the nose called the Vomeronasal Organ. When the VNO detects the pheromone, it sends an answer signal to the mind. And that is why pheromone for men are very popular for those who want to increase their chances of being able to attract women.

    Pheromones for MenWhat do we do first part of the morning or during the night, and after working out: take a shower. The strong ramifications of human sex pheromones have already been well studied and substantiated. You may have seen stories about human pheromones on 20/20, Dateline NBC, Hard Copy, and other television programs. Papers from coast to shore, medical publications, and several various publications have highlighted stories about the incredible breakthrough of how human pheromones.

    In addition, remember that lots of factors determine your affect on the opposite gender. Things such as appearance, behaviors, and approach play an undeniable role. But if you put on a pheromone spray in public areas, you may usually expect to attract more attention. Do not expect women to lose all of their inhibitions and start stalking you nor will men slay dragons or let your spouse, but pheromones improve comfort, curiosity and arousal. Pheromones may assist to open up and talk, or to make her feel at ease and comfortable initiating a discussion with you.

  • Women Maxi Dresses - stay stylish and cool

    Regardless of what time of the entire year it is, there is always an event to wear women maxi dresses. Such is the number of alternative available on the high street now that there is a dress to fit any woman. You could be tall or small, blonde or brown hair, there'll be a clothing to match your style. Women's dresses have evolved through the years with regards to styling, but the idea has never changed.

    There's not an event where the dress be deemed as inappropriate. If you had to walk into the local town center, a friend’s graduation, a journey to the shore or attend a sad event such as a funeral, you'll see most women wearing dresses.

    Image of a women max dressIn case the fashion weeks are something to pass by, then this tendency will still dominate the high street. Maxi dresses are the dress of selection for females this summer. This is the event as these are light of material, so keeping the body cool under the beating sun plus they are likely to be longer, but baggy in the leg - again within an endeavor to keep the wearer comfortable.

    Maxi dresses are likely to be purchased in an extensive range of colors in an effort to encourage the summer motif. That is a good way to stay both stylish and comfortable.

    These dresses are linked with more classy events like attending an upper class social club. Women's dresses may be worn to any event while sticking to the appropriate dress codes. The number of women's clothing being seen in the work office is also growing as women join these dresses with smart jackets to perform the formal look. On a particular date at the local pub or club, you'll notice a large percentage of women wearing dresses, however seldom may you see two of the same, such is the number of women's dresses available right now.

    The variety of colors available for women's dresses makes them attractive to nearly all women. As it's summer, there's a sharp rise in the number of bright colors being worn for women maxi dresses. The end of June is the ideal time to buy women's dresses and is definitely some people's favorite time of the year since it means Sales. All the top fashion brands have reduced their prices in a bid to clear away their old stock as quick as possible in order to make space for the new Autumn/Winter collection.

  • Can a pregnant woman take a sex enhancer product?


    Pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor even when taking a headache or pain killer. Pregnant women should not take any sex enhancing products.

    This is not a medical website, we are also not medical professionals, for better answers you would need to talk to a doctor but from what we have read in most of the label of sex enhancing products, toys, or even some gels, and lubes, pregnant women should always seek professional advise on such matters from doctors.

  • Let’s F*ck! El juego sexual XXX

    Reconócelo: a ti te gusta el sexo (sinceramente, y a quién no), y también te gusta jugar… ¿y qué mejor manera de comenzar el sexo que jugando? A veces, un juego fácil, ligero y divertido puede ser una gran ayuda, y el inicio de algo mucho más sexy e interesante…

    Imagina la situación: estás con una pareja reciente, o quizá muy nueva, o incluso recién conocida esa misma noche, casi desconocida. Ocurren los nervios de las primeras veces, el tantear el terreno con cuidado, y el encanto de ir descubriendo poco a poco las posibilidades de otro cuerpo, otra piel, sus gustos y romper las barreras y límites entre los dos. (Hey, todos sabemos que a veces es complicado encontrar la velocidad, ni tan rápida que intimide, ni tan lenta que aburra, hay muchas chicas –y también ellos– realmente difíciles).

    7109rqvqgdl-_sx425_Imagina esta otra situación también: coinciden juntas dos parejas con ganas de aventura y de dejarse llevar, o puede que un pequeño grupo de amigos con ganas de perder las buenas formas, y con interés en jugar en grupo a algo íntimo... ¿Cómo comenzar una velada así?, tú lo que necesitas es generar una situación propicia para pasar del educado frío al calor sensual más extremos…

    Bien, entonces… ¿cómo conseguirlo? Te proponemos Let’s F*ck! Un juego XXX para que entre sonrisas, miradas cómplices y bromas poco a poco tú conviertas cualquier situación inocente en algo mucho, mucho más subido de tono.

    Un pequeño tablero, una sencilla ruleta, y unas normas muy fáciles de seguir. Hasta cuatro fichas (si son más pueden jugar en parejas o en grupos también) siguiendo un recorrido que reparte mientras juegan tareas picantes que los participantes tendrán que cumplir: dar azotes, elegir algo que lamer, algo que confesar, o tomar a alguien a quien quitar la ropa (o mejor aún, que la ropa te la quiten a ti si tienes buena suerte en el juego).

    Sólo tienes que girar la ruleta, caer en la casilla adecuada, mover tu ficha y dejarte llevar. Cuando quieras darte cuenta habrás pasado de tener dudas… ¡a tener ganas!

    ¿A que ya te apetece jugar?

  • Oil Juicy Watermelon Edible Oil Massage 2 Oz

    Aceite de masaje comestible, de sabor a sandía

    Acudes al encuentro, siempre puntual, como te ha pedido.

    Al llegar hallas la puerta entreabierta. Pero nadie sale a recibirte, como suele ocurrir.

    Empujas para entrar, cierras el pomo tras de ti, y una vez dentro encuentras la estancia a media luz. Alli, inmóvil está tu pareja que te espera, en pie y mirándote con picardía en la mirada, sin nada más que su cuerpo en penumbra, un pañuelo en una mano y una pequeña botella negra en la otra.

    Te dice “te estaba esperando para almorzar”, y parece muy fácil adivinar que hoy, precisamente hoy, tu intuición te sugiere que el plato a servir eres tú.

    Oil Juicy Watermelon Edible Oil Massage 2 OzTe desviste en silencio, disfrutando, como sólo alguien que te conoce bien puede hacer, entre besos y caricias. Una vez libre de ropa, te acomoda sobre un lecho cubierto de toalla. Venda tus ojos con el pañuelo, y sin la vista es el momento de que te abandones al sentido del tacto...

    Y se dispone a cocinar. A cocinar el amor, para ti.
    Como ingredientes nada más que tu piel bajo sus manos. Y esa pequeña botella que desenrosca con habilidad. Es aceite de masaje, de sabor a sandía y pronto sabrás que además es comestible, y te confirmará que tú eres todo el alimento que se sirva en este almuerzo.

    De repente un aroma a fresca fruta llega a ti. Un olor de deliciosa sandía te envuelve, mientras que entre sus manos calienta frotando una generosa cantidad de aceite, que al momento verterá sobre tu piel desnuda. Sus manos extienden su suave fragancia por cada poro de tu espalda, de tus hombros, de tus muslos. Es un aceite suave, deslizante, de tacto sedoso y aroma agradable, que reconforta olfato y tacto a la vez, y tu piel agradece el largo masaje y la caricia constante de sus manos sobre ti…

    ¿Por qué comestible? te preguntas… y como si hubiera podido escuchar tu pensamiento, te coloca ahora boca arriba y con sus actos te responde:

    No te invitó para almorzarte.
    Te invitó para almorzarte a ti.

  • Corsé reversible y tanga Ursula en color rosa

    … Y nos partimos la cabeza pensando en el regalo ideal para un hombre, siendo que ellos agradecen todo gesto que involucre pasión, sensualidad y sexualidad.

    Es probable que con este corsé reversible color rosa, perfectamente ajustado a tu cintura, no dures mucho tiempo vestida, pero al menos lo habrás elevado a un alto grado de excitación.

    Corsé reversible y tanga Ursula en color rosa Dreamgirl Women's Ursula Reversible Corset & Thong 3864

    Permite que tu hombre te desvista paso a paso, sin prisas, retirando los tirantes de la parte de atrás; o deja que se pierda en el realce de tus curvas mientras tira de la cinta sujetadora para enmarcar mucho más. Les excita el juego duro, no lo olvides ;)

    A los hombres les encantan los encajes y las miniaturas, por eso este conjunto incluye una tanga perfectamente combinada y sexy, además de detalles en la espalda elaborados con encajes del mismo tono del corsé. Y, si te encantan los ligueros y otras tentaciones sexuales, podrás ajustarlas perfectamente con ayuda de las correas extraíbles del conjunto.

    Satén negro, encaje, tus curvas en su máxima expresión y la sensualidad por derramar… ¿qué más puede pedir él para su cumpleaños o aniversario?

  • Cartas de 50 posiciones de bondage

    Seamos sinceros: a todos nos ha pasado por la cabeza alguna vez el jugar a someter, dominar, o atar a nuestra pareja (sí, sí, también atar a nuestro jefe o a una molesta compañera de trabajo, pero no hablamos de esa clase de “atar”), y una vez así, acometer toda clase de fantasías eróticas con ella de sumisión y dominación...

    Añade un poco de picante a tu vida sexual, ¡sal de lo convencional, no seas aburrido! Lánzate y prueba un par de cosas diferentes. Utiliza las cartas 50 Posiciones de Bondage como fuente de inspiración para iniciarse en un nuevo mundo sexual. Con estas cartas ¡hay más de 100.000 combinaciones de sugerencias para crear juego de fantasía bondage!, con unas instrucciones de juego muy simples, fáciles de disfrutar y creando verdadera adicción en cada juego!

    Cartas de 50 posiciones de bondage 50 Positions Of Bondage Cards

    Para quien es atado o dominado la sensación de abandonarse al placer, de incertidumbre de qué será lo próximo, y de estar a disposición absoluta de quien te ata (amo o dominatriz) es una fuente de increíbles experiencias sexuales y sensuales...

    Para quien ata, o domina, la sensación es igual pero inversa: te pone a ti en posición de dar placer, de elegir dónde, cómo y cuándo proporcionárselo, y te pone al mando en una postura de poder (eso apetece, ¿verdad?) pero también de ejercerlo con responsabilidad…

    No te preocupes: no es necesario equiparse con nada especial, ni una habitación roja ni una mazmorra con aparatos. Cualquiera puede sumergirse en el mundo de sensaciones bondage usando tan solo estas cartas y algunos objetos cotidianos como un cinturón, una bufanda, una corbata o un pañuelo grande… aunque si cuentas con objetos específicos (fustas, esposas, etc) podrás añadirlos al juego también, a tu criterio.

    Además, este juego es adecuado para novatos y principiantes, para ser guiado en las primeras incursiones en este nuevo tipo de prácticas, pero también para los expertos que dominan las artes de la dominación y sumisión, y que podrán tomarlo como base y ampliarlo, modificarlo y mejorarlo a su antojo.

    Dime, ¿a qué esperas?
    Comienza el juego ya mismo… ¡te lo ordeno!


    In the case of male sexual growth, there are several alternatives available on the market that claim to offer you benefits quite distinctive from others. There are various products and solutions for men who encounter erectile malfunctions, premature ejaculation, or other multiple symptoms. Pau Yuen Tong Balm is a traditional old male holdup balm designed to help you stay for a longer time. Pau Yuen Tong is a balm having been transferred via succeeding generations of a Chinese Tong and was promoted in Asia with pretty limited information and guidance. More recently, it has discovered its means into Europe and USA. The Pau Yuen Tong product is a topical balm that has claimed to lengthen a man’s sexual strength. Unlike other extending products, however, this amazing one isn’t proven to numb or desensitize the penis. Rather, it is made to enhance sensation and supply men with better satisfaction while boosting control.



    Old Chinese Balm Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Balm Pau Yuen Tong

    Pau Yuen Tong Balm is a traditional oriental male delay product created to keep you going for much more time and is extremely helpful. The product requires approximately 15 to 45 minutes to function. Do not apply a lot of the balm, a small amount does wonders. Pau Yuen Tong Balm comes in a tiny container measuring just about one inch in diameter and about a quarter of an inch depth.

    The balm needs to be applied to the frenulum of their penis. Frenulum is the triangle right under the head of the penis. Rather than numbing the penis to prolong the sexual encounter, Pau Yuen Tong magnifies the feelings while delivering greater sexual self-control. The balm can also help with more intense orgasm once climax is accomplished due to the fact the it prolongs the intercourse.

    Pau Yuen Tong Balm has been provided by Pau Yuen Tong for years and is one of the effective products for men seeking to increase their lovemaking.



    I was skeptical initially. Then, I did some studying. One application of about a small grain size applied once every hour for 3 hours and then 15 minutes before love-making and BAM!!! I was stunned at the point that I was able to opt for about 45 mins of the toughest pornstar sex available. Without this product, I possibly have survived 5 minutes that could be above average. Like many other men, I need to keep my wife pleased. This product did it both for me and my wife! We've long been together for practically ten and a half years, and this product enabled us to have one of the perfect sex we've ever had. Normally I help her reach orgasm not through intercourse but by mouth of hand, but with Paul Yuen Balm it was the first-time she reach orgasm via intercourse. It was completely amazing! If you are a skeptic like me at first, you won’t be once you use this product! I just wish I could have discovered this stuff quicker!

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