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  • What's the Blue Pill with Red Lips on the pack?

    Pill that have a lips printed on the pack and their foils are:

    Please note that from time to time the makers change the style of the lips or the print on the package. For the latest update on such issues, it's best to give us a call during our work hours.

    You can see most of the products on our website.

  • What is Cleopatra's Secret Female Response Cream?

    Classic Erotica Cleopatra Female Arousal Cream Cleopatra Arousal Cream Flavors

    This product may help women with sexual arousal and an increase for sexual activities. This product is intended to be used and purchased by Adults only. Cleopatra's Secret Female cream is actually called Cleopatras Secret Female Arousal Creme. The main claim of this product is "Stimulates body heat sensors where applied for an intermittent, throb-like warm/cool sensation."

    But the question is: Does Cleopatra's Secret Female Arousal Cream really work?

    For that, we went to several websites and read the reviews and we were surprised that this product has received more that 4 stars out of 5 in most websites. Some customers even claim that the product works within minutes and it helps them excited and gives them the desire to be with their partners even if they were not feeling so prior to using the product.

    Cleopatra Secret cream comes in the following flavors:

    • Cherry Vanilla
    • Cool Mint
    • Wild Strawberry
    • Very Berry
    • Sweet Watermelon


    Statements, comments or opinions mentioned here are not medical advice. Statements and products sold on our website do not claim to prevent, cure, diagnose or intervene or treat any disease.

    Gear Isle is not the manufacturer of Red Spartan.

  • What is Spartan capsule?

    Red Spartan 3000 Product Blister Packaging

    Spartan or Red Spartan as it's formally known is a male enhancement product. it comes in single blister packages and has been in the market for more than 3 years.

    The product claims to help with male erectile dysfunction. Red Spartan also claims to last UP TO 7 days in your body and if you read the reviews left by our customers, you would notice that very few people actually are lucky enough to get seven days out of the product.

    Red Spartan also claims to help to gain size. Please note that while some customers approve of this claim to keep the gain in size you would need to use the product for a long period of time for the gains in size to become permanent. A single use of the product may help gain some size but that gain would last for a short period of time based on how male organ functions and is made.

    Red Spartan 3000 Ingredients:

    Spartan has in total 3000 milligrams of ingredients. For more information about Red Spartan 3000 ingredients you can visit our website product listing page Red Spartan 3000.


    How fast does Red Spartan Pill work:

    Based on our customers' feedback, the product could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to be effective. If you check the Spartan reviews you will notice that one customer has claimed that the product doesn't work. But the majority of our customers have been happy with the product and indicate that it does work. We recommend our customers who haven't yet used the product to start by giving the product four hours. Let's say that the products is going to stay in your system for at least 24 hours, giving yourself more time will enable you to know the product and just in case your body needs more time, you have given your system that time. Once you learn how fast the product works for you, you can take it accordingly.


    Red Spartan Pill Side Effects:

    Although Red Spartan claims that it will not cause any headache, some customers have mentioned that they have noticed headache. Stuffy nose or cold like symptoms are another possible side effect of using this product.


    Statements, comments or opinions mentioned here are not medical advice. Statements and products sold on our website do not claim to prevent, cure, diagnose or intervene or treat any disease.

    Gear Isle is not the manufacturer of Red Spartan.

  • Innocent and Sexy Schoolgirl Costume

    Who doesn’t like channeling their inner school girl once in a while, right? Well, now you can actually look sexy while doing it!

    There is just something about schoolgirl style lingerie that turns everyone on! It’s time to bring your fantasies to real life by getting your hands on this sexy number. In order to enjoy a good, healthy and active sex life, you need the right lingerie. Adding that element of fun, surprise and excitement to your sex life is what every couple needs and that is exactly what we want to give you.School Girl Costume

    Being naked may be hot as well, but after a while that just gets boring. That is what lingerie is basically for; to make you look sexy even with clothes on! Our spicy schoolgirl costume is what every curvy girl needs to make her partner go crazy for her.

    Give your partner a run for his/her money by putting on this black and blue schoolgirl costume. That short plaid skirt with the keyhole neckline top will surely make things so much more interesting in bed. Oh and that little tie will hang just above your boobs and make your partner want to yank it away to catch a good look of what is underneath. The costume comes with a matching G-string so that things become a little more excitement.

    You can totally get into character by pairing this erotic costume with a ruler and maybe some nerd glasses? The more in character you are, the more excited your partner would be. Here are a few fun things you can do to turn your partner on even more:

    • The short plaid skirt will cover your butt just enough to leave your partner wanting more. Dance around a little bit in that skirt; it’ll drive your partner crazy!
    • Pair the costume with some high heels to look even sexier.
    • Feel free to act a bit immature and innocent when wearing this costume. A schoolgirl’s pretty innocent, right? So, better get into character and we promise that your partner will enjoy a little bit of acting. And he/she would be more than happy to teach you a few things.Schoolgirl Costume

    Thinking of bed time as your own private ‘date’ is what all couples should be doing. When going out on a date, you like to dress up, right? In the same manner, dress up in sexy lingerie like this schoolgirl outfit when on your private bedroom date!


  • Exten Zone 3000 Side Effects

    Exten Zone side effects vary from person to person, but when we went over the reviews of the product left by our customers, here are some of the things that they have mentioned. Please note that this is not what everyone has experienced but some.

    Negative Side Effects Positive side effects
    • Headache
    • Stuffy nose
    • Sinus Pressure
    • Doesn't last 7 days
    • Last longer
    • Bigger erections
    • Intense Orgasm
    • Longer Erection

    There are different types of Exten Zone and you can see them all on our website. Which one works for you? That's a hard question to answer. You can read our return policy and that should make it easy for you to decide.

    Please note that this is not medical advise and statements mentioned or stated here are not approved by the FDA. This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or do anything of the sort.

    If you have any medical condition, you must not use this product. Specially if you have heart issues or high blood pressure.

  • Kangaroo Pills for Her Side Effects

    The side effects for Kangaroo for her are listed below based on customer feedback:

    Negative Side Effects Positive Reported Issues
    • No desired effects.
    • Waste of money.
    • Headache
    • Blurry vision
    • Short of breath
    • My chest feels heavy.
    • I feel like having a cold.
    • Made me sleepy.
    • No side effects.
    • Heightens my sex drive.
    • I get wet fast.
    • Makes me horny.
    • It gives me a lot of energy.
    • Increases sensation.
    • Helps me reach orgasm
    • Increases desire
    • No headaches

    As you can see, some people have stated that they don't experience anything, nothing at all, even not the desired effects. On the other hand, some people say that it has increased their sensation or helps them with lubrication for example.

    What would you feel when you take the pill? We just don't know. Please note that

    This is NOT medical advise. This product has not been evaluated or tested by the FDA. This product is not to cure, prevent, or help with any medical condition. Its a novelty and should be used as such.

    We know how confusing this seems but we prefer to put everything on the table and be honest with our customers. There are some reviews left on the product page on our website. Take a look and they may help. We have used those reviews to create the table above.

    So, the table above is not based on a scientific study, it merely reflects what other people have told us.

  • Black Rhino Pill, what is it?

    We get call all the time about the Black Rhino Pill. What you need to know is that there is not one single Black Rhino pill.

    The reason for that? Many of the makers put a work or two in front or at the end of the Black Rhino Pill or use a combine them differently. And that's why many people are confused by the name and don't know what product their friends refer to by saying Black Rhino. Here are a few products that we can tell you in order of possibility:

  • Does Dragon Spray increase the size of penis?

    Good question but the answer is a bit tricky or let's say complicated. First of all, the FDA blah blah, what you read here is not medical advise and these statements have not been approved by the FDA.

    Dragon Delay Spray Super Dragon Delay Spray

    As you can read in this article having more sex can have an effect on enlarging your penis. You'd ask so what about Dragon Delay Spray? Well, Dragon or other delay sprays prolong the time of intercourse, and the longer you have sex, there will be more blood circulating around your penis and since penis has no bone, it may help with increase in the size.

    Just note that, you would need to have regular sex and the duration of each session needs to be long enough to have an effect. I really suggest you read the article I shared above and do your own research and you'd have a better idea about this.

    The Dragon Spray will NOT increase the size all by itself, it is the intercourse that may help gain some increase. So do not expect to spray it on your penis and magic happen.


  • What are the functions of Dooz Delay Spray?

    Dooz Delay Spray as the name says is a delay spray which may help with premature ejaculation. The product contains Lidocaine which is a topical anesthetic. So, you could spray it on where you have pain and it may help with reducing the pain. You must not spray it where there is an opening such as blood coming out or if the skin is irritated. Contact a medical professional in such cases. Please note that what you read is not medical advise and these statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

    Dooz Delay Spray Reman's Dooz Delay Spray

    If applied to penis, Dooz spray would remove the sensation for the bigger part of the intercourse and when sensation returns, is when most men would ejaculate. If you are like most other users, I am sure you'd not really like the fact that it numbs it down there but then, what are the alternatives, right? It at least enables you to satisfy your partner and that's what I would like to achieve.

    You may ask, how much time do I need for the Dooz Delay Spray to work?

    Well, that depends. Start by giving yourself at least 15 minutes and then adjust accordingly. You would need to spray about 3 times to the head of the penis before intercourse.

    Note: This is not medical advise. These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

  • Do you have the Tease Collection of Fantasy Lingerie?


    The Tease collection can be found on our website


    If you like to find any collection of Fantasy Lingerie just search for collection name and then choose Fantasy Lingerie from the left column where it says "Maker". That way you would be able to filter the product by your choice of manufacturer.

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