Know about Female Sexuality with Pink Pussycat Enhancement

Since time immemorial female sexuality has been kept under wraps with glib talks on morality. Female sexual desire is often pooh-poohed as something anachronistic and outside the realm of normal human behavior. Women across age, culture, and geography continue to be influenced by the male perspective of ‘there is nothing called female sexual desire.’ However, nothing could be further from the truth as taboos around female sexual desire abound and needed to be broken. Women ought to enjoy their part in the ‘game’ of seeking sexual pleasure. The following excerpts may make some people squirm and uncomfortable but the only way to confront the prevailing taboos is by breaking them.  

Breaking taboos surrounding female sexuality

Women have every right to enjoy sexual pleasure as much as their male counterparts and the taboos surrounding the same should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Use lubricants copiously, if needed: Vaginal dryness can be an issue with women as they age. Hence, indulging in intercourse in such a situation can be uncomfortable to the point of being painful. This may lead women to shirk sex and suffer from suppressed sexuality. However, lubricants can come to the rescue and help them turn the tables on nature. These can let them enjoy sexual pleasure and reach orgasm. So, if talks about erectile dysfunction in men can be topical and necessary, then lubricants can certainly break the glass ceiling of taboos. Lubricants should be used copiously to banish dryness and make a smooth passage for the male organ. Additionally, for further enhancement of pleasure, popping a pink pussycat enhancement pill an hour before intercourse can work wonders.  

Active participant rather than a passive recipient: Women are conditioned to believe that sex is all about men and how they derive pleasure out of the act. Women across cultures mostly consider themselves as mere conduits for delivering pleasure for men. The very thought of women being active participants in the act is taboo. But why? Women too can exercise their sexuality by being the dominant partner during sex. They can perform the various carnal acts described in texts instead of simply looking at the ceiling all the while. Mind you, an active female sexual partner can even be a revelation to the male counterpart who is often led to believe that it is he who has to initiate and perform the act. So, slip into a negligee, initiate foreplay and hit the ‘iron’ when it is hot. Remember, by being an active partner, females can experience a whole new dimension to sex and explore any subdued feelings of pleasure.

Sexual boredom can drive women nuts: The preconceived notion that it is only your male partner who should initiate and take the plunge can set in sexual boredom for women. Here sexual boredom is attributed to the unfulfilled sexual desire, which many women suffer in silence. Women, it appears, always have to bear with their men to get into the act according to the latter’s whims. This can build sexual tension in women and slowly set in boredom. So, do not suppress your thoughts about sexual desire and speak about them to your partner. Who knows your partner must be waiting to hear that for a long time.


Exploring sexual pleasure is often juxtaposed with issues of morality. It appears sex is only treated as a means of procreation across many cultures and any notions of deriving sexual pleasure are routinely brushed aside as undesirable or worse, contemptuous. But with the passage of time and the advent of technology, women have begun to assert themselves, yes, on the bed as well. So, should you want to break the shackles of sexual taboos and experience the joys of sexual pleasure, then make use of sexual toys, attractive lingerie, and pills like pink pussycat enhancement. To know more on the above, visit Gear Isle, the USA-based website delivering authentic products at affordable rates, today!

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