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  • A Man’s Guide to Oral Sensuality with the Wicked Platinum Pill

    Knowing a man’s body is not that difficult, as what you think of a woman’s body, but that is only when you know how to treat it right. Going down on your partner, for example, can be challenging for women. Several questions form the minds of women when they think of the same and there are even more things that a man would want every woman to take note of. So, today, let us delve into this subject and find out how to give an out of the world blow job to a man!

    Effective Tips for a Blow Job

    Trust me when I say this, that if the blow job is part of your foreplay, and if you do not know how to do it well, it can ruin the experience. But here’s the perfect solution to save both you and your partner from embarrassment. This list includes things men want women to know and aspects of oral sex which women can use to make things more interesting.

    1. Lead: When it comes to taking the lead, men always want their women to go ahead with it. If the woman doesn’t initiate oral sex, it might make the man think that she is not interested. If the woman takes the lead, however, the element of surprise can practically get him standing up in attention. A dose of wicked platinum pill beforehand for the man can make things interesting. 

    2. Eye Contact: Unlike what you might think, oral sex is not all purely about kink. It also symbolizes passion, and there can never be that chemistry between you two if you do not look up to his eyes and maintain contact. The last thing that the man wants to see, at the peak of their pleasure, if your head. Show him your eyes and let him see the intensity in them. 

    3. Breaks: Having a dick inside the mouth for a long period can be tricky, and not mention, uncomfortable as well. Given the fact that men don’t have to deal with having their mouth open like that, it is up to you to make him feel sensuous, all the while taking short breaks in between. As you pause to take a break, make sure you keep other parts of his manhood, such as his balls, busy. Or, you may also want to give him a hand job!

    4. Kiss: Women, imagine the time when he went down on you. Do you remember that he probably had started with your face, mouth, nape of the neck, boobs, tummy, and then finally went to your vagina? Now is the time to return the pleasure. Leaving a kiss trail all over his body can only build up the anticipation and make him want you all the more. You never know, this little bit of stimulation, along with the effects of the enhancement pill, can have you greeted by a soldier ready for action when you reach there.

    5. Experiment: Do not forget to have fun while you are at it. I don’t even know why I am typing this out, but most women tend to forget that their pleasure is one of the most important things required for a man to feel satisfied. So, as you focus on making him cum for you, keep experimenting with your actions. You may lick his length, stroke it, grab his balls, or even introduce the teeth. Maintain a steady rhythm, and find the perfect balance that gives both you and him the satisfaction for the best time ever!

    Conclusion: A blow job, as part of foreplay, can be an excellent way to bring your partner to orgasm, if you follow all these tips and tricks. Gear Isle is a USA-based website that stocks adult novelty products to make your time in bed more enjoyable. The Wicked Platinum Pill, for example, can give you long-lasting erections and increase the stamina in an instant. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at, and make the most of the time you spend with your partner in bed!

  • Breaking Your Dry Spell with the Platinum Male Enhancement Pill

    In any relationship, there are phases where you spend all absorbed with each other, which you can also claim to be the honeymoon phase. Similarly, there are dry spells as well, where it is possible that you would not be having sex at all. Let alone sex, you would not even have an intimate relationship. If this is something that bothers you, the first and foremost thing that you would have to do is trying to break the same. This blog would highlight all the ways you can use the platinum male enhancement pill and break the spell in your relationship.

    The Long Dry Relationship Spell

    When you are in a relationship, droughts happen. Maybe you are too stressed or too busy in your daily life that by the time you are home, you do not have the energy to initiate sex. Most of the time, it becomes a natural phase of conversation and then turns to cuddling right after dinner. If this is going for a long time, this dry spell has to be broken.

    Even if you are not in a relationship, having a dry spell refers to the time you haven’t had sex. Well, it is completely upto you if you want to do anything about it or not. But the one thing that you have in hand is going ahead and having sex. But, to think of it, life is not that easy anymore. Some of the things that can help you out of the phase are:

    1. Keeping it Real: The first rule of a relationship is trust and transparency. So, when you think that your relationship is suffering from a dry spell, you need to speak to your partner about it. It might be that you are feeling the dry spell, but your partner is not. And that is why having an open conversation always helps in such scenarios. You would never know, maybe your partner might have a solution to get out of the same or break the spell easier than you expected. Or, you can work out your differences based on the problems you think are causing the same.
    2. A Fun Date: There can be nothing better than planning a fun date with your partner. It might happen that once you start reliving the days of yore, you may end up having some feel-good hormones flowing in your body, making you feel more special. The lusty feelings might come back, making you both crave for each other. When you plan the fun date, you can either go to your comfort zone or do what you did during the courtship or plan an adrenaline based activity that can put both of you to work. This would not only boost your desire to have sex but also bring you both closer than ever.
    3. The Sex Time: Trust us when we say, setting aside a date night every week where you would do nothing but explore each other, sexually, can help a lot in the long run. The daily grind can take a toll on your mental health, and your planner might be filled with things you need to do. In these situations, imagine the smile on your face when you see a “sex-time” specially marked on your calendar. Our advice? Try to experiment as much as you can during those times to be able to make the most of the same. The scientific reason behind this special sex time is the anticipation of the time coming nearer, and the rush of the blood through your veins with it.

    If you want to know what we think, then let us tell you: dry spells can be frustrating, but the change of routine and location can help a lot more than you expect. As they say, embrace the Dora the Explorer within you and keep searching for places that will give you the expectation that makes you feel like having sex.

    Experimenting with the position, ways of having sex, and changing even the dominant and submissive part can spice things up in your bedroom. The challenge is both of you talking about it and finding that one thing that appeals to you.

    Conclusion: Gear Isle has a broad range of adult novelties, including the platinum male enhancement pill, that can make your time with your partner all the more interesting. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best lingerie out of the closet, pop one of those enhancement capsules for men and women, bring that lubricant, and break your dry spell today! Visit for more information.

  • Know about Female Sexuality with Pink Pussycat Enhancement

    Since time immemorial female sexuality has been kept under wraps with glib talks on morality. Female sexual desire is often pooh-poohed as something anachronistic and outside the realm of normal human behavior. Women across age, culture, and geography continue to be influenced by the male perspective of ‘there is nothing called female sexual desire.’ However, nothing could be further from the truth as taboos around female sexual desire abound and needed to be broken. Women ought to enjoy their part in the ‘game’ of seeking sexual pleasure. The following excerpts may make some people squirm and uncomfortable but the only way to confront the prevailing taboos is by breaking them.  

    Breaking taboos surrounding female sexuality

    Women have every right to enjoy sexual pleasure as much as their male counterparts and the taboos surrounding the same should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

    Use lubricants copiously, if needed: Vaginal dryness can be an issue with women as they age. Hence, indulging in intercourse in such a situation can be uncomfortable to the point of being painful. This may lead women to shirk sex and suffer from suppressed sexuality. However, lubricants can come to the rescue and help them turn the tables on nature. These can let them enjoy sexual pleasure and reach orgasm. So, if talks about erectile dysfunction in men can be topical and necessary, then lubricants can certainly break the glass ceiling of taboos. Lubricants should be used copiously to banish dryness and make a smooth passage for the male organ. Additionally, for further enhancement of pleasure, popping a pink pussycat enhancement pill an hour before intercourse can work wonders.  

    Active participant rather than a passive recipient: Women are conditioned to believe that sex is all about men and how they derive pleasure out of the act. Women across cultures mostly consider themselves as mere conduits for delivering pleasure for men. The very thought of women being active participants in the act is taboo. But why? Women too can exercise their sexuality by being the dominant partner during sex. They can perform the various carnal acts described in texts instead of simply looking at the ceiling all the while. Mind you, an active female sexual partner can even be a revelation to the male counterpart who is often led to believe that it is he who has to initiate and perform the act. So, slip into a negligee, initiate foreplay and hit the ‘iron’ when it is hot. Remember, by being an active partner, females can experience a whole new dimension to sex and explore any subdued feelings of pleasure.

    Sexual boredom can drive women nuts: The preconceived notion that it is only your male partner who should initiate and take the plunge can set in sexual boredom for women. Here sexual boredom is attributed to the unfulfilled sexual desire, which many women suffer in silence. Women, it appears, always have to bear with their men to get into the act according to the latter’s whims. This can build sexual tension in women and slowly set in boredom. So, do not suppress your thoughts about sexual desire and speak about them to your partner. Who knows your partner must be waiting to hear that for a long time.


    Exploring sexual pleasure is often juxtaposed with issues of morality. It appears sex is only treated as a means of procreation across many cultures and any notions of deriving sexual pleasure are routinely brushed aside as undesirable or worse, contemptuous. But with the passage of time and the advent of technology, women have begun to assert themselves, yes, on the bed as well. So, should you want to break the shackles of sexual taboos and experience the joys of sexual pleasure, then make use of sexual toys, attractive lingerie, and pills like pink pussycat enhancement. To know more on the above, visit Gear Isle, the USA-based website delivering authentic products at affordable rates, today!

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