• Tips to Make Most of Oral Sex and the 5 Day Forecast Pill

    If there ever was a list of things that men like in bed being done to them by their partners, the first on it will surely be a good blowjob. It not only forms a significant part of foreplay but also gives them an idea of what is to come throughout the night. I am sure that no guy can be man enough to refuse a blowjob – be it good or bad. So, why be mediocre at something you can learn and give your best? Right? This blog would take you through the intricate way of giving a man the best blowjob of their lives, each time you’re with him!


    The Best Oral Sex Ever!

    Men love blowjobs. 

    Sometimes, men love blowjobs more than the act of sex itself.

    So, if you are someone who wants to please the man in bed with you tonight and make him crave for you all the more, the first thing you need to do is learn the act of giving the best blowjob ever. But first, before you start, make him one 5 day forecast pill so that he is ready for you even at the slightest stimulation, making it all the more fun and interesting for you!

    Say no to Condoms: Believe it or not, even when we endorse protected sex, leaving a condom on during foreplay can take all the fun from the act. Once you take it off, he gets to feel the warmth of your mouth more, thereby giving him sensations that even he didn’t know existed. If you are not comfortable without condoms, you can skip to the flavored versions to add more zest on your side!

    Focus on the Balls: C’mon people! We cannot focus on one part of the man and practically forget the rest, right? When it comes to pleasure it’s all for one, one for all. That is why, when you are giving your best to the real deal; hold, lick, or even suck his balls for added excitement! 

    Licking is Seeking: When it comes to foreplay and blowjobs, your main aim should be licking and sucking him to orgasm. Bring in the big guns and call the shots as you drop chocolate sauce, honey, or even cream on his hard manhood and take him like a lollipop. Make him go crazy with the feeling of excitement and warmth within you before getting down to business!

    It’s all about the Passion: A man can feel when the blowjob is working for him or not, for sure. But a man can also feel if you are giving it because you are willing to or just because he wants it. So, keep in mind that when you are giving him a blowjob, the passion and heat within you show in the process. He needs to know that you are enjoying it as much as he is, if not more! 

    The Gag Reference: The first few times you are doing it, you might start gagging. Well, that might be reflexive but is a turn-off for most men. The best trick we can give you is preparing yourself for what is to come. You already have a fair idea of his size, so, as you are about to go down on him, be ready to have him inside your mouth, close your eyes, and don’t even think about it to stop yourself from gagging!

    Conclusion: Making him harder by the moment is the main aim of going for a solid oral during foreplay, for which he will return the favor in more ways than one. If you are looking for spicing things up in your bedroom with lubricants, flavored condoms, or other adult novelty products, you can check out Gear Isle. The USA-based reseller stocks a wide range of things for your sexual benefits, including the 5 day forecast pillthat you can take into consideration in bed!

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