Know Your Perfect Size Before You Buy Intimates Online

Do you want to know a shocking statistic? Research has proved that around 80% of women in this entire world wear an ill-fit bra. Several such women wear a bra that is too large in the back and very small in the cups, which might be extremely uncomfortable for long term use. Yes, the size can indeed vary from brand to brand, but at the core, all of them follow a standard measurement system that you can use to buy intimates online


Basics of a Bra Size Guide

 The first and foremost thing you must know when it comes to bras is that the cup size is not absolute. A prevalent myth when it comes to bra sizes is that D cup would look the same on every band size. Another myth that must be busted is a small breast means A size, no matter what. The reality is that cup size is dependent on the band measurement, and, in other words, is “proportional,” to the band size.

 For example, a 32-D will fill out way less volume than a 36-D irrespective of the fact that both the cup sizes are the same. A way to determine the ideal cup size is by finding out the difference between the bust and underbust measurements. So, if you are a 32-D, it would mean you have a 36-inch bust and a 32-inch underbust. A 32-A, on the other hand, would refer to a 33-inch bust and 32-inch underbust.

The Perfect Fit

Next, you should know how the correct fit of a bra should feel like. The fact that most people are unaware of this look and feel makes them incapable of finding a bra that best suits them. There are some signs which tell if a bra is a perfect fit or not. Some of them are:

  1. Side coverage: The perfect bra fit would have no tissue beneath the armpits, from the sides of the cups. If you are using an underwire bra, the side coverage is easily accessible with the underwire pointing towards the middle of the armpit. 
  2. Smooth curve: The ideal fit is one that leaves no stray tissue and has an extremely clean silhouette. The “quad-boob” must be avoided at all costs where the too-small cup cuts the breast tissue above the bra.
  3. Snug band: If you can put at least one or two fingers under the band and the straps don’t fall off the shoulders, you are good to go. The band should be supporting the weight of the breasts and not the strap. 
  4. Flat gore: The part of the band that rests between the cups should be flat against your chest and not poke your skin uncomfortably. 

Measure Yourself

Measuring yourself is a crucial step when it comes to innerwear shopping online. It plays a huge part in finding your perfect fit and a comfortable bra. Here are a few steps to find the ideal modern sizing for your bra:

Band: Take a tape and measure all around your body, right underneath your breasts in inches. Keep the tape measure in a horizontal position and your arms down. In case this number is odd, try the sizes available below or above it. If it is even, try the specific or a size higher for the precise fit.

Cup: As mentioned earlier, the cup and band size are proportionate to each other. To measure the cup, bend over to ensure the chest is parallel to the ground to measure all of the breast tissue. Now, measure your torso and keep the tape over the fullest part of your breasts. The tape should be tight enough so that it doesn’t evenly move but not tightly pressing into the tissue. Keep the tape measure level to the ground. Finally, subtract the band from the cup measurement. The difference would be the cup size. 

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Now that you have a fair idea of how to check for the perfect size and how to measure yourself, the next thing you have to do is find yourself a fabric that suits you well. 

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