Intimate Dares: An Adult Erotic Card Game

Want to do something more than have just the usual sex? Is foreplay not working with your partner? Do not worry, there’s a solution for all that. I recently got into a relationship with a girl, and we’re perfectly great at everything, but when it comes to sex, she and I aren’t that proficient at it. I couldn’t express the feelings and things that I wanted to implement during the activity, until I came across this game. I am glad I ordered Intimate Dares: An Adult Erotic Card Game because this thing changed my sex life. I was able to express all my sexual fantasies through this game. It was sexy and fun at the same time.

Intimate Dares: An Adult Erotic Card GameIn the early stages of relationship this adult game can help you both to get to know each other, and with time it’ll bring your sex life to whole another level.  And if you really want to make your girlfriend scream, this item will be the luckiest thing you take home.

WHY Intimate Dares: An Adult Erotic Card Game?

I’ve used many sex games, truth and dares, and all the stuff. And believe me this one kept us going for more than I could ever imagine. Intimate Dares was the best thing I invested my dollars in. And not only was it fun it made us come closer to each other. It’s all sexy and with really kinky dares coming up, you come to know your partner well.  You won’t find the kind of dares that are in this deck in any other place. Not even online or in any app. Intimate Dares came with a rules sheet. Which made it really easy on how to play.

There was a dare I remember very clearly which said to give my partner a lap dance, it looked pretty funny because I’m a guy. And she seemed to enjoy it. That lap dance made one of her sexual fantasies a reality without me knowing it. And let me tell you, that did pay off amazingly well in bed. This game might be fun and all but it’ll help you discover your sexual fantasies as well.

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